Bernd Kammerer:LED Lighting and LED Backlight Will Be the Strongest Driving Force of EVERLIGHT’s Development in 2009

Interview with Bernd Kammerer — EVERLIGHT’s General Manager of Sales and Marketing Business Group:LED Lighting and LED Backlight Will Be the Strongest Driving Force of EVERLIGHT’s Development in 2009

To get some knowledge about the developing strategy and product planning of EVERLIGHT Electronic, the largest LED packager in Taiwan, LEDinside has recently paid a visit to Bernd Kammerer, the company’s new General Manager of Sales and Marketing Business Group. 

In 2009, EVERLIGHT’s growing momentum comes from two parts, LED lighting and LED backlight. In the former part, the company plans to continue cooperating with downstream manufacturers in mainland China, in order to compete for the opportunities in streetlight bids and outdoor lighting field. And in the latter part, with major manufacturers all introducing LED backlight to NBs and TVs, EVERLIGHT is also prepared with various specifications of products to follow the trend.


Bernd Kammerer — EVERLIGHT’s General Manager of Sales and Marketing Business Group

Cooperation with local manufacturers to enter the LED lightning accesses and bidding markets in mainland China

To enter the LED lighting accesses and bidding markets in mainland China via cooperation with local manufacturers.

EVERLIGHT has recently entered a partnership with Shanghai Yaming Lighting CO., LTD. via such cooperation with local lighting companies, the company expects to enter the bidding market of LEDs in mainland China.

To show its resolution to establish its brand in the end market accesses in China, EVERLIGHT will release one or two more joint venture plans in the near future.

The SL-Dolphin series is the industry’s first LED streetlight solution that provides multiple lighting options

Kammerer said that the LED streetlight market features immense potential under the boost of China government’s “Ten Thousands of LED Streetlights in Ten Cities” project. In the U.S., there are also 46 cities which are planning to launch LED streetlight installation projects.

EVERLIGHT is already offering 60 to 70 pilot projects in progress, the locations including mainland China, Europe, the U.S, etc. And the clients are mainly local governments and power companies.

The company has introduced the SL-Dolphin LED series, which is the first LED streetlight in the industry that provides multiple lighting options. The series now come in Phoenix, Trex and Venus three lighting types, respectively best choice for applications in Type IV, Type III and Type II. The products are suitable for street width ranging from 6m to 12m, which satisfys requirements of different road conditions. At present, the company has developed 7 models of different specifications, with the power ranging from 48W to 150W, and plans to develop the 180W model in the future. The SL-Dolphin currently has a luminous efficacy of around 60Lm/W, and has received several safety certificates in Taiwan, mainland China, Europe and the U.S.

In addition to streetlight products, the company will also release other Energy Star standard lighting products by the end of July. The new products are expected to be seen in the major exhibits during the later half of 2009.

Figure-1 EVERLIGHT Dolphin LED Streetlight Characteristics

High power LED components to be developing in two directions: high efficiency and high color rendering index

There are two trends in EVERLIGHT’s high power LED products this year: high efficiency and high CRI (color rendering index). The typical value of the latest high power, high efficiency LED product reaches 100Lm, and the luminous efficiency is 80Lm/W(CRI75%). The high CRI product released this year has its CRI above 90%, with the color temperature under 3000K, and a luminous efficacy of 50Lm/W.

As to AC LED part, there are currently 2~4W AC LED products, with the luminous efficacy to be 65lm/W and 55Lm/W for cool white 5650K model and warm white 3200K model respectively. The products will be exhibited at Photonics Festival in Taiwan 2009 in June, and are scheduled to enter mass production in July.

Figure-2 EVERLIGHT High Power LED Characteristics

Applications in NBs and TVs will be the driving force for the LED backlight market growth

According to Kammerer, the backlight market will become one of Everlight’s major driving force, especially when LED NB back light has shown strong growth momentum this year. It is estimated that the penetration rate of LED NB will reach 70~80% by the end of 2009, and a full year increase of 50%.

As for the LED TV, Samsung is the most active promoter of the product at present. Everlight will also start co-operation with TV brand LG in the second quarter of this year. Advanced technology and considerable production capacity have enabled Everlight to join in the supply chain of Korean TV brands.

In the back light segment, Everlight has launched two brand-new types of SMD backlight packaging components: 99-211 and 62-127, both targeting at NBs and TVs. 9-211 is side view SMD LED, with luminous intensity up to 2200 mcd, which can not only be used in NBs but also in mobile backlight and so on. Unlike the former one, 62-127 is top view SMD LED, its luminous intensity up to 7200mcd, featured with high flux output and high current withstand capacity, which will be applied to LED TV backlight.

Viewpoint of LEDinside

Everlight has been seeking new strategies and opportunities for cooperation this year. Regarding patents, the company has come to a patent cross license agreement with OSRAM, which will help advance its development in areas like lighting and vehicle appliances. In the lighting market, Everlight has joined hands with Shanghai Yaming, the largest lighting company in mainland China. With the patent resolution and added channel, Everlight will have further growth in the lighting market.

However, though currently Taiwan’s No.1 LED packager, Everlight has also experienced LED chip shortage amid widening supply gap of blue LED chips since the second quarter of the year, which the company believed to be continuing till the end of the third quarter. The good thing is that Everlight suffers less impact than its peers as it maintains long-term partnership with upstream chip makers, Epistar and Cree.

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