LEDinside: 8K High Resolution Generation Is Coming, Micro LED TV Market Trend and Challenges

According to LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, latest “2018 Micro LED Next Generation Display Technology Market Report- 4Q18 Micro LED TV Market and Technology Challenge Analysis”, 4K TV market share will reach to 51% and 8K TV market share will achieve 10% in 2023, which means high resolution panel will be hit in the future. Compared with OLED TV, Micro LED TV will be much easier to meet the high resolution, high brightness and high reliability. However, a lot of technology challenges remains to be conquered.

Micro LED TV production technology bottleneck

Backplane drive technology: With the development of 2K, 4K and 8K, the chip of Micro LED has become smaller. Because Micro LED needs high electron mobility and high wiring to achieve high resolution, backplane application will focus on LTPS and IGZO.

Mass transfer technology: There are four major technologies: pick and place technology, fluidic assembly technology, laser printing technology and roller printing technology. The transfer technology developed by different transfer companies will be different. The main reason is that different application products are suitable for different transfer technologies.

Full color technology: Currently, there are color conversion and RGB chip technology, and RGB chip technology is more widely used.

Micro LED display splicing technology: Due to differences in color and brightness between different regions and modules, it is necessary to make corrections with image correction technology to improve the display effect.

LEDinside analyzed the technology challenges and cost of Micro LED TV to in October 2018. If you need detail information, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!

4Q18 Micro LED TV Market and Technology Challenge Analysis

TV Display Specification and Trend Analysis

TV Light Source Classification
2018-2023 TV Light Source Distribution
2018-2023 Self-Emission TV Market Trend Analysis
TV Panel Development With High Resolution
TV Panel Development With Large Size
Retail Price Analysis of Various TV Sizes
Future Micro LED TV Specification Development Trend

Micro LED TV Technology and Challenge

TV Commercialization Challenge - Technology Barrier
Commercialization Challenge- Specification Improvement
Resolution Limited by Different Backplane Technologies
High Resolution Challenge- Drive Application
Resolution Challenge-Backplane Line Width V.S Mobility
Resolution Challenge-Backplane Power Consumption V.S Mobility
Miniaturization To Reach High Resolution and High PPI
Micro LED Module Splicing Technology Makes Large-Sized TV
Large-Sized TV Challenge- Glass Backplane V.S PCB Backplane
Large-Sized TV Challenge- Limit of Production Process
Large-Sized TV Challenge- Warpage of PCB Backplane
PCB Technology Challenge Analysis For Micro LED Display
Large-Sized TV Challenge- Image Difference of Stitching Technology
Large-Sized TV Challenge- Image Stitching Solution
Mass Transfer Technologies in Response to Chip Miniaturization
Micro LED TV Product Application Specification
Comparison on Transfer Technology Used for Micro LED TV
Comparison on UPH of Transfer Technologies

Analysis Transfer Technologies of Varied Micro LED TV Specification

Challenges Facing Micro LED TV – Full Color Technology Categories
Challenge Facing Micro LED TV – QD Color Conversion Technology
Challenge Facing Micro LED TV – RGB Chip Colorization Technology
Micro LED TV Full Color Technology Trend Analysis

Challenge Factors Analysis on TV Products

Micro LED TV Cost and Selling Price Analysis
Challenges on Micro LED in Automotive Display Products

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