WELLMAX: LED Bulb to be More Intelligent & Healthy and Commitment Makes Success

In recent years, as LED industry enjoys rapid growth, market competition gets increasingly furious. Large enterprises move forward in varied ways such as border-crossing integration, devotion to segment markets and extension of industrial chain. Yet, Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX), regarded as the LED Bulb Expert, stands out among them. The company has been in the industry for 31 years and has dedicated to producing LED bulb.

WELLMAX received global attentions on 2018 exhibitions

How will LED bulbs advance in an era when smart lighting develops dramatically? How does WELLMAX make solid progress in such an intensely competitive market? For a better understanding, LEDinside was honored to interview Eric Zhou, the vice president of WELLMAX and vice secretary of Solid State Lighting Alliance (CSA) on the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) with an aim to learn more about his insights on LED industry and WELLMAX’s key to success.

Eric Zhou, the vice president of WELLMAX and vice secretary of CSA

iDREAM Series is the Focus, and LED Bulb Product to be More Intelligent and Healthy

At 2018 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition), WELLMAX promoted its iDREAM series which achieve light and color transition simultaneously. The design that conforms to human circadian rhythm can make people sleep well at night. Meanwhile, iDREAM products can be intelligently controlled just by an on-off switch and without a remote control, a cellphone APP or other tools, virtually simple and convenient.

Due to increasingly high working pressure, poor sleeping quality has become a big issue for many people. During the night, unsuitable light will inhibit the secretion of melatonin, which in turn makes it harder for good asleep quality. WELLMAX, however, provides iDREAM series bulbs that can strike a balance between light for work and study and good sleep quality. In other words, it makes a visible difference in improving sleep quality.

According to Mr. Zhou, iDREAM series products gained positive feedback and much attention during the lighting fair. Customers experienced a lot from WELLMAX’s new products with innovative functions. In this connection, they feel more confident in WELLMAX’s capability of innovation. A rising number of customers are believed to favor its products.

“In terms of the future development of LED bulb, intelligence and health take priority; the former is treated as a method while the latter is the goal,” added Mr. Zhou. “In the future, lighting will be more related to human physical and mental wellbeing. As such, WELLMAX has been working tirelessly in product development and innovation with an ardent hope of bringing more happiness to people’s life and providing more help for human health. ”

Win the Market with Proprietary Products and Customized Service

Mr. Zhou explained that WELLMAX has a long history of more than 30 years, over which it has accumulated substantial customer resources. With global-oriented products, WELLMAX has satisfied local customers with customized products and services and enjoys steady growth in different areas. The year 2018 has seen it boosting the market sales in Asian-Pacific and African regions. Going ahead, WELLMAX will also promote its specially-designed LED products to European market and gratify local demands.

What is beyond any dispute is that LED bulb confronts with great pressure of market competition as well. Mr. Zhou holds a positive attitude toward this market, though. He deems that LED bulb market will remain promising as lighting products are always in demand and LED bulb has the widest range of applications. To stay ahead in this market, much attention should be paid to four aspects, respectively continuous innovation, premium product with reasonable price, good service and unique brand. And that is how WELLMAX forges ahead steadily amid fierce market competition.

Success Entails Talent Team and Commitment Makes Profession

Mr. Zhou said that the fruitful results of WELLMAX could not be achieved without the full commitment of its talent teams. With the growth of company sales, more professionals are in demand. WELLMAX highlights the importance of talents building in three aspects. Firstly, WELLMAX has established good relationships with numerous scientific research institutions, industry alliances and associations, by which it can recruit more excellent staffs. Secondly, as Shanghai gathers tremendous high-end enterprises, WELLMAX also embarks on selecting top-level personnel from public. Finally, it provides on-job training for the employees and improve their working skills in practice.

Reasons abound for success, but chief among them is that commitment makes professions, according to Mr. Zhou. WELLMAX gets accustomed to standing on solid ground. It, by and large, stays focus on manufacturing LED bulb. Specifically, it desires perfection in technical development, innovation, service and supply chain system. That means concentration and profession. In addition, the endeavors of the whole team and detailed divisions are also at play. Overall, it is the integration of technical accumulation, quality control, production innovation and customer resources that makes WELLMAX’s success.

(Author:James Wen,Editor, LEDinside/Translator:Janice Chan,Editor,LEDinside)

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