The CAGR of Global Horticultural Lighting and Stadium Lighting Market are Expected to Achieve 30% and 16% respectively in 2018-2022, Which are Higher than General Lighting Market

LED Plant Lighting Will Reach USD 633 Million in 2022

LED plant lighting market scale reaches about USD 224 Million in 2018, and the market scale of LEDs for plant lighting is about USD 58.5 Million. LEDinside estimates that the market scale of LED plant lighting and LEDs will rapidly grow to USD 633 Million and 151 Million by 2022, with CAGR of 30% and 27% during 2018-2022 respectively.

In 2017, Europe takes up 35% of the global LED plant lighting market, as manufacturers gradually set up plant factories in Europe, in addition, the governments of the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and other European regions actively advocate the establishment of plant factory and announce related subsidy policies to stimulate local market demand, which enable European market achieving increasing market share, reaching 37% in 2018, which is the regional market taking up the largest proportion.

The main crops planted in European plant factories are tomatoes, leaf vegetables (such as beets) and herb plants.

Rich and delicious varieties in Netherlands are very popular and customer demand in Netherlands tomato rose dramatically. Besides, major tomato producers in Netherlands are respectively Duijvestijn, Rijk Zwaan and Incotec. Among them, Duijvestijn ranks No.1, possessing production area of 15 hectares per year with capacity reaching 10 million kg. Growing tomato needs the cooperation with agriculture science and technology. For instance, Priva develops an automatic water charging and climate control system. As for lighting, Philips Lighting (Signify) is the major lighting manufacturer in Netherlands.

Tomato doesn’t require specific photoperiod. Yet, it needs higher illuminance. The proper illuminance is 40,000-70,000Lux, more than 80,000Lux or less than 10,000Lux aren’t good for growth. Tomato is thermophilic vegetable. Generally, the temperature range of 15-35℃ is suitable for tomato growth. The most suitable temperature is 20-30℃. When tomato is transplanted, and planted, consistent size of seedling is required. Reducing the shading between plants can increase the sunshine of tomato.

Tomato’s requirements for the number of hours of illumination aren’t strict. Yet, the best is 16 hours of light per day.

Global LED Stadium Lighting Market Will Achieve USD 1.563 billion in 2022

As all countries and regions around the world attach increasing attention to sport industry, and the cost performance of LED lighting improves rapidly, LED sport lighting will face with rapid development, it is estimated that the global LED stadium lighting market scale reaches USD 673 Million in 2017 and USD 1563 Million in 2022, growing faster than general LED lighting.

OLED Lighting Market Will be up to USD 191 million in 2021

According to LEDinside, OLED lighting market scale is expected to reach USD191 million in 2021, witnessing an average annual growth rate of 1.07%.

Although the high cost and limited lifespan of OLED technology make the increase of penetration rate become quite hard, with technological breakthrough, OLED lighting grows rapidly. Besides the rise of environmental awareness among the general public and the increasing requirements for lighting integration of life and art, white OLED is likely to become the next-gen lighting. In addition, the four leading companies of OLED lighting industry in 2018 are LGD, Acuity Brands, Konica Minolta and OLEDWorks. 

LEDinside 2018 Silver Member Report- 3Q18 Horticultural Lighting, Stadium Lighting, and OLED Lighting Market Report

Release Date: Quarterly (Jan., Apr. Jul. Oct.)
Languages: Traditional Chinese / English
Format: PDF

I Horticultural Lighting Market Trend

Horticultural Lighting Market Trend

  • 2018-2022 Plant Lighting Market Scale
  • Greenhouses v.s. Vertical Farms- Lighting Requirement
  • 2017-2018 Analysis of Global LED Plant Lighting- by Regions
  • 2017-2018 Analysis of Global LED Plant Lighting- by Regions
  • 2018-2022 LED Market Volume for Plant Lighting- by Power
  • 2018-2022 LED Market Value for Plant Lighting- by Color Chip
  • 2018-2022 LED Market Volume for Plant Lighting- by Color Chip
  • Analysis on Specification of Plant Lighting LEDs from Major Manufacturers

Optical Principle of Horticultural Lighting

  • Influence on Wavelength to Plant Growth
  • Influence on Light Quality to Plant Growth
  • Equipment Needed for Horticultural Lighting

Horticultural Lighting Segment Market Development

  • Horticultural Lighting ----Main Crop Growth Requirement and Business Opportunity
  • Global Mainstream Horticulture Distribution

European Horticultural Lighting Market

  • News of European Horticultural Lighting
  • Major European Crops’ Lighting Requirement
  • European Horticultural Lighting Market- Tomato
  • European Tomato Lighting Supply Chain

U.S. Horticultural Lighting Market

  • Ten Global Marijuana-Growing Countries
  • Top Five Global Marijuana-Growing Countries and North America Marijuana Market Scale

North American Lighting Market Trend

  • North American Horticultural Lighting Market- Marijuana
  • America Marijuana Lighting Supply Chain and Industry Trend
  • Top 30 North American Marijuana Growers

Asia Horticultural Lighting Market

  • Asian Horticultural Lighting Market- Ginseng
  • Asian Horticultural Lighting Market- Edible Mushrooms
  • Asian Horticultural Lighting Market-Growing Strawberry

Horticultural Lighting Market Supply and Player Movement

  • OSRAM Licht AG Acquired Fluence, Expanding Horticultural Lighting Solution Capability
  • Nichia Turns Vegetables into Medicinal Plants with LED Lighting
  • Mitsubishi Chemical Cooperates with Jingdong to Build Plant Factories
  • Sanan Sino-Science Invests in Plant Factory Construction

II Stadium Lighting Market Trend

  • 2018-2022 Global Stadium LED Lighting Market Scale
  • 2018-2019 Analysis of Global LED Stadium Lighting by Regions
  • General Stadium Lighting Supply Chain
  • European Stadium Lighting Regulation and Requirement ---- Lighting & CRI Requirements
  • European Stadium Lighting Regulation and Requirement -----Television Broadcast Requirement

III OLED Lighting Market Trend

  • 2018-2021 OLED Lighting Market Scale Estimation
  • OLED Lighting Advantage Analysis
  • OLED Lighting Challenge Analysis
  • OLED Market Challenge
  • Micro LED Potential Opportunity
  • 2018 Major Manufacturers Trend- Market Share
  • 2018 Major Manufacturers Trend and Product
  • OLED Panel Light Product Specification
  • OLED Lighting Market Opportunity and Challenge- Conclusion

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