NVC Lighting Signs Partnership Agreement with CAS Smart City

NVC Lighting and CAS Smart City signed an intelligent lighting partnership agreement recently in Huizhou, reported Yicai.com.
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NVC Lighting: Harsh Winter Ahead for Chinese LED SMEs

The UK is paying more attention to the impact from China’s easing economy upon the global economy. China’s economic slowdown has spurred Chinese enterprises to increased overseas engagement after a long learning period, Chinese enterprises will have significant impact on the global market within five years, a BBC report cited Donglei Wang, President of NVC Lighting and ETI saying.
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NVC Lighting Sued Over Outstanding Loan Left by Former CEO

NVC Lighting recently was notified by Chongqing First Intermediate People's Court that a Chinese bank has filed a plaintiff against the company for outstanding loans left by former CEO Wu Changjiang.
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Chinese Court Freezes Assets of Former NVC Lighting Executive

The Huizhou Intermediate People’s Court recently froze NVC Lighting former Chairman Changjiang Wu’s 130 million company shares worth RMB 1.1 billion (US $180 million), according to a Sinai report.
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NVC Lighting Appoints Wang Donglei as CEO

NVC Lighting, which has suspended trade on the Chinese bourse, recently appointed Wang Donglei as the company’s official CEO, according to a report by Chinese media Tencent.
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Police File for Former NVC Lighting Chairman’s Detainment

Police in Huizhou Municipal, Guangdong Province, China have applied for the official detainment of former NVC Lighting Chairman Changjiang Wu recently, according to a latest report from Chinese-language media East Money.com.
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LED Industry’s Next Mega Trends After 2014 Developments

In late 2013, LEDinside team forecasted major company restructure market trends will continue throughout the year. The trend has been consistent in 2014, as more lighting manufacturers take necessary restructure measures to remain competitive in the market, such as Philips, Epistar or NVC Lighting.
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Former NVC Lighting Chairman Wu Changjiang Arrested for Misappropriating Funds

NVC Lighting founder Wu Changjiang was detained by police in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, China on Tuesday, according to a report by National Business Daily.
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LED Industry’s Major Movers and Shakers in 2014

In late 2013, LEDinside team forecasted major company restructure market trends will continue throughout the year. The trend has been consistent in 2014, as more lighting manufacturers take necessary restructure measures to remain competitive in the market, such as Philips, Epistar or NVC Lighting. Top players restructure decisions in the fast changing LED industry landscape further reinforces the trend that large companies will become even bigger and influential, while smaller manufacturers will find it increasingly difficult to compete.
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Stockholders Freeze Former NVC Lighting CEO Shares in The Company

NVC Lighting announced the company froze second largest shareholder former CEO Wu Changjiang’s shares in the company, according to a Securities Times report. Wu has a total of 130 million company shares, which is worth about RMB 1.06 billion based on the company stock value of RMB 8.15 as of Sept. 29, 2014.
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ETI Over Reliant on Government Subsidies

Elec-Tech International (ETI) financial performance and management condition has come under the spotlight, as the company’s conflict between NVC Lighting intensifies.
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NVC Lighting Internal Conflict Escalates

NVC Lighting’s internal conflict has escalated in recent weeks, even after the company board voted unanimously for ETI CEO Wang Donglei to take over in early August. The transition after the merger of the two companies has been difficult, with disagreements occasionally erupting into violence.
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Competitors Snatch NVC Lighting Distributors During Company Crisis

Bitter conflicts between NVC Lighting former CEO Wu Changjiang and current CEO Wang Donglei might have come to an end, but another battle front has begun in the Chinese LED industry, according to a report from Chinese-language Yangcheng Evening News Digital Media.
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NVC Lighting UK Arm Unaffected By Parent Company Boardroom Dispute

Despite suspended production in one of its four major factories, China’s biggest lighting company NVC Lighting’s recent boardroom drama will have limited impact on its UK subsidiary, according to a report by Lighting.
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NVC Lighting Incident Shows Clash of Eastern and Western Management Values

What can we learn from the recent NVC Lighting’s power struggle between company founder Wu Changjiang and Elech-Tech International (ETI) CEO Wang Donglei? According to a recent report from Tencent, the dramatic transition of power and management reflects how Chinese companies operate differently from the West.
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NVC Lighting Power Transition after Merge with ETI Gets Ugly

Latest developments in the aftermath of NVC Lighting’s merge with Elec-Tech Technology (ETI) has gotten fairly messy, according to several Chinese media reports.
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NVC Lighting Removes Wu Changjiang from CEO Role

The board of directors of the Company (the “Board”) announces that it has resolved to remove Mr Wu Changjiang (吳長江) from the office of chief executive officer of the Company, and to appoint Mr Wang Donglei (王冬雷) as the interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Company. The Board has also resolved to remove Wu Changyong (吳長勇), Mu Yu (穆宇) and Wang Minghua (王明華) from their offices of Vice President of the Company, to requisition for an extraordinary general meeting of the Company (the “EGM”), and to propose an ordinary resolution at the EGM to remove Mr Wu Changjiang (吳長江) from the office of executive director of the Company.
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Elech-Tech Takes over NVC Lighting Management

NVC Lighting recently announced a series of management changes. The company’s high ranking managers including founder and Chairman Wu Changjiang, Vice Presidents Wu Changyong, Mu Yu, Pei Jinhua, Yang Wenbiao and others have all resigned from company subsidiary boards. This has been the largest restructure tide since Mu left the board in May 2014. All high ranking officers will step down from 11 subsidiaries board positions after the recent adjustments
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LEDinside: Philips, Opple and NVC Lighting Top List in China Lighting Market Brand Image Survey

Philips lighting products took top spot for brand image, according to the second round China lighting product manufacturer behavior survey jointly conducted by Trendforce’s research division LEDinside and consumer research specialist AVANTI in May 2014. Opple Lighting and NCV Lighting ranked top among Chinese manufacturers. The survey also revealed that LED lamp usage has increased to 40 percent from 24 percent in 2013. 
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Elec-Tech’s LED Business Soars after Increased Investment in NVC Lighting

Elec-Tech released their fiscal 2013 financial report on April 27 2014. The company saw an increase in revenue for their LED business, owing to expansion in chip production capacity and further investment in NVC Lighting. 
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Elec-Tech Acquires Larger Share in NVC Lighting

Elech-Tech has further invested in NVC Lighting. Elec-Tech announced plans to purchase 6.76 percent in shares from Hong Kong listed NVC Lighting on April 22, 2014. This will bring the company’s total share to 27.10 percent, giving Elec-Tech greater influence over NVC Lighting. 
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NVC Lighting is getting a lot of international exposure at present.  It is the main sponsors of the Diving World Series, an international diving competition that tours the globe in 6 stages from Beijing to Mexico.  From March 20th to 22nd it was the turn of Dubai to host this, and it was wildly popular.  NVC Lighting has also been running a series of informative seminars through the Middle East.  Starting in Muscat on 20th March, then Dubai (24th), Doha (26th) and Riyadh (1st April), these have been designed to inform lighting professionals ab...
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NVC Lighting Estimates 2013 Profits to Soar

NVC Lighting estimates profits in 2013 will grow exponentially compared to 2012. 
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NVC Lighting Takes Lead in LED Standard Labelling in China

Third tier manufacturers sell products, second class companies build brands, but leading companies set standards. Recently, NVC Lighting became the pioneer in China’s LED industry with the sales of 200,000 LED products with Advanced Union Technology Standard (ANT’S) labelling, according to Guangdong Solid State Lighting Industry Innovation Center (GSC).
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J.P. Morgan Optimistic About NVC Lighting Outlook as LED Lighting Shipment Grows

The LED industry is benefitting from Chinese government policies, as the country puts environmental pollution issues high on its agenda and highlights energy efficient and environmentally friendly industries, according to a report by Chinese-language media Sing Tao. Chinese LED manufacturer NVC Lighting announced earlier it expected increased profits in 2013, which led to rising stock prices. As LED lighting industry becomes the next major trend, high growths are expected ahead.
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NVC Lighting Chairman: LED Lighting Construction Theory

LED manufacturers are becoming increasingly lost in a flourishing market, with each searching for the road to transformation, according to an article by Guangming Daily. Lighting industry leader, NVC Lighting Chairman Wu Changjiang shares some of his insights on LED industry trends and future developments.
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NVC Overseas Expansion Backed by Birmingham Council

NVC Lighting (NVC) received a visit from UK Birmingham Councilor Sir Albert Bore on November 15th to the company’s Lighting Experience Center in Chongqing where both sides entered into an in-depth discussion regarding investment and development of the NVC Birmingham factory. CEO Wu Changjiang of NVC spoke in detail about the company’s management concept and overseas expansion plans. Among the industries in China encountered during Bore’s trip to China, he expressed that NVC is the only company to receive investments from the city. Both sides hope to cooperate in investment and development of NVC UK.
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China-based NVC Lighting and FINA to Establish Cooperative Relationship

World Swimming Championships is ongoing in Barcelona, Spain. On July 27 local time, Chinese famous enterprises NVC Lighting was invited to officially sign a partnership agreement with FINA. At the signing ceremony, Julio Cesar Maglione said: “Diving has been a deeply loved sport by the people of all countries, while China has been a major force in the diving sport. The China-based NVC is one of world's leading LED lighting brands, and has supported the development of world diving for a long time. We are glad to establish the cooperative relationshi...
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Donglei Wong Servers as Non-executive Director of NVC Lighting Once More

Guangdong Elec-Tech International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Elec-Tech) announced prompted Bulletin about the result of the election directors of NVC Lighting as follows: Prompted Bulletin of the Result about the Election Directors of NVC Lighting All members of the Board of Directors of Elec-Tech ensure that contents of bulletin are true, accurate and complete, there doesn't exist false information or misleading statements or material omissions. NVC Lighting Holding Limited (hereinafter referred to as "NVC") is the joint ...
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NVC Lighting Technology Corporation’s Chairman Resigns Its Position

There is a personnel change in NVC Lighting Technology Corporation. According to the company, its chairman WuChangJiang has announced the resignation for all positions. Meanwhile, Yanyan, the founder of Asia Infrastructure Fund is appointed as the company's successor non-executive directors. In addition, ZhangKaiPeng is appointed as its chief executive officer....
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