Price Pressure Pushes LED Package Manufacturers Move Towards EMCs

The trend in lowered prices in the LED market has not changed. With LED chip prices expected to drop substantially in the next few years, packaging is also facing pressure to lower costs. According to current LED component costs, package costs make up 60 percent of the overall cost. U.S. DOE estimates that LED package costs will drop 50 percent by 2016. Advantages in Epoxy Molding Compound (EMC) lead frames in galvanizing high electrical currents, having UV resistance, and ability to withstand high temperatures has draw the attention of package manufacturers. Philips Lumileds plans to introduce high volume EMC lead frame LED package components in 2014. 
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Trend of LED package manufacturers entering EMC lead frame technology to target mid/high power LED

Strong demands for mid-power LED products have increased shipments of Epoxy Molding Compound (EMC) lead frames. Taiwanese and Chinese LED package manufacturers have jumped into EMC lead frame technology. Taiwanese LED package manufacturers Everlight, Lite-On Technology (Lite-On), Unity Opto, and Advanced Optoelectronic Technology (AOT) are producing EMC package components. Chinese manufacturers including Lighting Optoelectonic Technology (LOT) and Refond possess EMC package component production capacity. Market research shows EMC lead frame prices are falling quickly, which is why most manufacturers are trying to improve price/performance ratio by applying EMC lead frames in 2-3W mid / high power LEDs, according to LEDinside. In the past, most EMC lead frame applications were for 1-2W LED.
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Violumas is proud to announce the addition of new VC3X3 COB Module configurations to its extensive, high power UV LED product lineup. The M3X3L9 module sets are available in UVB and UVC wavelengths (265nm, 275nm, 295nm, 310nm) and are comprise... READ MORE

Tokushima, Japan - 6 March 2024: Nichia, the world's largest LED manufacturer and inventor of the high-brightness blue and white LED, has started mass production of the new UV-B (308nm) and UV-A (330nm) LEDs in its popular 434 Series packa... READ MORE