Lumileds Launches LUXEON XR-3020 Module for Indoor Tube Lights and Industrial Lighting Designs

Lumileds introduces the LUXEON XR-3020, an ultra-slim module that serves as a building block for TLEDs or thin office and industrial fixtures. These slim (20 mm) products are available with 24 LEDs on a 280 mm thermally-conductive board (~1 ft) or 48 LEDs on a 560 mm board (~2 ft). The modules provide 1100 or 2200 lm, respectively, at 160 lm/W and 100 mA drive current per LED, with a board temperature of 45°C. LUXEON XR-3020 is the latest addition to the Matrix Platform family of infinitely configurable LED boards, linear flex strips and modules utilizing the industry’s most dependable LEDs.
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Revolution Lighting Division to Supply LED Lights for U.S. K-12 Schools for US $2.2 M

Revolution Lighting Technologies, a leader in advanced LED lighting technology solutions, today announced that its division, Tri-State LED, secured an agreement for $1.2 million with the Parsippany-Troy Hills School District, as well as a $976,000 contract in collaboration with RVLT's division, Value Lighting, to supply its G3 LED tubes for the New Rochelle Public School System.
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Filmmaker Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Transform Chicago Rail into Interactive Lighting Art

Filmmaker Jack C. Newell and design consultant Seth Unger have launched a Kickstarter campaign to transform the dingy elevated train tracks (L) in Chicago’s loop to a piece of interactive light art.
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Mumbai: Western Railway to Replace Fluorescent Tube Lights with LEDs

The Western Railway, which operates in Mumbai, India is planning to replace less efficient fluorescent tube lights with LEDs, according to a report by mid day.
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US Navy Ships Benefit from LED Lights

Secretary of the United States Navy, Ray Mabus, was excited to reveal that he is helping the Navy save millions of dollars, more than 150 million dollars to be exact, and is saving 3 percent of fuel costs per year for fleets being converted over to LED lighting by Energy Focus.
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AsiaTree Global Technology Provides Solution for Mass Production of High Quality LED T8 Tube Lights

A large number of LED manufacturers have set a high goal for quantity of LED bulb and LED tube light shipments. However, the number of manufacturers who are able to employ a completely automated production system is small. Only a limited number of LED manufactures are currently producing LED bulbs through automated production. LED tube design is yet to be integrated and differences between assembly processes has lead to the market not being fully equipped for automated production of tube lighting.
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Indian State Tamil Nadu Upgrades to LED Tube Lights

Ten cities in Indian state Tamil Nadu including Tiruchi, Thanjavur, Coimbatore, Tuticorin, Erode, Salem, Tirupur, Vellore, Madurai and Tirunelveli will replace 200,000 40W fluorescent tube lights with LEDs, according to a report by Hindu Times. 
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UL Warns of Counterfeit Safety Mark on Chinese LED Tube Lights

UL, a global independent safety science company, has issued a notification to consumers and retailers that the LED Tube Light identified below bears a counterfeit UL Mark for the U.S. This LED tube light has not been evaluated by UL to any Standards for Safety and it is unknown if this LED tube light complies with any safety requirements.
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TSLC Corporation, a subsidiary of SemiLEDs, launched sampling of its tri-color Mini LED series, targeted to provide LED display manufacturers with surface-mounting (SMT) compatible devices. The first product in the tri-color multi pixel series... READ MORE

The German chemistry giant BASF has revealed its development of dark automotive paint colors that are reflective to LiDAR for enhancing the detecting function of autonomous cars. LiDAR plays a critical role to the development of autonomous veh... READ MORE