Cree Opens Design Possibilities for Architectural Lighting with New CLQ6A LED

Cree expands its leading family of Architectural Lighting Class LEDs with the new CLQ6A RGBW (red, green, blue and white) LED. The first individually addressable one-watt RGBW LED in its class, the CLQ6A LED unlocks new designs that were previously not possible. The four-in-one LED provides a single point source for excellent optical control, efficient color mixing and simplified design, enabling lighting manufacturers to offer beautiful and differentiated architectural lighting.
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BRTLED Inks Deal with One US Airline for SMD LED Module

Taiwanese LED manufacturer BRTLED recently announced it has received a four-to-five-year-order from an US commercial airline for SMD LED lighting module, which is expected to be a major growth driver for the company.
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SunLED Unveils New Reduced Size SMD LED

As new product designs become smaller and more compact, the need for smaller components has become more prevalent.  We have seen the optoelectronics industry go from a 1206 sized LED down to an 0402 size where footprint reduction technology has come to a halt for the past many years.  SunLED is excited to make this remarkably unprecedented, groundbreaking announcement of the world's smallest LED - the 0201 LED.
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MLS Meets 2014 Net Profit Goals, Releases SMD LED Production Capacity

China-based LED company MLS recently announced the company had met its 2014 revenue target of RMB 4 billion, or 39.25% growth compared to the same period in 2013.
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Luminus Launches Tiny 1W SMD LED for Illumination Applications

Luminus Devices, a global manufacturer of high-performance LEDs and solid-state light sources, announced today the launch of the XNOVA Cube, an innovative 1 watt SMD LED with a 170 degree viewing angle,  which provides  designers with the ability to improve system efficacy, reduce cost, and simplify omnidirectional products. Unlike traditional mid-power LEDs, which were originally designed for LCD backlighting, the XNOVA cube is engineered specifically for illumination applications
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FZLED Launches New T8 Series LED Tubes

FZLED is pleased to release the latest collection in T8 series LED Tube: T8-05L LED Tube Lights. It uses SMD LED and offers 10, 18 and 20 watt in two feet (58 and 60cm) and four feet long (120cm). It is direct replacement for traditional T8 tubes and fits standard G13 sockets with an AC voltage range of 100-240V. 
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SunLED launches new1206domed right angle SMD LED – XZMDKSGK55W-7RA series

SunLED reveals a new right angle package; 1206 domed, bi-polar Red & Green LED.  The traditional domed 1206 package is now available in a right angle version.   The domed lens package provides a narrow viewing angle of 30 degrees which allows a brighter intensity output and eliminates any light bleeding issues.  Typical issues with side fire LEDs when designed on arrays are light bleeding, overshadowing or dim light outputs.  These issues can be resolved by using this new domed package. Red & Green dies/chips are proportionally mounted in th...
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Kingbright Introduces a New Compact Bi-color Chip-type SMD LEDs(APB3227 package)

As a manufacturer that has the most complete broad line of LED coverage, Kingbright continues our core mission and provides customers with the best selection when it comes to their designs. Kingbright introduces the new compact top view bi-color chip-type SMD LED, APB3227 package. The 3227 package features industry standard SMD 1210 footprint (3.2 x 2.7 x 1.1mm), compact in size and various output options.  As each LED has 4 pins, each color can be controlled individually.  Available in wide range of color combinations and lens options, this package is ideal...
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Chinese Kento Electronic Makes Breakthroughs on SMD LED Packing

Zigui Kento Electronic in Hubei Province, China has made a breakthrough on SMD LED packing technology. According to the company ,it has expanded the span of LED lighting angle from 120° to 150°,and increased the light efficiency by 20% as well as reduced more than 50% cost , which filling the blank in SMD LED application in outdoor high definition LED display....
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