Epistar Board Approves Merge with TSMC SSL, and Non-Public Issuing 165M Shares

In two separate company statements released yesterday, Epistar board approved fully integrating TSMC Solid State Lighting (元芯光电), and non-public issuance of 165 million company shares to raise capital.
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Epistar Acquires Key Technologies from TSMC SSL to Fend off Japanese Rival

The main objective of Epistar’s acquisition of TSMC SSL is to obtain key LED substrate technology to prevent Japanese manufacturer Toshiba from taking the lead in GaN-on-Si technology, according to a Chinese-language Wealth Magazine report.
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[Breaking News] Epistar Acquires TSMC SSL

Last week LEDinside reported Epistar’s intention of acquiring TSMC SSL, a LED lighting subsidiary of leading Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer TSMC, the two companies have released a joint press release Friday (Taipei Time) confirming the deal.
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[Correction] Epistar to Invest in TSMC Solid State Lighting

Leading Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer Epistar is planning another merger to complete its white LED portfolio, according to a Chinese-language report by China Times.
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Taiwanese Manufacturers Focus on LED Technology at Light+Building 2014

Taiwan LED manufacturers were very active at this year’s Light+Building 2014 show that took place in Frankfurt, Germany last week. The main theme of Taiwanese manufacturers at the show was LED technology. Some major technology highlights included flip chip LED, Alternating Current (AC) Driver-on-Board (DoB) Chip-on-Board (COB) modules.
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TSMC Will Put into Production Uncased LED Illuminant, Sparking a Packaging Revolution in the Later Half of the year

TSMC Solid State Lighting in the later part of the year will put into production uncased LED, saving cost to the LED illuminate packaging sector. TSMC Solid State Lighting President Dr. Jacob Tarn pointed out that the future of indoor lighting has become a large portion of the LED lighting supply market. This has caused competition within LED factories, making product prices being the key to market success.  TSMC Solid State Lighting President Dr. Jacob Tarn expressed that in near future, the selling point of LED bulbs already released by Cree has dropped as low as 10 USD. However, this has still not sparked a fierce......
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TSMC Solid State Lighting has LM-80 testing lab accreditation

TSMC Solid State Lighting (TSMC SSL) announced today that its laboratory was accredited as a LM-80 qualified lab by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF). At the same time, all of its LED product series have been tested in the lab and will be qualified per LM-80 testing practice.  LM-80 is the most well known qualification method for lumen maintenance test of  LED devices across the industry. Also, it is one of the important qualification report to apply Energy Star compliance ruled by US Environmental Protection Agency.
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