TSLC New Factory Targets Automotive Lighting and Other Niche Market Developments

Future niche market trends: high power package for Taiwanese LED Lighting

High power LED package manufacturer Taiwan Semiconductor Lighting Corp. (TSLC) has just completed its new factory opening ceremony on Dec. 30, 2013. TSLC has inherited wafer level packaging LED silicon substrate and Aluminum Nitrade (AIN) package technology from high-power LED package manufacturer VisEra Technologies Company. The technology gives LED package components strong characteristics of narrow beam and heat dissipation. TSLC also released the latest LED package components for automotive lighting, stage lighting, Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR), and plant lamps on the day the factory was established.

TSLC which specializes in high-power packaging was established in 2013. Although, the founding date makes TSLC appear as a fresh face on the market, many in the industry understand the company’s strengths. This is because TSLC is a branch of high power LED package manufacturer VisEra Technologies Company. On the day of the new factory’s establishment on Dec. 20, partners including VisEra Technologies, MPI Corp., Viking, ASM Pacific Technology Corp. and Limei Perfect Office Design all attended the ceremony. TSLC is targeting niche markets of high power packaging and LEDs, with the company’s current production capacity at 8KKW. 

TSLC is the world’s first 8” AIN substrate LED package manufacturer to undertake packaging based on hybrid technology for wavelengths ranging from invisible short wavelngth UV lights (250 nm) to visible lights with long wavelengths including blue, green, red (850 nm) and IR (920 nm). Most TSLC products are packaged on ceramic substrates, and the company also has control over different ceramic substrate layout technology. Aside from standard packaging components, TSLC also provides OEM and customized services to meet client demands for different LED chip array. The company is targeting niche markets with stable profit performances, and emphasizes its core value is to provide clients services they need. 

TSLC LED package components for automotive lighting. (Photo Courtesy of TSLC)

Automotive lighting aims at releasing automotive lighting modules

With continual growth in automotive LED lighting market, car manufacturers’ inclination of using LED headlamps has also increased. The automotive lighting market is a long term goal for LED manufacturers. There difficulties of entering the automotive lighting market include long certification period, huge investments in human resources and financial resources during the initial phase. However, once companies enter the automotive market, order visibility, stability and gross profit margin can be maintained at pretty good levels. TSLC is also viewing automotive lighting market as a large target in 2014.


Bryan Lee, R&D I Division Director, TSLC (right) pictured in front of the company. (LEDinside)

Bryan Lee, R&D I Division Director, TSLC 

In an exclusive interview with LEDinside, TSLC R&D I Division Director Bryan Lee pointed out TSLC has developed 10W LED automotive lighting modules with single units reaching 800 lumens. Low beam designs are the most difficult, since the light has to take into consideration cut-off line demands, said Lee. The designs also need to take into consideration how automotive light sources can have sufficient light beam focus under the cut-off line, after the secondary optical lens module is assembled. The design must balance between primary optical lens and secondary optical lens systems. Aside from light shape, heat dissipation is also a key in automotive LED package components. Package components thermal resistance must withstand 180 degrees Celsius. TSLC is also confident this new automotive lighting module optoelectric characteristic is similar to automotive lighting leader Osram. The company revealed it has begun partnership talks with car manufacturers. 

TSLC LED package component. (Photo Courtesy of TSLC)

TSLC launches new RGBW/RGBA products targeting business opportunities in the stage lighting sector

TSLC estimates to release RGBW and RGBA 5050-MCE package components and 5060-MCE package component products to match Red, Green, Blue, White and Red, Green, Blue, Amber in Jan. 2014. Aside from highlighting high C/P, the 5050-MCE also emphasizes its ability of providing clients a product without patent issues. In addition to these advantages, the 5060-MCE also has technology capacity of reducing chip distances to within 100um.

Talking about this new product, Lee noted stage lighting for concerts and pubs require lights that are highly directional with narrow beams. The TSLC RGBW package components have overall better low-light performance, since it is assembled with lens. The design is much easier for clients to use compared to COB products that require secondary optical lens. The company is entering the lighting market with its highest powered 50W package components, and promoting higher C/P than large international brands. 

Ceramic substrate UV package technology meets diverse application market demands

The UV LED market is also a major target for TSLC. The company officially launched 3535 and 5050 UV packaged components, and by assembling 60 degree optical lens, TSLC’s UV LED package component is suitable for wavelengths between 280 nm to 405 nm, and has the features of narrow beams.

Speaking about UV LED packaging process, Lee noted in the UV packaging process the presence of plastic material can cause light decay. Therefore, under wavelengths of 365-380 um, the packaging process is carried out on ceramic substrate or glass substrate. In addition, current TSLC UV LED wavelengths are mostly concentrated in UV-A, but TSLC package technology has prepared to meet future development trends to support packaging for UV-B and UV-C. In the application market, TSLC hopes to bring UV LEDs into the medical UV market aside from current applications in curing lights and banknote acceptors.

Niche market infrared and plant lights will become a major development focus

Although TSLC is currently a small company, its technology capacity cannot be ignored by competitors. The company has the most advantages in entering the niche market. Besides automotive lighting, stage lighting and UV market, the IR market and plant luminaire market is also a major development axis for TSLC in 2014. 

Lee also noted 3535 LED chip component average light output reached 700 mW under currents of 1A. TSLC’s 3535 LED package WPE is over 30 percent. This highly efficient component that uses AIN package technology has the advantages of high reliability, high emission power, and long life time. This is the foundation for a highly reliable surveillance system, and can also lower system costs, while fully displaying CCTV product features. Lee noted TSLC has already developed components suitable for the surveillance market such as IP camera components. Many domestic manufacturers are also getting their products certified. In the plant lighting field, TSLC is making the most of its light source features to focus high energy and multi-wavelength MCE light sources to develop special plant lighting markets.

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