Massachusetts, Barnstable Fire District Tests LED Street Lights

The Barnstable Fire District was offered an opportunity to reduce its annual lighting costs from $12,000 to $8,000 through replacement of current sodium vapor light bulbs in street lighting to LED lights. The opportunity was presented by their electric supplier, Republic Electric through the Cape Light Compact. In order to realize the savings, the district would have to replace the current lights in all 136 street lights that the district currently owns. To allow residents an opportunity to see what these tests would look like, lights were installed on a test basis in the co...
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LED Lights Installed in Downtown Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls, Texas - The orange glow from street lights in downtown Wichita Falls will soon be a thing of the past. City councilors recently approved the purchase of nearly $200,000 worth of LED street lights. Crews installed one at 8th and Lamar to test it out and it received a glowing approval from city traffic officials. "It's a whiter, brighter light so it makes it easier to see. It's a very energy efficient light source so in most cases we will save 40 up to 60 percent, depending on how we set the lights up," says Mark Beauchamp, traffic superin...
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New Streetlight Design Curbs Light Pollution

For astronomers, a well-lit city means a sky unavailable for study. Worse, light pollution is blamed for affecting bird migration, sea turtle hatching, and wildlife mating and feeding routines. Researchers at National Central University, Taiwan, and Unidad Academica de Fisica, Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas, Mexico, have attacked the problem with a new LED street lamp designed to shine only where needed, without splashing into unwanted areas, as a way to reduce light pollution while providing better lighting. Current street lights often use high-pressure sodium or merc...
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LED Street Light Project in Lahore

Lahore, Pakistan -- The Lahore Development Authority during its governing body meeting on December 6, 2012, had approved the installation of LED lights. The idea behind the decision was to conserve electricity. The Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning Agency handed the project to an international company in February, 2013. TEPA was given a deadline of two months to complete the project. However, so far work has only finished on four roads, MM Alam Road, Peco Road, Model Town Link Road and Khyaban-i-Firdous. Work on Gulberg’s Main Boulev...
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Livermore Upgrades LED Street Lights

Livermore,California -- The city is nearing completion of a plan to upgrade its street lights with LED lights, officials said. Upgrading to LED street lights is part of a multi-phase project in collaboration with Chevron. Council members approved the project last year to reduce Livermore's carbon footprint, conserve energy and reduce the city's electricity bill. Other phases of the project include installing solar panels at city facilities and creating plug-in electric vehicle charging stations. The city has about 7,300 street lights and plan to replace 7,100 ...
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Chicago , Lights on for Congress Parkway Reconstruction Project

The lighting is the last piece of the Congress Parkway reconstruction project that began in late 2010, according to the Chicago Department of Transportation. About 600 decorative luminaires and towerlike panels that change colors were flipped on along Congress Parkway Thursday night, marking the completion of $24 million in road and streetscape improvements, officials said. The work included redesigning parts of Congress between Wells Street and Michigan Avenue to improve traffic flow and signal timing for the 63,000 drivers who use the corridor each weekday, officials s...
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Washington, Yakima Saving Money With LED Street Lights

YAKIMA, Washington -- Some new street lights are helping the city of Yakima cut its electric bill. The lights have been up for about a year and have already saved  thousands of dollars. About 400 lights throughout the city have already been upgraded. The first set was paid for with about $400,000 worth of grant money. The new high-efficiency LED lights are anywhere from 40% to 60% more efficient than traditional bulbs, and have saved the city about $30,000 in just the first year. "There again, big energy savings, big maintenance savings, and the light, general...
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The Climate Group Released the Results of India LED Street Light Projects

The Climate Group has released details on SSL street light projects in Haldia, Thane, Burdwan, and Cuttack, India.
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