Terralux Unveils New LED Light Engine Series for OEM and Retrofit Wall Sconces

Terralux, a leader in the design and manufacture of commercial LED lighting and building control products, announces the release of a new series of energy efficient LED light engines.
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Amerlux Introduces AVISTA LED Light Engine for Exterior Applications

Backed by a strong commitment to provide innovative exterior LED lighting solutions, Amerlux introduces the new AVISTA LED Light Engine for illuminating nearly any traditional exterior lighting fixture for both new and retrofit installations. AVISTA can be used in a traditional post top and other fixtures designed for street lighting, parks, pedestrian walkways, recreational areas, parking lots, schools and municipalities. Amerlux is a global leader in innovation, manufacturing and creative lighting solutions for a broad range of commercial, retail, hospitality and institutional environments.
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Osram Sylvania Demonstrates Expertise in Solid State Lighting at LIGHTFAIR 2014

Demonstrating its expertise in solid state lighting innovation, North American lighting leader OSRAM SYLVANIA exhibited four new LED application products at Booth #3108 at LIGHTFAIR International 2014, the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference.
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ShineOn Announces the DiscLight(TM) LED Light Engine

Recently ShineOn successfully demonstrated its DiscLight(TM) LED Light Engine, which is the world's first wholly integrated LED light engine without any external electronic components. ShineOn's DiscLight(TM) LED Light Engine integrates a high voltage CMOS based driver IC with multiple LED chips on one substrate. Due to its creative control algorithm and special IC configuration, this integrated module can directly connect to 110V or 220V AC power line, and drive the LED array without any excess electronic components such as inductors, ...
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Zhaga Consortium Publishes Book 2 Interface Specification for LED Light Engines

Zhaga has published its second interface specification, as part of its mission to enable the interchangeability of LED light sources. Products carrying the Zhaga logo are already available from various manufacturers.   The Zhaga Consortium has published its second interface specification for LED light engines. Zhaga Interface Specification Book 2 can now be downloaded from the organization’s website (//www.zhagastandard.org/specifications/book-2.html). In addition, Zhaga has created a database of certified products, which are all commercially available. T...
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The Zhaga consortium publishes Book 3, the first of seven interface specifications for LED light engines

Zhaga has made the interface specification ‘Book 3’ publicly available as free download from its website (zhagastandard.org). Book 3 defines the interface for a small, round, LED light engine suitable for spot lighting and other applications that need a point light source. Zhaga specifications start their life as confidential documents, available only to the more than 270 members of the Zhaga consortium. Zhaga makes a specification publicly available when the first products that implement that specification have entered the market. As of today, 32 LED light engine...
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High current density, very low thermal resistance and low-profile mean that lighting equipment manufacturers can increase brightness while reducing system size Flat LED package for easy integration and closest mounting of optics to light emitt... READ MORE

Highlights: ・By enabling in-house production of laser diode chips for all three primary colors (RGB), a variety of customer requests can now be met. ・Accelerates the development and commercialization of higher efficiency and higher output produ... READ MORE