Focuses at GILE 2018: Ergonomic Lighting and High power EMC/CSP products

The industry chain of lighting and LED manufacturing were presented in GILE including equipment, chip, packaging, lighting and application. Companies including Cree and Seoul Semiconductor, LEDVANCE, MLS, Refond, HC SemiTek, Everlight, Nationstar, Honglitronic, BMTC, Meanwell and other producers all took part in the event and most exhibitors were companies of packaging and lighting. 
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Osram Launches New LED Chip Products for Fluorescent Tube Replacements

Osram Opto Semiconductors is extending its Duris product portfolio with a compact version without a classic package. The Duris S2 is in the low to middle output range and offers a high typical luminous efficacy of 160 lm/W, excellent color homogeneity and color stability. It is therefore capable of achieving homogeneous illumination in LED products designed as replacements for fluorescent tubes.
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Honglitronic Moves to Expand EMC and COB Application

EMC and COB packaging technology is becoming more common in the LED packaging field, with application volume gradually expanding. 
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Everlight Makes Move Towards EMC and Flip-chip Production

New LED technology and products continue to emerge as lighting demands rise and costs drop. The wave of EMCs, with advantages in Cost/ Performance (C/P), and new flip-chip trends anticipated to continue into 2014. LED package manufacturer Everlight began actively developing EMC products in 2013 and plans to expand production capacity in 2014. The company has also jumped onto the flip-chip technology bandwagon and is currently strategizing a flip-chip supply chain.
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MEW Provided EMC Lead Frame Semi-automated Equipment to Meet LED Cost Performance Requirement

MEW is an injection and molding equipment manufacturer in South Korea, having accessed to the market for over 25 years. From the market demands for BMC and mobile phone application such as Crystal EMC (Sensor Wiring Bonding) and Black EMC (fingerprint recognition for mobile phones), to LED industry's increasingly stringent demands for high-power LEDs (in order to meet LED terminal market cost performance), all of which drove EMC products market demand. LEDinside is honored to interview MEW CEO.
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Mid Power LED EMC/PCT/Flip-Chip Fight for Market Share

With the LED lighting market booming and  LEDs in backlight spec changes, the mid power spec market had taken center stage within the LED industry this year, already surpassing the high power market in initial output value. LED drivers with EMC lead frames can reach 1-2W power output which can supply the mid power and mid/high power LED market. LED package manufacturers are expanding EMC production capacity. After improvements to PCT lead frame materials, LED package manufacturers plan to introduce PCT products into the mid power market. Flip-chip products are also making their way  in the 2014 mid power market.
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