Escalating Trade War May Aggravate Oversupply Situation in LED Industry, Says LEDinside

According to LED Industry Demand and Supply Data Base, the latest report by LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, the global LED industry is projected to reach a market value of US$ 18.796 billion in 2018, with an increase of 4% YoY. The market is slowing down as the oversupply situation contributes to LED price declines, together with the impacts of escalating trade war on demand in the end market.  
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Alpha to Host LED Seminar and Showcase High Reliability LED Packaging & Assembly Materials at GILE 2017 in Guangzhou

Alpha Assembly Solutions, the world leader in the production of electronic soldering and bonding materials, will host a joint LED seminar with its sister company “MacDermid Enthone Electronics Solutions” at Westin Pazhou Hotel on June 10.  In addition, Alpha will showcase its vast LED materials portfolio and will present a technical paper at the upcoming Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) taking place June 9th – 12th in China.
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LED Industry Faces Structural Change as Chinese Packaging Suppliers Expand

As LED market penetration rate continues to increase, global LED market growth has slowed down in recent years. In China, domestic LED chip manufacturers have exceeded a dominant 70% market share. In addition, global companies have increased their packaging capacity in China. It is expected that Chinese LED packaging manufacturers will continue to expand production capacity in 2017.
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Dow Corning Expands Design Freedoms for LED Packaging With Five New High-Performance Optical Silicone Encapsulants

Dow Corning, a major manufacturer in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation and wholly owned subsidiary of Dow Chemical Company, further expanded the design flexibilities for LED packaging manufacturers today with the addition of five new optical encapsulants (OEs) to its fast-growing portfolio of advanced LED solutions. 
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Remtec Expands LED Packaging Capabilities

Remtec Expands LED Packaging Capabilities And Adds New Economical Metallization Technologies, Custom Tailored for Specific Customer Requirements.
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Lighting-use LED Market Scale Hits US $4.88B, says TrendForce

The global high brightness LED market scale reached US $14.4 billion this year and is estimated to increase to US $16.6 billion by 2018, with a compound growth rate of 4%, according to “2014 LED Supply and Demand Data Base” by LEDinside, a LED research division of TrendForce. The LED package market value for lighting applications will reach US $4.88 billion and maintain market share of 34%. 
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Honglitronic Moves to Expand EMC and COB Application

EMC and COB packaging technology is becoming more common in the LED packaging field, with application volume gradually expanding. 
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Unity Opto Acquires New Factory to Expand LED Production

Unity Opto is optimistic about long term market development for LED lighting. The Taiwanese LED package manufacturer announced its plans to acquire a factory in the Wugu Industrial Park in Taiwan on April 24, 2014. The company will invest NT $1.23 billion (US $196.7 million) in acquiring the factory to expand its lighting production line. After expanding production capacity, it is estimated that monthly production will increase from 1 million units to 3 million units. 
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TSLC New Factory Targets Automotive Lighting and Other Niche Market Developments

High power LED package manufacturer Taiwan Semiconductor Lighting Corp. (TSLC) has just completed its new factory opening ceremony on Dec. 30, 2013. TSLC has inherited wafer level packaging LED silicon substrate and Aluminum Nitrade (AIN) package technology from high-power LED package manufacturer VisEra Technologies Company. The technology gives LED package components strong characteristics of narrow beam and heat dissipation. 
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ChangFang Hot on Everlight's Heels in Production Capacity

During a recent webinar, Shenzhen ChangFang Lighting Secretary of the Board Qinqin Wu expressed that the company’s LED packaging products and LED application products will continue to be the main business direction for the company and that in the future the company will have a fixed position as leader in the LED lighting field as an internationalized local brand.
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Nichia to Lose 20% of Its Orders in the Second Half of 2013 for Competitors

According to the introduction from Taiwan-based LED manufacturers, Japan-based Nichia is the world's largest supplier of High Brightness LED, and it has occupied a leading market status in EMC-based LED chip packaging industry, but some LED packaging enterprises from Taiwan, China and South Korea have been competing for orders from LED lighting vendors, so that Nichia is expected to lose 20% of its orders in the second half of this year. Nichia received several patents regarding LED chip packaging based on EMC in 2007 and then offered an LED pack...
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Some Taiwan-based LED Chip Manufacturers Extend to LED Packaging

Some of Taiwan-based LED chip manufacturers have extended to LED packaging, offering solutions that EMS players can directly turn into lighting products, according to industry sources. The manufacturers are expanding their business to carter to fast growing demand for LED lighting, rapidly falling price in the face of price competition from China-based competitors. The manufacturers use so-called next-generation technology to roll out packaged LED chips, adding that such a trend may impact packaging houses. The next-generation technology may help decrease overall p...
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