Transparent Zumtobel VAERO Luminaire Lighting Effect in Office Spaces

The magical light object of VAERO fascinates observers in a room. This LED pendant luminaire seems to embody light in its purest form, as the extremely flat and frameless housing and the transparent appearance let the lit effect take center stage. VAERO offers both pleasant and ergonomic working light - perfectly adapted to meet the requirements of modern office architecture. The following interview examines the way VAERO works and takes a closer look at the visible results in contemporary office spaces.

This LED pendant luminaire VAERO seems to embody light in its purest form, as the extremely flat and frameless housing and the transparent appearance let the lit effect take center stage. (Photo courtesy of Zumtobel)

What challenges do modern workspaces pose for lighting?

Holger Leibmann, Atelier of Light / Lighting Solutions & Concepts: From our recent experience I can certainly say that demands on the flexibility of office space are increasing. This means that office layouts need to be constantly adaptable time, so the lighting solution has to be able to react quickly to reflect these new requirements. At the same time, ceiling systems are becoming more complex. For example, we currently have a large number of projects without a continuous ceiling. Suspended ceiling elements are now often installed above the workplaces for acoustic reasons or to assist with cooling.

Why is VAERO the right choice for modern office architecture?

Holger Leibmann: First of all, VAERO impresses with its very clear appearance. When a large number of elements are mounted on the ceiling, a markedly reduced luminaire often has a soothing effect. VAERO also delivers a high luminous flux with a lighting distribution that includes a significant indirect proportion. In this way, optimal lighting quality can be ensured for different areas in the room - even if the ceiling concept and furniture layout do not always establish a direct correlation between the workplace and the luminaire, or if the spatial situation is changed frequently.

Which of the various technological benefits of VAERO are particularly important?

Ludwiczak Bogna, Optical Design Engineer: The balanced ratio between direct light (55%) and indirect light (45%) delivered by VAERO guarantees good illumination of horizontal (desk) and vertical surfaces (walls and cabinets). The wide indirect light distribution also brightens a large part of the ceiling, creating a pleasant and welcoming impression in the space. The formation of shadows is greatly reduced, thereby enhancing the perception of finer details.

What influence did the specialist technology have on the design of the luminaire?

Ruef Wolfgang, Development Engineer PL: We managed to remain faithful to the original design requirements during the development cycle thanks to the lamination of the underside of the lighting panel with the hot embossing process. The overall objective was to make the luminaire especially slim and to utilize as little material as possible. We pursued this aim diligently from start to finish, which helped shape decisions like the coating of the underside. The hot embossing process enabled us to achieve a frameless design and the airy appearance that goes with this look. This embossing method has until now mainly been applied in the automotive industry for components such as decorative molding’s and emblems, as well as for a number of consumer goods, but it has never been used in the lighting industry for a light-guiding element.

How can the true effect of VAERO in an open-plan office space be described?

Matt House, Project Director, Team London:  At this point, I would like to briefly mention the first pilot installation, where VAERO was specified for an office building on Gresse Street in London. VAERO was a really interesting product for this job, as the client was keen to use the lighting to help recapture the industrial character of the room. As Tecton was seen as being as too “industrial”, we were asked to suggest another luminaire. Although VAERO is perhaps not at first glance the obvious choice for such an industrial aesthetic, it soon became clear that its translucent appearance offered a fabulous contrast to the industrial and innovative look of the space. The industrial architecture of the building, without suspended ceilings, provides an insight into the internal workings of the building. VAERO suits this concept because it is almost transparent and therefore avoids any disturbing visual effects. The elegant suspension and cable routing does not seem at all strange, but actually creates a natural transition between the functional cables and the fine, weightless appearance of the VAERO fitting.

When and in which versions will VAERO be available?

Oleg Eler, Global Product Manager / Office Application: VAERO is all about minimalistic design and easy integration into various types of office architecture. That is why VAERO will be available in five different color versions: white, silver, bronze, black and natural aluminium. The natural aluminium product, for example, perfectly complements offices with visible concrete features. Two lumen packages - 5000 lm and 6500 lm - and a wide indirect light distribution enable lighting that meets the standards, even when there are greater distances between the luminaires. This could be very important in open-plan offices. VAERO is offered with two color temperatures: 4000 K and 3000 K, for communication zones and areas where a more relaxed atmosphere is preferred.

VAERO will be available from December.

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