LEDinside: Automotive LED Market Value to Reach $ 2.5B by 2018

LED lighting has entered the state of cutthroat battlefield, and manufacturers are seeking new Blue Ocean Strategy. LED automotive lighting has a relatively higher gross margin compared with other traditional LED applications, attracting many Taiwanese LED makers to start planning to enter the automotive-use LED lighting field. Duff Lu, research manager at LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce, indicates that even though automotive-use LED certification periods are long and the entry barrier for entering the supply chain is high, but its overall market revenue from 2014-2018 has a compounded growth rate of 9%. In particular, the daytime running lamp (DRL) and high-low beam headlights (H/L Beam) have compounded annual production values of 21% and 48% respectively; they are two major production applications to be watched. 

LED sees steady growth in overall vehicle lighting application 

The current demands for headlight designs are gradually moving towards aesthetics demands such as smaller sizes and variety in designs. Lighting source is also gradually shifting from traditional light bulbs to LED. “The worldwide automotive-use LED market (combination of before market and after market) is projected to reach US$ 2.5 billion by 2018, with a compounded growth rate of 9% from 2014-2018. In particular the automotive LED market value in before market is projected to reach US$1.9 billion and the automotive LED market value in after market is also forecasted to reach US$620 million,” added Lu. 

H/L Beam see stunning growth in automotive LED segment 

Automotive-use LED marketing presents steady developments, in particular, DRL and H/L Beam growth are the most impressive. These can be attributed to the high-efficiency LED technology advancements. Following the falling LED prices, the automotive-use LED lightings are gradually migrating from the premium to the medium priced car models.  LEDinside projects that automotive LED market value in the H/L beam and fog light applications will reach US$313 million by 2018, with a compounded growth rate of 48% from 2014 to 2018. 

Automotive-use LED market value in Panel Application is gradually reaching the growing phase 

With the rapid growth in demand for GPS, dashboard and other vehicle-use panels, LEDinside forecasts that the automotive LED market value in panel application will also grow from US$ 71 million in 2014 to US$130 million by 2018. Lu indicates that in 2014, worldwide new vehicles with standard equipment included automotive-use panels, have already reached 9%, and is expected to hit 14% by 2018. Given the gradual decline of traditional IT backlight, automotive-use panel’s backlights will become an inevitable battleground amount LED makers. 

Gold Member: 2015 LED Demand and Supply Market


2015 LED Demand Market- Outline

  • Backlight Market Trend
  • Lighting Market Trend
  • Automotive Lighting Market Trend
  • Display Market Trend
  • UV Market Trend

2015 LED Supply Market- Outline

  • Global MOCVD Installation Volume Analysis
  • Chip House Wafer Capacity and Utilization Rates Analysis
  • LED industry supply and demand level varies during 1H14 and 2H14

Backlight Market Trend- Outline

  • Mobile Market Application
  • Medium to Large Sized Backlight Market
  • Backlight LED Quarterly Market Value And Volume By Applications

Lighting Market Trend- Outline

  • LED Lighting Still at High Growth Phase in 2014-2018
  • Standard & Mid Power LEDs Become Mainstream in Lighting Market
  • 2835 and 3030 LEDs Most Price Competitive in Standard- and Mid-Power LED Market
  • 2835 LED, 5630 LED, 3030 LED, COB (Price Analysis / BOM Cost Analysis)
  • Different LED Luminaires Corresponding LED Components

Automotive Lighting Market Trend- Outline

  • Automotive Lighting Market Segment
  • Automotive Parts Supply Chain
  • Genuine Parts and Aftermarket Parts Market Focus
  • Interior Automotive lighting- (Cluster, CID)
  • Buttons With Different Functions Are Being Integrated Into the LCD Panel To Match the Vehicle’s Interior Decoration
  • CID Product Simpler Design Trends
  • LCD Panels Are Starting to Be Introduced into Automobile Clusters
  • Interior Automotive Lighting Market Size And Trends.
  • LED Market Value in OE Market: DRL and H/L Beam Reports Soaring Growth
  • LED Market Value in Aftermarket: DRL and Panel Have Shown the Best Performance
  • Automotive Media Demands Have Made Panel a Highlight in Interior Automotive Lighting

 Display Market Trend- Outline

  • Chinese Enterprises Have Great Advantages in Display Industry, Increasing Domestic Production Yearly
  • 2014 Global Display Market Share- Finished Product
  • Small Pitch Display Has Great Advantages, With Various Potential Application Fields
  • Supply Chain of Small Pitch Display
  • Small Pitch LED Display Spurs a New Market Demand
  • M&A is the Main Way of Display Manufacturer‘s Revolution and Expansion

UV Market Trend- Outline

  • What is UV?
  • Five Major UV Applications
  • UV Market Applications
  • Why is UV LED Getting Popular?
  • UV Market Scale and Analysis
  • UV-A Package Types and Market Applications
  • UV-A Product Specification and Application Requirement
  • UV-A Player List
  • UV-A Player Progress

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