LiteOn LED Business Revenue Reports Slight Decline in 1Q16

Despite delivering overall positive financial performance, Taiwanese electronic group LiteOn’s LED lighting business revenue fell slightly during first quarter of 2016.
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Tough Battle Ahead for Taiwanese LED Manufacturers Following Revenue Drops in August

Taiwanese LED manufacturers revenue performance continued to wane in August, according to Pingan Securities. Revenue performances downed both annually and on a monthly basis, according to statistics released by Taiwanese companies.
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Ledman Opto’s LED Revenue from Sports Applications to Soar in 2015

Ledman Opto will be building on its LED package, display, lighting and energy saving service foundation to expand its operations in soccer and other sports applications, said the company’s Chairman Mantie Li at a 2014 financial result briefing.
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BYD Lighting LED Revenue Soars in 2014

BYD Group’s lighting business saw considerable growth last year, despite the group’s reported revenue decline, according to a cnledw report.
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GE 4Q14 Financial Results Show Strong Growth in LED Lighting Business

GE reported strong growth in LED lighting business,but overall lighting business slid down by 1%, due to declining traditional luminaire sales.
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Philips Lumileds: Global LED Revenue and Technology Trends

LED prices will continue to fall over the next few years, but this is a phase that will probably pass, said Sean Zhou, Regional Marketing Director, Asia, Philips Lumileds at LEDforum 2014, which took place Friday in Taipei, Taiwan. Manufacturers aiming to improve profits will be increasingly turning towards cost-effective technologies, such as flip-chip LEDs.
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Osram Reports LED Revenue Share Up to 29% of Total Revenue in 2013

Osram has fully achieved and partially even exceeded its targets for the fiscal year that ended in September 2013. Revenue rose two percent year over year on a comparable basis – meaning excluding portfolio and currency effects – to almost €5.3 billion (US$ 7.93 billion), with a rising dynamic in the final quarter. The revenue share of LED-based products and solutions increased from around 25 percent in fiscal 2012 to 29 percent in the past year. 
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Zumbotel Reports LED Revenues Surge 49.7% in 1Q13

In the first quarter of the current financial year (May-July 2013) the Zumtobel Group posted a further improvement in operating earnings despite a moderate downturn in revenues. In what was still a difficult economic environment, the group’s revenue fell by 4.4% year-on-year to EUR 309.3 million (US$ 411.59 million) in 1Q13. Revenues from the sale of innovative LED products continued their progress, totaling EUR 89.3 million in the first three months. This equates to an increase of 49.7% and the LED share of Group revenues now stands at 28.9% (prior year: 18.4%). This confirms the Zumtobel Group’s strategic decision to invest in the expansion of an innovative product portfolio, despite the difficult business environment.
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LED Backlight Market Demand in China Surging

According to LEDinside, the LED research division of TrendForce, listed Taiwanese LED firms’ revenues in August totaled NT$9.49 billion, a 2.64% MoM increase and a 7.6% YoY increase. LED Backlight Market Demand in China Surging Benefiting from the increasing demand from China’s October 1 holiday, certain LED manufacturers have been receiving more backlight orders. The demand growth in the Chinese market is attributed to China’s subsidy policy for energy-saving products enacted since June 1, which caused the demand for new TV mod...
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