Samsung launches its first Micro LED TV in India

Samsung has launched its massive 110-inch Micro LED TV in India. The new TV carries a price tag of a whopping INR 11,499,000 (around $139,103), which means only a few elite consumers can buy it. It is the South Korean firm’s biggest TV ever, and it uses the next-generation Micro LED display technology for perfect picture quality. Samsung Micro LED TV features Micro LED is a new technology that offers the best of LCD and OLED technologies. It means it has brightness levels and reliability similar to LCD TVs while maintaining OLED...
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Samsung Unveils Cutting-Edge 89-Inch Micro LED TV in Korean Market

SEOUL, July 23 (Korea Bizwire) — Samsung Electronics announced on Sunday the launch of its latest 89-inch micro light-emitting diode (LED) model in the Korean market. Priced at 130 million won (US$100,980), this 89-inch Micro LED TV has already been introduced in China back in April, and now it’s ready to captivate the Korean consumers. Back in April, Samsung wowed audiences at AWE, China’s largest consumer electronics exhibition, held at the prestigious Shanghai New International Expo Center, by showcasing the revolutionary 89-...
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Everything you need to know about Samsung's R3 million Micro LED TV

Samsung 110" Micro LED TV (Supplied) Samsung Electronics recently launched its Micro LED TV, costing between R1.4 million and R3 million. The ultra-premium TV is available in sizes that range from 76” to 126” and offers a state-of-the-art display, life-like colours, and advanced sound quality, says Samsung. Samsung has partnered with Cinema Architects in Kramerville, Sandton, where people can buy the TV. For more stories, visit the Tech and Trends homepage.  Samsung Electronics recently launched its new ultra-premi...
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Samsung Electronics Unveils its ultra-premium Micro LED TV in South Africa

Samsung Electronics Unveils its ultra-premium Micro LED TV in South Africa The Micro LED TV is the pinnacle of display technology The TV offers exceptional picture quality thanks to 25 million micrometer-sized LEDs It comes with the latest advancements in picture quality, sound technology and smart features Samsung Electronics has unveiled its newest and ultra-premium Micro LED TV with prices ranging from R1.4 million up to R3 million, available in screen sizes from 76” up to 126”. With advancements in picture and sound qualit...
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LG Adds Micro LED TV Product for Commercial Applications

LG Electronics has added the category of Micro LED to its Business Solution website with its Micro LED display product available for inquiry. The Micro LED TV, named LSAB009 by the company, is a 163-inch 4K screen with a pixel pitch of 0.9mm based on COB technology. (Image: LG) The Micro LED TV of LG delivers a peak brightness of 1,200 nits and typical brightness of 600 nits. The peak contrast ratio achieves 100,000:1 and the max ratio 50,000:1. LG has yet announced the release date of the product but some source said it would start shipping i...
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LG and Samsung Continue Their Competition in the Display Industry

LG and Samsung have been competing in the field of display, showcasing their novel display technology in international fairs one after another. Samsung revealed “the Wall,” the 146-inch Micro LED modular TV at the CES event in the beginning of the year and by the end of August, LG introduced its 173-inch Micro LED TV at the IFA. Aside from Micro LED, the two companies also fought against each other in the high-end TV market by releasing large sized OLED TVs. The two Korean electronics giants have both revealed their financial results fo...
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LEDinside: 8K High Resolution Generation Is Coming, Micro LED TV Market Trend and Challenges

According to LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, latest “2018 Micro LED Next Generation Display Technology Market Report- 4Q18 Micro LED TV Market and Technology Challenge Analysis”, 4K TV market share will reach to 51% and 8K TV market share will achieve 10% in 2023, which means high resolution panel will be hit in the future. Compared with OLED TV, Micro LED TV will be much easier to meet the high resolution, high brightness and high reliability. However, a lot of technology challenges remains to be conquered.
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Mini LED Applications to be Launched in 2019 and Micro LED Displays in 2021

Mini LED is one of the key technologies for 2019 and will be making its way into the displays of consumer electronics. On the other hand, Micro LED technology, which has been on the spotlight in the recent years, is expected to be applied on displays in the market by 2021, according to the forecast of LEDinside.
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Micro LED Applications Released before 4Q18

The development of Micro LED technology has been a focal point in the industry with worldwide manufacturers continuously reporting their progress and revealing new breakthroughs and applications in 2018. Many leading brands have showcased or launched their latest Micro LED technologies and applications. As the third quarter of the year will soon end, LEDinside has collected the updated Micro LED applications released until now and would like to share the integrated information with the readers. 
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LG to Showcase 175 Inch Micro LED TV at IFA, Says Korean Media

Industry sources have leaked in February that LG planned to release its first Micro LED TV in September. LG Electronics will reportedly launch its Micro LED TV at the IFA electronics trade show in Germany, according to a report from The Investor. 
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Samsung Electronics Expects OLED Panel Sales to Increase in 2Q18

Samsung Electronics posted KRW 60.56 trillion in consolidated revenue and KRW 15.64 trillion in operating profit for the first quarter of 2018.
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Samsung Researching Possibility of Combining Quantum Dot Technology with Micro LED TVs

The head of Samsung Visual Display expressed that Samsung Electronics has been researching methods to apply quantum dot technologies to its Micro LED TV.
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Samsung to Release New Modular Micro LED TVs in 2018

The sentiment is heating up in the high-end TV market as more rumors about Korean suppliers’ next-generation TVs came out. By the end of 2018, Samsung Electronics will release new-generation Micro LED TVs and the price could be as high as USD 300,000. Also, LG Electronics will start the global distribution of its new OLED TVs featuring its own AI platform DeepThinQ.
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LG Display to Rival Samsung in Micro LED TV Space

TV makers, especially Samsung and LG Display, are scrambling for changes and quality upgrades for their products. In 2018, the focus of the competition between the two Korean display manufacturers will shift from QLED vs. OLED to Micro LED.
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Samsung to Launch Micro LED and QLED TVs in March

Samsung will be hosting a product launch event in New York. The announcement draws the world’s attention for Samsung did not unveil all the new TVs at CES 2018 and it is considering some changes to its product strategies.
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Samsung Unveils “The Wall,” the World’s First Modular MicroLED 146-inch TV

Samsung Electronics today introduced “The Wall” – the world’s first consumer modular MicroLED 146-inch TV – at its annual First Look CES event. The modular, self-emitting MicroLED 146” TV display was featured alongside Samsung’s latest innovations in display technology, demonstrating how television is evolving to offer consumers an outstanding viewing experience, while acting as a centralized connected smart hub to enhance everyday life.
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