Ritdisplay to Expand Production by 20% to Meet Growing OLED Demands

Ritdisplay, a subsidiary of Ritek Group, is an OLED panel maker. This year the market's demand has been strong. In first half of 2016, its revenue reached NT $997 million (US $31.21 million), and its annual growth rate surpassed 40%, according to a MoneyDJ report.
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Demand of LEDs Resumed, Taiwanese Manufacturers Saw Increasing Capacity Utilization in Q2

Demand of LED has resumed in the second quarter. Leading Taiwanese LED chip maker Epistar reached full production capacity in AlGaInP LEDs. Meanwhile, Unity Opto is expected to see two-digit growth in the second quarter as its order visibility rose to two months.
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Plessey Expands Production Capacity with AIX G5+ C Cluster from Aixtron

AIXTRON SE, a worldwide leading provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry, today announced that Plessey Semiconductors Ltd. has ordered an AIX G5+ C cluster system for the production capacity expansion of gallium nitride LEDs manufactured on silicon wafers (GaN-on-Si). The tool is scheduled for delivery in the third quarter 2016.
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Epistar Chairman Speaks About Upgrading LED Technology and Expanding Production Capacity

The LED industry in China and Taiwan has gone from cooperation to competitive, said Epistar Chairman B.J. Lee. Even though China is still a major threat, Taiwan manufacturers cannot always choose to escape, or Taiwan will have no market strategies left. It is important to see where one’s opportunities are and think about whether Taiwan’s LED industry has any chances of winning. If there are opportunities then it is important to establish an environment beneficial to the industry’s development.
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Evluma Moves to Larger Factory to Expand Production Capacity

LED Lighting manufacturer Evluma moves into a larger manufacturing facility at the end of July 2014. Located in Renton, Washington, U.S., the new facility embraces Lean Manufacturing philosophies and increases Evluma's manufacturing capacity by up to five times. The new site provides room to expand, allowing Evluma to bring on additional Lean lines in parallel with demand. Evluma makes the move to better serve and support their customer base.
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Sanan Optoelectronics Announces Its Plan to Double Production Capacity

It is an indisputable fact that LED market has gradually rebounded, but the relative excess of industry capacity is also an unavoidable reality. In the recent two weeks, the leading LED companies have introduced LED expansion plans, of course, Sanan Optoelectronics is no exception, it launched its plan on the evening of May 27 that it will raise funds about 3.3 billion Yuan to expand LED projects. According to its plan, if the program of Sanan Optoelectronics is implemented successfully, the production capacity of its new LED chip will be doubled. At present, San...
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