Siemens New Headquarters in Munich Seen under New LED Lights

The new Siemens corporate headquarters in Munich, Germany has a forward looking and variable spatial design and utilization concept. This places high demands on the lighting, which must not only be energy-efficient but flexible as well. Osram supplied the lighting solutions, fulfilled the requirements of the globally active technology corporation and also demonstrated that light can be more than just lighting. The light in this case supports the successful architectural unison of heritage building sections with a highly modern new construction, and the well-being of approximately 1,200 employees at the site. The integration of various lighting scenarios in a light management system ensures utilization of light according to needs and therefore high energy efficiency.
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Transparent Zumtobel VAERO Luminaire Lighting Effect in Office Spaces

The magical light object of VAERO fascinates observers in a room. This LED pendant luminaire seems to embody light in its purest form, as the extremely flat and frameless housing and the transparent appearance let the lit effect take center stage. VAERO offers both pleasant and ergonomic working light - perfectly adapted to meet the requirements of modern office architecture. The following interview examines the way VAERO works and takes a closer look at the visible results in contemporary office spaces.
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What LED Lights Have to Contribute to Your Overall Well Being

Have you ever been walking the aisles of a Supermarket or Big Box store, maybe you had a little trouble finding a few things and ended up in there a little longer than you anticipated. Then, all of a sudden, you feel so agitated and uncomfortable that every passing minute seems to make you feel worse? There’s definitely a time limit to those stores or at least an awareness when we’ve entered the penalty time and need to get out of there ASAP. There is certainly no shortage of bothersome elements in those stores, despite their convenience, but one of the main culprits for that fatigued, annoyed feeling you get is the lighting. It’s very apparent how artificial the lighting in those places is.
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Hubbell Lighting Launches Recessed Luminaire for Office and School Applications

Hubbell Lighting, a world leader in lighting innovation, announced today that Columbia Lighting has introduced the RLA—an LED recessed architectural luminaire. With a low initial and operating cost, the RLA is an excellent choice for savings without sacrificing function.
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GE's Outdoor and Office Lighting Solutions Help MetLife Save Nearly $360,000 a Year

MetLife, Inc. recently took out an energy savings policy with GE Lighting (NYSE: GE)—upgrading to Evolve™ LED outdoor lighting in parking lots at 10 office locations and switching to more energy-efficient T8 fluorescent indoor lighting at its 650,000-square-foot administrative center in St. Louis. Combined, these lighting solutions will save MetLife approximately $360,000 a year while consuming about 3.5 million fewer kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity. MetLife is a leading global provider of insurance, annuities and employee benefit programs serving ...
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Tokushima, Japan – 17 June 2022: Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, announces the addition of the Direct Mountable Chip Series (Part Number: NVSWE21A-V1) to the portfol... READ MORE

DURHAM, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cree LED, an SGH company (Nasdaq: SGH), announced today the launch of XLamp® Element G LEDs, delivering a new product class with unmatched light output and efficiency for LEDs of this size. The... READ MORE