Tridonic Supports IoT Smart City Project in Darmstadt Germany

Titled as “City of Science,” Darmstadt in Germany is installing wireless IoT connected streetlights as part of its smart city project to save energy and reduce light pollution. The project is Tridonic’s first installation of innovative Smart City technology with light-on-demand functionality. As part of the “Digital City Darmstadt” project, a street section in the Wixhausen area of Darmstadt has been equipped with adaptive lighting that integrated PIR sensors. The streetlights are equipped with wireless modules to connect one another as w...
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Cyprus Aims to Replace All Streetlights with LED by 2020

Cyprus, the island country on the Mediterranean Sea, is on its way to improve energy efficiency by switching all conventional streetlights into LED. According to the report of CyprusMail, the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) has signed a contract to replace all existing lights in Larnaca. The contract will be executed by the end of August in 2019 with 1,500 streetlights switched to LED. The replacement is expected to save up to 67.56 percent of energy cost compared to current consumption. (image: Pixabay) Moreover, Yiangos Frangoulides, senior manager ...
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Research Shows How Street Lights and Trees Influence Activity of Urban Bats

The impacts of artificial light on wildlife have been a study focus for biodiversity researchers. On Earth Day, let’s look into how different street lights affect bats activities. A team at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (Leibniz-IZW) has conducted a study to find out how UV emitting and non-UV emitting street lamps influence the activity of bats in the Berlin metropolitan area and whether tree cover might mitigate any effect of light pollution. The study is published in the scientific journal “Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution.&rdq...
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Worldwide Cities Install LED Streetlights and Smart Lighting System

Featured with lower energy cost and longer lifespan, LED streetlights have been adopted by more and more cities across the world. Aberdeen in the UK and Kelowna in Canada have recently announced projects of LED streetlight replacement and smart lighting system installation. Moreover, the Malaysia government also said that it will convert all the streetlights in the country into LED starting from September 2019. (Image: Pixabay) The City Council of Aberdeen is carrying out a £9 million (US$11.79 million) seven-year program of replacing conventional street...
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KIT Develops Street Lights with Interconnected LEDs to Reduce 20% Power Consumption

Researchers of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany have developed a novel, even more economical LED street light by replacing conventional high-performance LED with a special array of weaker LEDs. The new approach succeeded in reducing power consumption by 20 percent. Michael Heidinger at KIT's Light Technology Institute (LTI) designed a smart circuit that compensates aging and failure of individual LEDs. With the new approach, it is possible to install a large number of LEDs on a single board at low cost. Moreover, the LEDs incre...
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Turn off Street Lights for Part of the Night Brings Ecological Benefits, Says Study

People are becoming more aware of the effects of artificial lighting on the human body and wildlife, especially the impacts of lighting at night. A new study led by researchers from Newcastle and York universities found that street lights may disrupt plant pollination as they attract moths; however, by switching off street lights for part of the night, the interruption can be minimized. Apart from bees, moths also play an important role in the pollination of plants to supplement the day-time work of bees and other pollinating insects. These night-time pollinators are critical even f...
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LED Street Lights Ignite Anger in Rome

Rome, with its ancient architecture and timeless beauty, is especially magnificent at night when the city is bathed in a golden halo thanks to the yellow sodium street lights. However, this may soon be a thing of the past as LED street lights gradually take over. The new lights have angered local residents, as The New York Times reports.
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Edinburgh LED Street Light Installations to Save City Millions

Councillors have approved plans to upgrade street lights across Edinburgh, saving the city an estimated GBP 77 million (US $117.56 million) over the next 20 years.
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ColorStars Group Announces Street Light Project Award

ColorStars Group (CSTU) together with its subsidiary Anteya Technologies were awarded a street lighting project in Taiwan. The project is to retrofit a 9 kilometers long roadwith new LED street lighting system in the township of Yangmey of Taoyuang County. A total of 574 LED street lights will be installed and each street light is composed of 2 pieces of 120-Watt cobra head LED street lights and 2 pieces of 30-Watt reflective LED spot lights. The total value of the project is $45,172,600 New Taiwan Dollars or $1.5 million US Dollars. ColorStars' scope of supply is about US$1.0 million. The project will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2014.
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DOE Joins PLA in Detroit LED Street Light Retrofit Initiative

The Public Lighting Authority of Detroit (PLA) announced its LED streetlight initiative in January this year. Detriot proposed a plan to retrofit over 50,000 street lights with LED bulbs over the next two years, saving the city a total of US $1.5 million annually, according to The Detriot News. Street lights will be provided by three firms – Cree, Leotek Electronics, and Walker-Miller Energy Services said Light Authority CEO Odis Jones. 
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UK Citizens Continue to Wage War against LED Street Light Replacement Wave

LED street lights have not been welcomed with open arms by UK suburbanites. Yet another report by a UK based newspaper reports citizens protesting against LED street light installations in neighborhoods. 
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NYC Honeywell Bridge Shines with New LED Street Lights

The Honeywell Bridge, built in 1910, stretches across Sunnyside Yards with midtown Manhattan as its backdrop.  It is located in Long Island City, New York, connected Skillman Avenue and 35th Street with Northern Boulevard and 32nd Street.
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Oakland Retrofits 30,000 Street Lights with GE’s Evolve LED Roadway Fixtures

Oakland, Calif., is committed to energy efficiency and has been named one of America’s greenest cities. Its decision was natural to upgrade more than 30,000 street lights to GE’s Evolve™ LED Roadway Scalable Cobrahead fixtures—a move that will save this West Coast port city more than $1.4 million in annual energy and maintenance costs.
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India to Conduct Large Scale LED Street Lamp Replacement Project

Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is preparing to sign a nine year contract with Energy Efficiency Services Ltd. (EESL) after the conclusion of the general elections currently ongoing in India. The contract will be for a joint-venture to replace a total of 300,000 street lamps with LEDs, according to The Economic Times. 
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UK Residence in Uproar over LED Street Light Replacement Wave

The LED street light replacement wave has swept the globe as local governments embrace the low energy consumption and financial advantage they offer. However, in the rush to jump on the green technology bandwagon, governments have overlooked the health issues that LEDs pose to the human body. British citizens have been less than keen over the recent installment of LEDs in boroughs throughout the country. 
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Acuity Brands Provides Alternative to Traditional Street Light Design

Acuity Brands, Inc. announces the launch of new Autobahn Series ATBS LED Roadway and Security luminaires from American Electric Lighting®. The new LED luminaires offer a sleek, attractive appearance and 60 percent greater efficiency compared to traditional high intensity discharge (HID) systems. 
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Philips and Aruba Collaborate in Island-wide LED Lighting Transformation

Royal Philips and Aruba signed a Memorandum of Innovation, a strategic partnership to help the island of Aruba meet its goal of running on 100 percent sustainable energy by 2020, enabled by Philips’ lighting and innovation expertise. In support of the Aruba government’s Smart Island Strategy for sustainability, Philips will help revamp the island’s entire public lighting system by completing an in-depth assessment and providing solutions for public buildings and outdoor lighting systems. It will also transform Aruba into a showcase of innovation in the region. 
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GPI’s Devotion to Flip-Chips Pays off as Profit Turns Around in 4Q13

Genesis Photonics Inc. (GPI) has been devoted to developing flip-chip packaging recently. The Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer built a flip-chip package production line in 2013 to strengthen product integration. 
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ESCO Model Intensifies Street Light Bids in Taiwan

Taiwan has seen an uptick in LED street light replacement activity as of late. Last year, around 25,000 street lights were replaced during a street light replacement project across five major cities in Taiwan. An additional 30,000 street lights are anticipated to be replaced this year, according to the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).
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Green Choice LED’s Solar Powered LED Street Light Project Considered a Success

Recently Green Choice LED completed a first of its kind solar powered streetlight project for the city of Shenandoah, Texas in late January. Now, the streets of Shenandoah Valley subdivision are illuminated by eighty-one solar powered LED streetlights.
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Leadray To Tackle Emerging Markets

Leadray, Taiwanese LED street light manufacturer, opened a new office in Taipei on March 17th at the Taipei World Trade Center. The company successfully won domestic bids for street lights in 2013. Using their past experience and advantages in LED lighting, Leadray plans to actively improve the Southeast Asia and Central American markets in 2014, which lack in infrastructure and electricity.
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Hubbell Building Automation Launches New Street Light Control System

Hubbell Lighting announced  a state-of-the-art wireless lighting control solution for new and existing street lights--Hubbell Building Automation's (HBA) wiSCAPE™. Using a combination of universal street light modules and connecting gateways, wiSCAPE™ creates a sophisticated and secure wireless control network for maximum energy savings and intuitive asset management.
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Taiwan Provides Financial Assistance to Caribbean Island for Installation of LED Lights

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Energy, Mr. Lennie Lake said the money will be used to purchase 110 LED lights to be installed in the Frigate Bay area from Sugars Complex to Zenway Boulevard as well as the New Road Community Park.
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Ericsson and Philips Unite to Provide Mobile Broadband Connectivity through Smart Street Lighting

- New connected street lighting model solves two issues simultaneously: offering city officials an innovative way to afford next generation energy efficient LED lighting to meet sustainability goals, and enabling network operators to offer improved city-wide mobile broadband and app coverage   - Citizens will benefit from improved mobile network coverage for data communications and enhanced safety with brighter, well lit streets Philips and Ericsson combine the benefits of mobile connectivity and LED lighting in a ''lighting-as-a-service'' model for cit...
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UK Green Investment Bank Launches New Loan to Finance the UK’s Switch to Low Energy Street Lighting

Across the UK our seven million streetlights clock up an electricity bill of more than £300 million each year. Although this is one of a local authority's largest single costs, fewer than one million lamps are low energy. The legacy of this old technology is higher than necessary energy consumption, costs and environmental impact.
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GE’s LightGrid Outdoor Wireless Control System Gives Municipalities Smarter Street Light Solutions

Municipalities can benefit from reduced energy and more efficient management of street lights through GE’s new LightGrid™ Outdoor Wireless Control System.
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Hon Hai Establishes First LED Street Light Production Line in Guizhou

Hon Hai Industry Co. (also known as Foxconn Technology Group) new demonstration plant in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China has begun production on Dec. 15, 2013, according to a report by Chinanews.com. The new plant which took four months to construct will be establishing production lines for TV, LED streetlamps and electronic whiteboards.
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Renton Will Start to Install LED Street Lights this Month

Beginning August 26, the City of Renton will replace 3,865 street lights with energy-efficient LED lighting. These new lights will significantly reduce the city's electricity use and will save the city an estimated $55,000 in the first year of use and even more in succeeding years. LED lights last longer thereby reducing maintenance costs, provide much better illumination and color distinction at night, and can be directed to focus the light where it is needed. They also reduce the sky glow–the artificial illumination of the night sky—and help lower greenhouse gas...
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Spark Installed LED Street Light SPL-C115 in Uthaithani Province,Thailand

As one of the largest LED lighting manufacturers and exporters, Spark just made its another achievement on the installation of LED street light SPL-C115 in Uthaithani Province,Thailand. This project is for a very famous temple in Thailand, named Prachanokchakkri Pavilion. The client was quite satisfied with performance of these LED street lights after its installation. The details are as the below picture in which the selective LED street light model is SPL-C115 mainly as well as SPL-M40. Light pole is 8m and 6m height respectively, boom angle is 15°...
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Pilot Project Installs LED Street Lights Across Long Beach

Mayor Bob Foster climbs in a cherry picker to christen pilot LED street lights in a Westside neighborhood. Long Beach, California - Lined with quaint single-family homes and manicured lawns, the 3000 block of Baltic Ave. looks like many others in Long Beach's residential Westside. Even the neighborhood's street lights look typical: pillars of speckled stone standing every 40 feet atop which is perched a light that hangs over the curb into the street. But since last month, these street lights have been the focus of a pilot project in which the typical high-press...
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