MaxLite Introduces Merak LED Roadway Street Light Fixtures to Diversify DLC-Qualified Products

MaxLite, a leading global manufacturer and marketer of award-winning MaxLED luminaires and lamps, added Merak LED Roadway Street Light fixtures to its growing roster of DesignLights Consortium (DLC)-qualified products. The performance- and style-driven streetlights are ideal for illuminating streets, roadways, pedestrian walkways, bikeways and parking lots in parks, corporate and school campuses for departments of transportation, utility providers, and municipality and interstate market segments. The DLC-qualified models include 120-, 180-, 210-, 240-, 270- and 300-wa...
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Cree Announces Industry's First $99 LED Residential Street Light

Cree announced an industry-changing technology breakthrough for the LED street lighting market. The XSPR LED Residential Street Light delivers better lighting while consuming over 65 percent less energy at an initial cost as low as $99 for common applications. The new Cree XSPR street light is the ideal replacement for municipalities and cities using outdated high-pressure sodium fixtures up to 100 watts and can deliver payback in less than one year. “With the low initial price of the XSPR street light and the dramatic energy savings, wholesale replacement ...
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Spark LED Street Light in Japan

Spiritual civilization is based on the material, and the entertainment industry in Japan can be traced back to 1920’s. In Japan, the entertainment industry has a very long history; it occupies a huge domestic market and develops steadily. In addition, since streets in Japan are narrow, various entertainment venues along the streets on both sides are dizzying. Spark LED Street Light enjoys great popularity among entertainment in Japan with its high quality and excellent performance. As the photo shows to us, the perfect lighting effect also reflects the development of...
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Falmouth Participates in LED Street Light Conversion Project

Falmouth selectmen voted on June 17 on whether to participate in the Cape Light Compact’s LED Street Light Conversion Project, converting existing 2,900 street lights in Falmouth into LED street lights.   Before the vote, CLC Program Manager Kevin Galligan said that Falmouth has more street lights than any other community in the Cape and Islands. In February, there were eight LED street lights installed in some place of Falmouth as a demonstration project, which were well received. If LED street lights are successfully installed throughout th...
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Rajkot ,Philips Implemented Rs 2.3-Crore LED Street Light Project

With the inauguration of Rs 2.3-crore LED street-lighting project of Rajkot Urban Development Authority (RUDA) by state Energy Minister Saurabh Patel, it became operational from April 14  evening. The project has been implemented by Philips Electronics India Limited. RUDA has installed more than 400 LEDs to light up around Six kilometers long stretch of a four-lane road connecting Rajkot with Metoda GIDC (Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation) on the western outskirts of the city. "We have made only the capital expenditure of Rs 2...
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EOI introduces the new Modular LED street light at Intertraffic Amsterdam

The design of EOI’s new Modular LED street light delivers over 85 lm/w fixture efficacy and excellent uniformity to the roadway illumination with great comfort and safety to the drivers and pedestrians. Excellence Opto, Inc. (EOI), a pioneer of SSL energy saving technology since 1995, is a vertical integrated manufacturer from optical, mechanical, electrical and thermal design engineering to manufacturing. EOI is pleased to introduce the new Modular™ LED street light at the Intertraffic Amsterdam and the coming Lightfair in Las Vegas. This superio...
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Spark LED Street Light Lighten Stockholm Parking Space in Sweden

Here is the project carried by our Swedish customer, this project located in housing association parking space outside of Stockholm.   We use spark SPL-M40 in this parking area, customer loves the design our mini street light very much, because it can mount directly in the pole without pole arm, the base is adjustable from 0-90 degree. Because of high latitude in Sweden, so it is very cold in winter and often snows. It will become a kingdom of snow and ice in winter. Ice skating, alpine skiing and other snow ice related projects are people dedicated activities.   ...
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Intervew with William Lee, President of Kingsun Optoelectronics: Uniform LED street light standards should be established

With strong support from China’s government in several LED street lighting projects, the LED lighting market holds tremendous business potential in the country and abroad. At the 7th China International Exhibition And Forum on Solid State Lighting (CHINA SSL 2010), LEDinside recently interviewed William Lee, President of the leading LED lighting company Kingsun Optoelectronics Co., Ltd, to learn about the company’s production capacity and the progress of LED street light standards.
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Cleveland City Council Approves Controversial Lighting Plan to seek Bids for LED Street Light Project and Manufacturing Plant in City

Cleveland City Council has approved a controversial plan to buy millions of dollars worth of LED lights for the city. The city will ask for bids from companies to provide the lights, in exchange for locating its plant here, but not everyone is sold on this idea. The city's mayor, Frank Jackson, previously attempted to make a deal with a chinese company for the exclusive contract in exchange for opening a manufacturing plant. However, the city council required that there be a competitive bidding process for the contract.
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The Road to Energy Savings: GE Introduces New, Award-Winning Cobrahead LED Street Light

GE Lighting Solutions leads an LED charge with its expansion in the roadway lighting segment: the new Evolve(TM) LED R150 Cobrahead luminaire features an advanced LED optical system that provides improved horizontal and vertical uniformity, reduced glare and improved lighting control.
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Leotek introduces the GreenCobra LED street light

The sustainable design of the GreenCobra™ innovatively combines a traditional form with next generation proven performance capabilities.
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PG&E Approves Sunovia’s LED Cobra Head Street Light for Inclusion in Rebate Program

California customers can now save more money by converting to EvoLucia™ LED Lighting Sunovia Energy Technologies announced today that its EvoLucia™-brand 75W LED cobra head has been sanctioned by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) for inclusion in PG&E’s LED Street Light Rebate Program.
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Unilumin LED street light has passed UL certification.

To identify the high quality of Unilumin LED lights and approach better the USA LED light market, Unilumin Group Co., Ltd ( with its former name Shenzhen Unilumin Technology Co., Ltd.) has involved in UL testing process for LED street light since the end of last year. And from the latest news published by UL on Jan. 19th,2010, Unilumin has passed the authentic certification successfully.
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Dialight: New LED Street Light delivers multiple benefits for owners and citizens

Dialight launches the StreetSENSE™ SL Series LED Street Light as a highly energy-efficient and ‘green’ alternative to the conventional Street Lighting solutions that are now required to be replaced as a result of government mandates.
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Everlight LED Street Light Takes Technology Spotlight

Combining High Luminosity and High Luminaire Efficiency, Everlight’s SL-Dolphin Street Light Series Wins「iF design award china 2009」、「EDN China Innovation Award 2009」and 「Taiwan Outstanding Photonics Product Awards 2009」 this year.
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On the design and key elements of LED streetlights

In recent years, cross-strait development of various types of LED streetlights have been booming, particularly in 2008, when Taiwan and China both initiated several LED streetlight demonstration projects, spurring the growth momentum of LED industry.
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Philips Unveiled Light Blossom, an Innovative LED Street Lighting

One years ago, Philips announced Light Blossom, it transforms the personality of any community from industrial to ecological, harmonizing forces of nature and working with the planet, not against it. Light Blossom collects its own energy from the sun and wind by transforming its appearance throughout the day. At night, its efficient LEDs beam light only where needed - and only when needed - through proximity sensing.
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China Demands Less Than 30K LED Street Lights in 2009

According to the statistics of industry research institute LEDinside, China’s overall demand for LED street lights in 2009 is around 30 thousand units, far less than the number the market had expected at the beginning of 2009. The main reason is that street light standards have not been established, and the quality and quantity of LED street lights still have yet to stand the test of time. As a result, the aspect which the government’s policy supports is starting to change from outdoor lighting to indoor lighting.
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Xodtec LED Street Light Receives Chinese Certification

Xodtec Group USA, Inc. announced today that its Apollo series 180W LED streetlight product line has recently completed testing at the National Lighting Test Center (NLTC) in Beijing, China.  The test report indicates that the total lighting lumen of Apollo series 180W LED streetlight is 9800lm with power factor 0.97, which makes this product one of the most efficient LED street lighting systems in the world.
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Magnalight.com Adds LED T-Series Style Stainless Steel Light for Class 1 Division 2 Areas

Furthering extending a wide range of explosion proof and hazardous location lighting, Larson Electronics Magnalight announced the addition of a T-series LED tube based stainless steel light fixture.
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Luna Street Launches High Tech Eco-Friendly Luna Eyes LED Solar Street Light

Luna Street, a division of the Luna Road Company that specializes in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of the new high-tech, Eco-Friendly Luna Road Lights; has recently unveiled their new Luna Eyes Solar Street Light.
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SemiLEDs Delivers LEDs for Street Lighting to ITRI

SemiLEDs announced today that it has entered into a joint cooperation with Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to initiate a pilot program to convert part of ITRI’s campus street lamps from metal halide into LED systems.
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DOE Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium

To leverage the efforts of multiple cities pursuing evaluations of LED street lighting products, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced the formation of a Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium. The Consortium will collect, analyze, and share technical information and experiences related to LED street lighting demonstrations.  
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Welland, Canada, Issued Request for Proposal for LED Street Light Conversion

The City of Welland, Ontario, Canada, has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for switching all the street lighting in the city to LEDs. This is a first in the preparation of municipal, provincial or state RFPs or tenders in Canada that calls specifically for LED lighting. The RFP and tender calls for the replacement of 5903 street lights and an on-hand inventory of 97, making this a 6000-unit project over 3 years. The closing date is Monday July 6. Further details can be found on the City of Welland website.
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Bernd Kammerer:LED Lighting and LED Backlight Will Be the Strongest Driving Force of EVERLIGHT’s Development in 2009

Interview with Bernd Kammerer — EVERLIGHT’s General Manager of Sales and Marketing Business Group:LED Lighting and LED Backlight Will Be the Strongest Driving Force of EVERLIGHT’s Development in 2009
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Combining High Luminosity and High Luminaire Efficiency, Everlight’s 150W SL-Dolphin Street Lights Wins「Outstanding Photonics Product Awards 2009」

Everlight Electronics Co. Ltd (TSE:2393) recently introduced the SL-Dolphin Street Light series, following two years of research and development. The product series offers a very wide range of characteristics making it best in class, and adds to the growing portfolio of lighting modules from Everlight. This summer, the SL-Dolphin Street Light series was named the 12th most「Outstanding Photonics Product Awards 2009」from PIDA (Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association Taiwan).
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Interview with Cree’s General Manager of Business Development in China: Choosing Good Lights, Making Good Lights

LEDinside has recently interviewed Tung Guoqing, Cree Inc.’s general manager of Business Development in China, also authorized representative of Shanghai photoelectricity industry association and director of Chinese semiconductor lighting committee. Either on behalf of the lighting committee, or as Cree’s representative in China, manager Tang has shared with us the most valuable insights in the illumination industry and LED market in China.  
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Delta Step up into Global LED Streetlight Market

Aiming at the global LED streetlight market, Delta Electronics Inc. of Taiwan has set to strive for contract production orders this year with efforts of all its 27 overseas sales outlets scattering in mainland China, Japan and Europe.
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Taiwan LED Street Lamp Manufactures 2009

The year 2009 has been expected to be the year of the rapid expanding of LED street light market. At present, the LED street light plans have been launched in batches in many cities in China. In Taiwan, because of the increased budget in domestic demand, such plans have also been released. The U.S. and Europe have also begun to adopt LED street lights in large scales. All these are efforts to replace the traditional street lights and to use solar energy, wind force and other recyclable energy types to aid the street illumination in areas of short electricity supply.
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Features on LED Street Lamp: 4 Trillion RMB Domestic Demand Stimulation Project Budget Lights The LED Street Lamps in China

With the global economy stepping down sharply, China is still under the pressure of keeping Economic Growth Rate no less than 8% this year, which has been indicated a tough challenge by many signs. In the end of last year, the State Council of China urgently put forward the Ten Measures to Increase the Domestic Demand and Promote Economy Growth, planning to devote a total amount of 4 trillion RMB, about 5,860 billion U.S dollars, to stimulate the economy growth, and half of the budget will be devoted into infrastructure construction.
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Tokushima, Japan – 25 January 2023: Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, is pleased to announce the additions of the NVSW719AC and NVSW219C-V2 to its industry standard ce... READ MORE

Pro9™ LEDs set the new standard for high fidelity (90 & 95 CRI min) LEDs   15% higher efficacy for 90 & 95 CRI LEDs 90 CRI light quality at 80 CRI LPW 95 CRI light quality at 90 CRI LPW Upgrade light quality without sacrific... READ MORE