Nobel Laureate Shuiji Nakamura Sees Laser Lighting and Li-Fi the Next Target for LEDs

Shuiji Nakamura, the blue LED inventor and the winner of Nobel Prize in Physics in 2014, visited Taiwan last week and delivered speeches in Taiwan’s National Tsing Hua University and Chung Hsing University, as well as in Micro LED company PlayNitride. Nakamura shared his research experiences in Japan and the U.S. on the way of blue LED development and pointed out the trends and potentials of the LED industry. Shuiji Nakamura was invited to PlayNitride Back in the 1990s, ZnSe was the material that the majority believed to be critical for...
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Oledcomm Brings Li-Fi Closer with Its New LiFiMax Revealed at CES 2019

At this year’s CES event, French Li-Fi company Oledcomm presented its new Li-Fi module, LiFiMAX, which provides high speed internet through invisible light and brings the technology a step forward. Oledcomm released the first ceiling Li-Fi module for information transfer which can offer high speed internet connection of 100Mbps in downlink data rate and 40Mpbs uplink. According to Oledcomm, LiFiMax can provide connection to 16 users simultaneously with coverage of 28 square meters. (Image: Oledcomm) Benjamin Azoulay, president of Oledcomm, explain...
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VLNComm Launches the World's First Li-Fi Lighting Panel

VLNComm, a US-basesd firm focusing on the development of bi-directional Li-Fi, has developed the fastest, most affordable and most innovative Li-Fi LED lighting panel in the industry. Introduced and successfully demonstrated before to more than 500 people at CES 2018, the LumiNex panel is capable of 108Mbps download speeds and when coupled with the LumiStick 2, 53Mbps upload speeds. Coverage is 516 square feet and includes support for 15 users simultaneously all through the use of industry standard white LEDs.
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German School Upgraded with Li-Fi Transmission Technology

Since the beginning of 2017 Fraunhofer HHI is working together with the Hegel-Gymnasium in Stuttgart, Germany, to upgrade a classroom with Visible Light Communication technology (VLC).
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Wipro Lighting and pureLiFi Team Up to Drive LiFi Adoption in Asia

Wipro Lighting, part of Wipro Enterprises (P) Limited and a leading player in lighting in India, has concluded an agreement with pureLiFi - global leaders in LiFi technology and commercialisation, to harness their LiFi technology to develop applications for the wireless communications and lighting market in Asia.
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Philips’ Recent Acquisition of Luciom Could Reveal Its Ambition To Pioneer Li-Fi Development

While the public fixed their eyes on Osram’s deal with the Chinese consortium, another acquisition secretly took place in Europe. Philips, the Dutch lighting giant recently focusing on healthcare technology, last year privately bought Luciom and relocated it from France to Eindhoven, Netherland, reported LEDs Magazine.
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Nobel Laureate Shuji Nakamura Discloses Three Promising Future LED Applications

Japanese Nobel Laureate Shuji Nakamura, known for his invention of blue LED manufacturing technology and several subsequent LED innovations, disclose the history of blue LED and shared with the public his insights concerning the future of the LED industry on 8th Feb. at Academia Sinica. As general lighting has lately come to the stage of maturity, which hindered the LED industry, LED manufacturers are now seeking potential markets where they could recuperate and thrive. In his speech, Nakamura 'illuminated the industry’ by unveiling three future LED applications: Micro-LED, laser lighting, and the Li-fi technology.
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Dubai Companies Aims to Provide City Wide VLC Coverage

Several Dubai-based Visual Light Communication (VLC) companies are working with the aim of making this Middle East city the first in the world to offer Li-Fi coverage, reported Khaleej Times.
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KAUST Laser-based Li-Fi Reaches 2GB Data Speed Transmission Milestone

While Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are now well established technologies, there are several advantages gained by shortening the wavelength of the electromagnetic waves used for transmitting information.
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pureLiFi Secures Series B Financing Round for Commercializing Li-Fi Technology

pureLiFi, the global leader in LiFi technologies, has announced the completion of its Series B Financing Round led by Temasek. The funding will support the development and commercialization of its proprietary cutting-edge LiFi technology that uses modulated LED light to provide wireless communications, with the potential to be significantly faster than current WiFi technology. Harald Haas, the founder of pureLiFi and the “father of LiFi”, said “I am absolutely delighted that this significant step for pureLiFi has been achieved towards unlocking the grand LiFi vision”.
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UAE Telecom Giant Du Tests Li-Fi Technology

The UAE’s largest telecommunication company Du announced it is testing LED-based Li-Fi or Visible Communication Technology (VLC) capable of transferring data at 1 gigabyte per second, reported The National.
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Professor Herald Haas Talks to Indian Government about Benefits of Li-Fi Enabled Solar Panels

Li-Fi inventor Professor Herald Haas from University of Edinburgh, UK has been trying to convince the Indian government about the advantages of using Li-Fi integrated solar panels, according to a recent LiveMint report.
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Apple iOS Code Hints of Integrating Li-Fi Applications in Future Devices

A sharp eyed Twitter user has spotted a code implying Li-Fi functions might be incorporated in later generation Apple iOS, reportedTechRadar and other media.
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Velmenni Plans to Commercialize Li-Fi LED bulbs in Four Years

An Estonian start-up Velmenni in Tallinn is planning to launch a Li-Fi LED bulbs within three to four years, reported BBC.
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Li-Fi Paves a New Future for Lighting

Jules Verne said in Around the World in 80 Days: “Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.” Today, that is truer than ever before. Did you ever think it would be possible to communicate so easily with anyone around the world? Surely not. With what we already know about technology and with what we can imagine, there are limitless possibilities for smart cities and for the marketplace of tomorrow. And while the ideas may seem like a sci-fi fantasy now, the current rate of progress means we’re already on the brink of a totally unexpected future.
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NASA and LVX Systems Team up to Introduce Li-Fi into Space

NASA at the Kennedy Space Center has entered into a partnership with Light Visually Transceiving (LVX) System Corp. to collaborate in developing a potentially ground-breaking technology in electronic communications. Similar to high-speed communication known as Wi-Fi, visible light communication, or VLC, is a wireless method using light-emitting diodes referred to as Li-Fi.
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Data Network Communication at the Speed of Light

In this GE blog entry, Walter Kraus, the chairman of the Li-Fi Consortium, sheds insights on the different Li-Fi technologies available to the market at the moment.
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Acuity Brands Introduces LED Indoor Positioning System for Retailers

Retailers eager to more effectively communicate with in-store shoppers can now use LED lighting to do so, as Acuity Brands announced the commercial availability of its lighting-based ByteLight™ Services for indoor positioning.
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pureLiFi Raises $2.26m for Wireless Li-Fi Networking System

pureLiFi, the light communications technology company that leads the market in research and commercialisation of Li-Fi, has raised £1.5 million (US $2.26 million) in its latest round of investment. Valuing the 2012 University of Edinburgh spin-out at over £14 million, a VC funding round is in process and the company expects to make a related announcement on additional funding during the second half of 2015.
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Shuji Nakamura Projects Laser Diodes to Replace LEDs in the Near Future

Nobel laureate Shuji Nakamura, who was awarded the prestigious science award last year for his blue LED invention, believes laser diodes will eventually become the next mainstream light source, according to a CIO.com report.
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pureLiFi Creates Li-Fi Network with Off-the-Shelf LED Luminaires

pureLiFi, the light communications technology company, has produced the world’s first Li-Fi network by turning off-the-shelf LED light fixtures into wireless access points. The company has produced all the necessary components for the “atto-cellular” communication system that can serve multiple mobile users at the same time (multi-user access), allowing them to move around inside a room or premises while seamlessly connecting to the best serving light bulb (also termed “handover”).
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CEA-LETI: Smartphone Support Crucial to Li-Fi Adoption

Li-Fi, a technology that transmits large quantities of data using blinking LED light signals undetectable to the human eye, was considered a substitute for the radio frequency based Wi-Fi transmission during the technology’s early development stages. Yet, the technology’s applications has gradually evolved since it was created by Harald Haas, a professor at the University of Edinburgh, in 2010.
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CEA-Leti and LUCIOM Focusing on Bidirectional Transceivers for LiFi Applications

CEA-Leti and LUCIOM, which develops visible-light communication using light-emitting diodes (LEDs), have launched a project to develop high-data-rate LiFi transceivers. With this technology, LUCIOMexpects to offer in mid-2015 one of the first high-data-rate bidirectional light-fidelity, or LiFi, products that can work with different LED lighting sources, and on mobile devices.
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Mexican Software Company Sisoft Li-Fi Transmission Reaches 10Gbps

A Mexican software development company Sisoft has caught up with Scottish research team headed by Harald Haas in achieving 10Gbps Internet data transmission using Visible Light Communications (VLC) aka LiFi, according to an Engineering and Technology Magazine report.
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World’s Smallest LED Fitness Tracker Goccia

Major consumer electronic manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and Sony might be battling on the smartwatch front, but for the fashion-conscious the bulky designs have been rather unattractive. Keeping aesthetics in mind, a fairly new U.S.-based company, G-Wearables Team, has launched the world’s smallest LED fitness tracker.
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Li-Fi Makes New Transmission Breakthrough

Harald Haas, Professor at the University of Edinburgh and Chief Science Officer (CSO) and co-founder of pureLiFi, and his team have made another breakthrough in Li-Fi by demonstrating that up to 1.1 gigabit per second (Gbps) can now be transmitted using light waves from micro LEDs over a distance of 10 meters using less than 0.5W power. This is only 5 percent of the power of a typical 10W LED light bulb. 
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Leti’s Li-Fi Prototype an Alternative to Conventional RF Wireless Communications

CEA-Leti will demonstrate its new prototype for wireless high data rate Li-Fi (light fidelity) transmission at Light + Building 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany, March 30-April 4. The technology employs the high-frequency modulation capabilities of light-emitting diode (LED) engines used in commercial lighting
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2013 Review: Smart Lighting Changing the Way We Experience Light

Lighting is no longer just about providing enough light in a given space, but rather about allowing users to both feel and experience light in ways that can benefit their health and mood. LED technology is making es smart lighting possible.
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