MLS Meets 2014 Net Profit Goals, Releases SMD LED Production Capacity

China-based LED company MLS recently announced the company had met its 2014 revenue target of RMB 4 billion, or 39.25% growth compared to the same period in 2013.
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Lextar Reports Sixth Consecutive Year of Growth

Lextar today announced its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2014 financial report.
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BYD Lighting LED Revenue Soars in 2014

BYD Group’s lighting business saw considerable growth last year, despite the group’s reported revenue decline, according to a cnledw report.
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OLED Manufacturer Universal Display Reports 30% Revenue Growth in 2014

Universal Display Corporation, enabling energy-efficient displays and lighting with its UniversalPHOLED® technology and materials, today announced its results for the fourth quarter and year ended December 31, 2014.
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Nationstar Reports Steady LED Revenue Growth in 2014

In a recent financial statement, Nationstar highlighted positive growth during fiscal year 2014.
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Access Fixtures Reports Soaring Revenue in 2014

Access Fixtures, a leader in commercial and sports lighting, is proud to announce a 53% revenue growth in a year-over-year comparison from 2013 to 2014. Specifically, LED products exceeded a growth of 100% year-over-year, demonstrating the constant advancement of LED technology and rapid adoption of LED products, including LED bollard lights,LED wall packs, and LED flood lights. LED product sales now exceed 50% of Access Fixtures total revenue.
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National Lighting Bureau Outlines 2014 Accomplishments

 “I have to believe that we are on the verge of some major breakthroughs, in large part because of the versatility and tunability of LED lighting.” So said the National Lighting Bureau’s outgoing chair, Howard P. Lewis (Viscor Group of Companies), in reviewing the Bureau’s 2014 accomplishments at the conclusion of his fifth and final year in office. The Bureau is an independent, IRS-recognized, not-for-profit lighting-education foundation that has served as a trusted public-information source since its founding in 1976. Its purpose is to help people make better decisions about lighting.
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Everlight Joins US $1 B Revenue Club

Everlight has breached the high revenue barrier to become a new official member of the “US $1 billion Club” as the company’s consolidated annual revenue for 2014 soared up 23.99% to NT $30.61 billion, according to a news report from China Times.
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Chinese LED Package Manufactures Restructure Situation in 2014

The Chinese LED package industry entered another production expansion peak in 2H14, with many large LED package manufacturers announcing production expansion plans.
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2014 LED Market Recap: LED Chip and Package Supply and Demand Swings

One of the main LED industry indicators to look into in 2014 is manufacturers exponentially growing production volume. Where did this production capacity come from? Production capacity seen in 2014 mostly came from 2Q13 LED package expansions. A cloud of doom crept over the industry in 2012, as the industry’s oversupply situation triggered price wars and bankruptcy tsunami. Yet, in 2Q13 severe LED package shortages emerged as the slumping lighting market abruptly boomed. Many LED package manufacturers shared an optimistic market outlook at the time, some even doubled production capacity in a relatively short period.
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Emerging Market Trends in 2014

More manufacturers are turning to emerging markets that hold high growth potential as maturing U.S., Europe and Japanese markets become saturated. Emerging markets including India, Thailand, and Russia hold many business opportunities for LED manufacturers, due to their high reliance on LED chips, components and package imports.
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Kingsun to Resume Trading on December 9

After a temporary trade suspension last week, Kingsun Optoelectronic released an announcement yesterday reporting the company had acquired 51% shares on three lighting companies and will resume trading today, according to a report of cnstock.com.
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Absen Reports RMB 1B Turnover in 2014

Absen released a statement on December 4 reporting the company undergone sustainable growth in sales this year and had recorded RMB 1 Billion (US $165.53 million) turnover out of its cumulative sales orders as of Dec. 4, 2014.
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LEDinside: Highly Profitable UV LED Market Value Reaches US $122M in 2014

The global Ultraviolet (UV) market value in 2014 is estimated to reach US $815 million, in which the UV LED market has about a 15% market share or equivalent to $122 million market value, according to the latest report “2015 LED Demand and Supply Market Outlook” published by LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce. “UV LED single unit prices are usually ten times higher than average LEDs, which is why many LED manufacturers have entered the market, even though it remains a relatively niche sector,” said Joanne Wu, an assistan...
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Philips Lumileds: Global LED Revenue and Technology Trends

LED prices will continue to fall over the next few years, but this is a phase that will probably pass, said Sean Zhou, Regional Marketing Director, Asia, Philips Lumileds at LEDforum 2014, which took place Friday in Taipei, Taiwan. Manufacturers aiming to improve profits will be increasingly turning towards cost-effective technologies, such as flip-chip LEDs.
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Lighting Science Group Corporation Awarded 40th Patent for 2014

"This is the 40th patent granted in 2014,” said CEO Ed Bednarcik. “Our ability to spectrally tune light to deliver proven biological and physiological effect is a game changer that will have dramatic, positive impact on all living things. Our team of lighting engineers is continually finding ways to improve health and wellbeing by innovating and redefining how we use light. It is a huge competitive advantage for us.”
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Apple Rumored to be Releasing 5 Million OLED Display iWatches in Late 2014

Latest Apple iWatch market rumors point towards OLED touchscreens, and health-related data collection ranging from sleep activity to blood oxygen levels, according to a recent Nikkei report.
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Hot Picks of the Week Feb. 17-21

Philips new LED light positioning system for retail applications has caught the market attention this week, with some media noting it can be a contender for Apple’s iBeacon system. Samsung has launched new LED packages for smartphone applications, which will also be applied in its Galaxy S5. Veeco revenue plunges 36% in 2013 compared to a year earlier. Breakthroughs in Mn 4+ red phosphor technology will also be creating new trends in the LED industry. For more please see below:
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Hot Picks of the Week Feb. 10-14

LEDinside team would like to wish all a Happy Valentine’s Day and a merry Lantern Festival. This week more exciting Apple rumors, LEDinside Senior Editor Pinchun Chou latest scoop points to iPhone 6 specs becoming thinner, lighter and wider screened. In addition, the LED specs for the phones will be upgraded as a result of the much slimmer designs. 
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Unity Opto Anticipates LED Industry to Thrive in 2014

Unity Opto Chairman Wu Ching-huei during the company’s year-end celebration on the 13th stated that LED lighting will be a thriving industry in 2014, according to the Economic Daily News. The company’s lighting revenue will double this year with January having the opportunity to increase 30 percent month on month (MoM) in revenue.
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Kingsun Sees Great Potential in LED Market in 2014

Kingsun’s investor relation activity report released on December 30th showed that the company sees great potential in the LED market. Spurred by technological advancements and lowering costs, prices continue to drop. The industry profit levels have declined due to this environment.
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New Products Gross Profit to Play Major Role in Turning Forepi’s Loss into Profit in 2014

Forepi’s LED business hit rock bottom in 2013, said Jian Fengren, Chairman of Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer Forepi. However, the company will benefit from the gradual development of flip chip, HV LED, and package free products in 2014. The addition of injections from rebounding industrial demands will help the company reach its goal of turning the year’s loss into profit. With 10 consecutive quarters of loss, gross profit margin for the first three quarters is still -14.32 percent and legal persons believe improvements of gross profit margin in 2014  will be the key to turning loss into profit.
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LIGHTFAIR International 2014 Features Largest Conference in History

The LIGHTFAIR® International (LFI®) 2014 Conference brings together top lighting and design experts to create the largest Conference in LFI’s 25-year history. The Conference continues as a centerpiece of the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference, which will take place in Las Vegas June 1-5, 2014 (Trade Show: June 3-5; Conference: June 1-5).
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Harvatek Turns Loss to Profit in 2013

Taiwanese package manufacturer Harvatek operational performance strengthened during the second half of 2013. The company hopes profit gain in 3Q13 will carry on into 4Q13, said Billy Wang, Chairman of Harvatek. The company hopes to maintain its profitable performance in 4Q13 , and aims to turnover previous losses to make 2013 a profitable year.
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Sapphire Substrate to Dominate LED Market in 2014

Sapphire substrate application has come a long way from the original usage in military applications in the 1960’s. This year alone has seen some major shifts in application with Apple’s new integration of sapphire substrate into smartphone design. While LEDs and general lighting continue to make up a major chunk of sapphire substrate market share, non-LED application usage has had a dramatic increase this year. Increasing penetration rates for LEDs and rise in non-LED applications, the next few years look bright for sapphire substrate market growth. 
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UBS Gives Outlook for Everlight and Epistar 2014 Market Performance

The LED market for 2014 will see continued growth for the general lighting market and supply shortage of LED chips due to increasing demands from the LED lighting market, according to a recent report from UBS. In the report, the financial service company provides their outlook for Everlight and Epistar 2014 operation performance.
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LEDinside 2014 Backlight / Lighting Level Package / Lighting Market Outlook

4Q13 Silver+ Member Report- Outline Lighting Market Development Trend-Outline Lighting Level Package Market Trend- Product Development and Strategy  Trend One: Rising Commercial, Industrial And Outdoor Lighting Markets
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