Hoffman-Madison Waterfront Unveils Vibrant Lighting for the Francis Case Memorial Bridge

The night of August 18th marks a new milestone at The Wharf, as Hoffman-Madison Waterfront's commitment to revitalizing the Southwest waterfront comes to life. On August 18th at 9:15pm, the new lighting design of the Francis Case Memorial Bridge (Case Bridge) will be inaugurated by Washington DC's Mayor Muriel Bowser. The inaugural lighting will gradually unveil the final design, offering a new perspective on the bridge and the City.
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Zumtobel Illuminates the Sägerbrücke Bridge in Dornbirn

Zumtobel illuminates the new constructed Sägerbrücke bridge in Dornbirn by using a customised LED outdoor solution. With SUPERSYSTEM outdoor it was possible to achieve a completely uniform illumination of the entire surface and maximum visual comfort for the bridge and the “Do.Helix” installation crafted by the artist Hubert Lampert. The precise light distribution helps avoid unnecessary light pollution, mean that the lighting solutions represents an extremely energy-efficient choice.
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Aesthetic Architectural LED Streetlights Brighten up Roadways

Are you working on projects where a unique look is desired in order to differentiate the outdoor application? You want to stand out from the crowd with a striking design statement, right? And is it a challenge to find outdoor lighting solutions with minimal style and great aesthetic that still offer the performance of a roadway luminaire with the right lumen output?
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Philips Lighting Illuminates Artistic Façade of ‘Le Vérone' in Paris

Philips Lighting, a Royal Philips company and global leader in lighting, has illuminated the most recent addition of Paris’ world famous skyline, the façade of the ‘Le Vérone’ building, the headquarters of the vente-privée e-commerce company in Saint-Denis, Paris, France.
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Humanscale Absorbs Vessel to Enter Architectural Lighting Sector

Humanscale® announced that it has recently acquired VesselTM, an architectural lighting solution from celebrated designer Todd Bracher. Available to ship in May, this clear cylindrical light is made of the highest quality quartz crystal, providing beautiful, glare-free light in a simple, refined form. Architectural lighting is a new category for Humanscale, although the company has long been the worldwide leader in task lighting for individual workstations. 
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St. Martin Tower in Frankfurt Lit up with LEDs

St. Martin Tower marks a huge step forward in the development of the Frankfurt office scene, both in terms of the architecture and the lighting solution. This is where LED luminaires from Zumtobel systematically provide coordinated light at the workplace and help create an inspiring atmosphere throughout the building.
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The Meydan Bridge in Dubai Brilliantly Illuminated

The Meydan Bridge in Dubai is an architectural marvel. Connecting the Meydan hotel to the main road, its undulating wave form and striking construction are seen by millions every year.
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Philips Rejuvenates 400-year old Bridge in Turkey with Smart LED Lights

Royal Philips, the global leader in lighting has illuminated yet another historical monument as part of an initiative to enhance the identity of cities in Turkey. The project, jointly organized with the Governor’s office of Edirne, was launched to reveal the architectural details of the bridge accurately with no damage to its historical features.
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Lighting Designer: LEDs Transforms The Science of Illumination

Paul Mercier is heavily involved in the lighting industry. As the principal and founder of Lighting Design Innovations, with offices in Calgary, Alberta and Batavia, New York, recent textbook author, various industry association memberships and certifications, adjunct teaching positions in the US and Canada, and significant IES (Illuminating Engineering Society – www.ies.org) involvement, including the recent conclusion of his term as President of the society, his passion for lighting clearly shines.
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Philips Shines Light on Opening of The Edge in Amsterdam

The Edge in Amsterdam is a highly sustainable¹ building featuring a high level of intelligence thanks to the innovations and technologies it incorporates. It is the first office building in the world to be equipped with Philips’ innovative connected lighting system for offices based on ‘Power-over-Ethernet’ technology. The connected lighting system receives both power and data over a single Ethernet connection and is able to provide facility managers with an integrated view of a building’s occupancy patterns and energy usage. This enables more informed decision making with unprecedented levels of energy and operational efficiency.
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Philips Illuminates New York City

The lighting industry’s best and brightest products will be on display at Lightfair International (LFI), the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show. Held in New York City May 3-7, LFI will be a hub of innovation and creativity. Numerous Philips Lighting products will be on display at booth #1207, but taking a walk around the city can be an even better way to see Philips Lighting products in action.
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Interview with Amospheric Strategist Galina Zbrizher

When Galina Zbrizher of Total Lighting Solutions in Vancouver, Canada started working in the lighting industry about 30 years ago, lighting design and technologies were still in the early stages of development. She participated in shaping the industry by serving on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), serving as President of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) – Toronto Section, a Chair of the IES Hospitality Facilities Committee and active contributor to the IES Design Guide for Hotel Lighting DG-25, by serving seven years on the LIGHTFAIR® International Conference Advisory Committee, and finally as a judge for several lighting design competitions and contributing author for lighting design publications.
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Deutsches Museum in Munich Illuminated with Modern LED Lighting

To celebrate the start of the International Year of Light, OSRAM is illuminating the facade of the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany from July 27th to 28th with highly modern LED light. The project is supported technologically by OSRAM subsidiary Clay Paky.
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Providing “Eye Candy” Luxury Condos in Dallas

The Taylor stretches 17 stories high and houses 308 luxury units and amenities — providing upscale living in the heart of the uptown neighborhood in Dallas, steps away from dining, shopping, culture and entertainment.
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Big Four Bridge Shines a Light on Louisville Waterfront

At a recent special ceremony on The Big Four Bridge, Louisville, Ky. Mayor Greg Fischer flipped the switch to reveal a new LED lighting system from Philips. The new dynamic color-changing lighting system, a shining example of public-private partnership, transforms the popular daytime destination into a lively nighttime art piece and backdrop for waterfront events. The project delivers on Mayor Fischer’s six-year plan to create a clean, green, inclusive environment through the use of innovative, energy-efficient LED technology.  The addition of the lighting further cements the bridge as an iconic symbol of Louisville and a reflection of the vibrant community that surrounds it.
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SandRidge Commons Oklahoma City Under a New Light

After a move from the outskirts of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, SandRidge Energy Corporation, an oil and gas exploration company, catalyzed the city’s revitalization efforts by constructing a new innovative headquarters in the heart of downtown. The campus, named SandRidge Commons, spans multiple buildings and city blocks. Together, the architecture and landscape balance the company’s needs and promote community engagement within the space. The centerpiece of the complex is a Belluschi-designed skyscraper built in 1970, which serves as the primary office building.
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Lighting Designer Claudia Paz Transforms Public Spaces into Art

Peruvian lighting designer Claudia Paz shared her insight on the creative process of architectural lighting design during a presentation at Philips Color Kinetics in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA, on September 25, 2014. The renowned lighting designer discussed her key influences and most memorable projects, including her involvement with the recent Banco del Crédito de Peru (BCP) Affinity lighting installation.
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Philips Transforms Kazakh Capital With Connected LED Architectural Lighting

Royal Philips, the global leader in lighting, has launched three of Kazakhstan’s most famous architectural landmarks into the global limelight, using connected LED lighting to illuminate the Astana iconic Baiterek Monument and its famous Tulpar and Maral bridges. Connected LED lighting from Philips Color Kinetics perfectly shows off the architectural details of these major sights in the Kazakh capital while slashing energy consumption by 85 percent compared to the previous lighting system.
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Award Winning Designers in the 2014 AL Awards Turn to Philips Lighting Solutions

The 2014 Light and Architecture Design Awards, presented by Architectural Lighting magazine on August 12, showcase remarkable installations that “set a benchmark for excellence in architectural lighting design and serve as a guide for others working with light.” The lighting in these installations does more than illuminate—it influences spaces and inspires people. The winning lighting designers have mastered the art of transforming spaces by weaving light into the environment with innovative techniques.
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Vertical Gymnasium Nominated For Zumtobel Group Award

Nominated: Urban-Think Tank, Zurich (CH), for “Vertical Gymnasium Santa Cruz Del Este”, Caracas (VE) – sports and recreation facility for urban upgrade. The multi-level gymnasium as urban catalyst | Revitalisation of urban space and upgrading underdeveloped areas | Promoting healthy lifestyle choices for underprivileged population | Solar cells, wind turbines and rainwater collection | Partnering with municipal governments, industry and local organizations
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Saint-Gertrudis Church in Nijvel, Belgium

One of the oldest and largest Romanesque churches in Europe, the Saint-Gertrudis Church in Nijvel, Belgium needed a new interior lighting solution that would emphasize its detailed architecture and artwork. Philips Color Kinetics provided the church with a LED lighting solution and helped it achieved its goal.
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Taipei World Trade Center Architectural Lighting Project

Taipei World Trade Center is a postmodernist style architecture constructed with “bricks.” During the 1970s, the Taiwanese government started constructing this multiuse venue that combines exhibition space, conference facilities, offices and a hotel for international traders. In 2006, the owner commissioned GUANG Lighting Design to give this building a whole new night time face.
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Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan Mosque Lit Up with the Moon

Built in honor of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center (SZGMC), or “Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan Mosque,” is an extraordinary building that attaches special symbolic importance to light. With a grandiose structure in traditional Islamic style, it offers a sublime ambience all day long.
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TDC wraps Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge Pylons in projection for Australian Naval Spectacular

Australia was celebrating the first entry of the national Australian fleet into Sydney Harbor one hundred years ago and re-telling the story for The Royal Australian Navy's International Fleet Review. Imagination Australia was the Creative team and Producer of the event, who engaged Technical Direction Company (TDC) as their video technology partner.
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Interview with Ta-Wei Lin on Giant Bicycle Headquarters – Interacting with a vivid building, Making LED not to be like LED (2/2)

previous article: Interview with Ta-Wei Lin on Giant Bicycle Headquarters – Interacting with a vivid building, Making LED not to be like LED (1/2) Ta-wei Lin, a member of PLDA, is a MA of interior design (Pratt Institute) and an international lighting designer who has won IALD Award of Excellence and IIDA Award of Merit. Lin is now the principal of CMA Lighting Design, mostly focusing on lighting projects in Taiwan.
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Interview with Ta-Wei Lin on Giant Bicycle Headquarters – Interacting with a vivid building, Making LED not to be like LED (1/2)

Ta-Wei Lin, a member of PLDA, is a MA of interior design (Pratt Institute) and an international lighting designer who has won IALD Award of Excellence and IIDA Award of Merit. Lin is now the principal of CMA Lighting Design, mostly focusing on lighting projects in Taiwan. In 2012, he won IESNA Illumination Award by his lighting design, Giant Bicycle Headquarters in Taichung, Taiwan. We are very honored to have such a chance to interview Mr. Lin on his award-winning project.
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Neonny unveils Triangle architectural lighting product

Further to the first architectural lighting series – Disc series, Neonny launched on 01 Oct, now we are proud to unveil second architectural lighting product – Triangle series. The new series integrates the latest LED technology with modern appearance. Except the ultra-uniform light distribution, the new product highlights its modern silhouette of both straight line round corner. The perfect combination of triangle with round corner brings user the positive symbol of firm, trust and team work. Currently, Neonny issues 1 models, Triangle600(rounded from an equ...
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New LED Architectural Lighting From Acuity Brands

Acuity Brands Adds New AL Series Luminaires from Lithonia Lighting To Its Portfolio of Innovative LED Architectural Lighting The Lithonia Lighting® AL Series architectural recessed LED luminaires from Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI) combine clean, fine lines with a high-end design that complements any space. The completely luminous optical system provides a concave visual appearance that blends with the ceiling plane, while providing higher fixture efficacy and even illumination. The AL Series is the most recent addition to an industry-leadin...
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Hubbell Introduces New Compact Architectural LED WallPack

Hubbell Lighting Inc. announce the expansion of the Laredo Southwest Series with the Laredo LNC LED Wallpack. Designed to provide a compact, architecturally styled and powerful LED perimeter security illumination solution, the Laredo LNC produces 750 lumens while consuming only 12.6w of energy.  With measurements of only 8.22” W x 5.25” H and a weight of 4 lbs., the Laredo® LNC Wallpack delivers powerful security performance in a compact, lightweight fixture. Featuring a 4 to 1 spacing to mounting height ratio, the Laredo LNC require...
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Tokushima, Japan - 6 December 2023: Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of the high-brightness blue and white LED, is scheduled to launch two new UV LEDs in March 2024: UV-B LED with a peak wavelength of 308nm and U... READ MORE

High current density, very low thermal resistance and low-profile mean that lighting equipment manufacturers can increase brightness while reducing system size Flat LED package for easy integration and closest mounting of optics to light emitt... READ MORE