SUPERNOVA, Super Great - LED Bulb Expert WELLMAX Announces Innovative New Product Again

At the 132nd Online Canton Fair, Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX) has attracted much attention from its customers worldwide by introducing the brand-new product, SUPERNOVA LED Bulb series. Since its establishment in 1987, WELLMAX has been devoted to product innovation and launches proprietary products every year, bringing surprises to customers constantly. As an example of WELLMAX’s breakthrough innovation, SUPERNOVA LED Bulb is designed to provide customers an unique and aesthetic appearance while assuring high quality, making...
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[New Launch] WELLMAX’s Sunlight Series DOB Downlight- High Lumen & Slimmest Body

On August 31, WELLMAX, a leading global supplier of LED lighting products, announced its new product-Sunlight Series DOB Downlight, which attracts wide attention. This series is available in both surfaced and recessed installation and is suitable for a wide range of scenarios, including home, office, corridor, aisle, shopping mall, exhibition hall, etc. Equipped with SAMSUNG LED chips, the new Sunlight series is designed for delivering the maximum lumen output with the slimmest body and optimizing the DOB lighting solution to provide customers with the best ...
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Sunflower LED Downlight from WELLMAX Help People Discover Uniform Brightness

WELLMAX - a renowned and trusted LED lighting company - recently announced that the annual sale of their Sunflower LED downlight reached 12 million pcs last year. The main reason sunflower has become the first choice of customers is that it puts the human-centric concept at the heart. This LED downlight is equipped with SAMSUNG LED chips that deliver high lumen output and efficacy without visible flickers, and exclusive “Bulb-Tech” technology that improves the comfort of eyes - all these are done with the aim of helping consumers to discover uniform...
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Spotlights for Accent Lighting: How to Choose the Best One for Your Customers

With the continuous improvement of living standards in recent years, consumer requirements for residential lighting are becoming more sophisticated. In addition to meeting the basic demand for brightness, people also want a pleasant, aesthetic lighting environment. That’s why interior designers have started to use different types of lighting to enhance the room ambiance. This has also prompted LED traders to diversify their product portfolios with the ambient, task, and accent lighting. Accent lighting is commonly used to highlight objects or a specific area within a home; t...
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What It Takes to Make High-quality LEDs: A Visit to WELLMAX

The competitive dynamics of the LED lighting industry has drastically changed in the past decade, bringing both opportunity and challenge to buyers and sellers. Behind the rise and fall of many lighting companies, quality management, or in its essence: process management, is a key factor for one to stand out and foster long-term business relationships. So, what does it take to make high-quality LED products? What does a reliable quality management process look like? Last month, we paid a special visit to the top lighting exporter, Shanghai WELLMAX Lighting Industry (WE...
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Learn How to Identify Truly ‘High Quality’ Suppliers online

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the biggest challenge to international trade after the financial crisis in 2008. When most of commercial activities are moving online, international purchasing becomes harder than ever for buyers to import since a purchasing decision must be made directly online without face-to-face communication. Through our recent investigations on hundreds of professional overseas buyers, the biggest worry for them turns out to be the quality issue during the process of oversea procurement online, because a quality issue brings potential risks of damaging brand re...
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SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Cover Story: WELLMAX Becomes the Export Champion of Lighting 2019

Amid tensions over the trade war in the past year, the global market for international trade has been greatly shaken, causing a fiercer competition in industries. The same is true for the lighting industry. However, when most companies are bogged down by the product homogeneity and price war, the LED Bulb Expert Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX) has created a 20% annual revenue growth. The company, surpassed several time-honored enterprises in Shanghai, was honored as the Export Champion of Lighting Products in 2019. Yamin Wang, WELLMAX Chairman and fou...
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How to Spot a Right LED Supplier at Trade Fairs

As internet become more and more popular worldwide, people obtain information faster and more convenient than ever. However, when things come to a point where they have to make a decision, such as a large cross-broader trading, they will choose to participate in an industrial show where they have opportunities to have face-to-face conversation with others. Take the lighting industry for example, every year there are thousands of buyers stream into leading lighting fairs seeking for right products and suppliers. But another challenge they have met is that with such an explosive informa...
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[Exclusive] WELLMAX Unveils the Road to Become an Industrial Leader

The law of ‘survival of the fittest’ applies to almost all fields in the world. But, it evolves even more dramatically in the commerce field. Take the lighting industry for an example; in recent years with large investment flocking in and technology revolution, the industry has been undergoing a fast reshuffle. During the upheaval, many large-scale enterprises which boast their major advantage in capital to extend industrial chains end up selling out their business, while some small or medium-sized ones survived and became industry leaders. Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (W...
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Strategic Alliance between WELLMAX and SAMSUNG Creates Infinite Possibilities in LED Industry

In common sense of people, “one plus one equals two” seems to be an unquestionable truth. But in the fields of philosophy as well as commerce, the conclusion could be different. One plus one can be greater than two, based on the examples we have witnessed in the past few years. In 2005, the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs made a historic announcement that Apple would start using Intel processors in Macs. Powered by Intel chips, Mac took a huge leap in its performance and configurability, catapulting into the global market and bringing huge profits to Apple. In...
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Four Things a Buyer Must Notice When Selecting LED Suppliers

With a tried and true business as well as motivated and talented staffs, one may consider its business covers all essentialities for success. However, one critical aspect might be hidden and ruin it all, which is the suppliers. Choosing the right suppliers will improve reputation of a brand while integrate the supply chain and deliver better purchasing experiences. On the contrary, it might damage the business significantly, costing more money and destroying business reputation. Recently, a case of Ken, a buyer from Africa, who won a large-scale lighting project with great pains ...
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WELLMAX’s Sunflower Downlight, the Top Choice for Global Clients

As the most influential lighting fair in Asia, Hong Kong International Lighting Fair serves as a direct link for industrial exchanges and cooperation between suppliers and buyers, attracting thousands of exhibitors to participate every year. Concluded on October 30, the 21st Hong Kong International Fair has gathered around 2700 exhibitors to showcase innovative, fashionable and practical lighting products. Shanghai Wellmax Lighting Industry (WELLMAX), as the most famous lighting brand, exhibited its unique products, like “Bulbized” Sunflower series, B...
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“Bulbized” Sunflower LED Downlight Becomes the Highlight of 2019 Canton Fair

As China's largest foreign trade promotion platform, the China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) has made important contributions to the world’s economic growth. Every year, the fair brings orders from all over the world to Chinese manufacturers, kicking out the peak purchase season. The 126th Canton fair, with over 25,000 exhibitors, concluded last Saturday on October 19. As the most long-standing participant of the fair, Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX) made a great hit again by presenting its innovative lighting solutions. WELLMAX&rsq...
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LED Bulb Expert WELLMAX Honored of "Import and Export Brand Enterprise"

On September 11, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce held an award ceremony for Shanghai foreign trade brand enterprises in Pudong New Area Office Center of Shanghai, China. Affiliated to people's government of Shanghai, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce is a government organization, committed to formulating the overall planning of international economic cooperation and trade in Shanghai. Shanghai Goods Import and Export Brand Enterprise List Nearly 10,000 export enterprises participated in this evaluation, from which the organization sele...
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The LED Bulb Expert WELLMAX Comes Well Prepared for 2019 Autumn Exhibitions

At this harvest season, the global lighting is gearing up for their two key trade fairs in China-- the 126th Canton Fair unveiled in Guangzhou on October 15, and Hong Kong International Lighting Fair on October 27. As the LED Bulb Expert and the long-established lighting exhibitor, Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX) is going to make a splendid show with perfect lineup to its global clients at the exhibitions. WELLMAX is a famous LED enterprise with 32 years history in the lighting industry. The company always adheres to the business philosophy of ...
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WELLMAX Guarantees Reliability and Efficiency of “Bulbized” LED Panel Downlight

LED products have been popularized globally in various fields along with the rapid progress of technology at each end of the industrial chain. Although being popular, there are still problems of LED products to be solved. Through hundreds of professional oversea buyers, WELLMAX learnt that the quality problem is the most important one, meeting the demand for high-end product on the market. Shanghai WELLMAX Lighting (WELLMAX), the LED Bulb Expert, developed a unique LED downlight panel. The product has achieved great success since its debut because o...
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International SSL Alliance (ISA) and LED Bulb Expert WELLMAX Shares Insights into Industry Development

The International SSL Alliance (ISA) is a famous international and non-profit organization, which aims to promote the sustainable development and application of Solid State Lighting (SSL) worldwide. The organization has more than 4,000 members, almost are major players of the global SSL community, representing 70% of the output of the global SSL industry. Recently, in response to the green lighting initiative of "One Belt and One Road", and in order to intensify global cooperation to accelerate the development of lighting industry, the ISA secretari...
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The “Bulbized” LED Panel Downlight Better Illustrates WELLMAX's Value of Caring People’s Needs

Since the launch of “Bulbized” LED Panel Downlight on 2019 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE), this subversive product has aroused great response in the industry. Many customers have posted their opinions online that they not only marvel at the high performance of this series, but also express strong interest in the stories about the originality of this product. With this strong desire, we conducted an interview with Peter Xu, Manager of Technical Department of WELLMAX, to learn the detailed R&D story of the Sunflower. (P...
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WELLMAX: Achieve HCL with Intelligence and LED Panel with LED Bulb Technology

According to the latest price report of LEDinside, the average price of LED bulb worldwide is in a downtrend as a whole, even though the price in some regions heats up thanks to their robust economy. Amid such a sluggish environment, many enterprises are confronted with severe challenge to survive, and some of them have even been phased out by the market. The LED Bulb Expert, WELLMAX, however, has held firmly its market share and achieved a revenue growth of 40% in 2018. On the opening day of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE), LEDinside...
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“Bulbized” LED Panel Downlight of WELLMAX Become a Rising Star of GILE 2019

The 24th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE 2019) has officially concluded today. As part of Messe Frankfurt’s architecture and technology shows, the event has gathered more than 2500 exhibitors from 22 countries to participate. The renowned LED Bulb Expert, Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX) attended the fair and debuted its innovative lighting solutions, attracting famous brands and buyers worldwide. Visitors around and inside WELLMAX’s booth Bulbized Sunflower LED Panel Formed the “Spotlight” After...
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WELLMAX to Present Technical Breakthrough – “Bulbized” LED Panel Lights at 2019 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

According to 2018-2019 LED Lighting Market Value Report by LEDinside, LED lighting products continue to go upward in the global market. Among all the fast-growing LED lighting products, LED panel light has grown most robustly driven by universal applications, which significantly brings huge chance to global LED traders. However, opportunity always goes with challenge, the growing demand of LED panel and downlight results in the increasing homogeneity of product solutions and fierce price war, leading to further a more competitive environment in the lighting fixtur...
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OSRAM LS CEO and WELLMAX CEO Visit the State Key Laboratory of Solid State Lighting

Last week, Mr. Herbert Willmy, CEO of OSRAM Lighting Solutions, together with Mr. Wang Yamin, CEO of Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX) and WELLMAX’s top executive team, visited the State Key Laboratory of Solid State Lighting (SKL), a world-class LED lighting research center with complete series of cutting-edged testing equipment and the strongest R&D capability. The group has a field tour of the SKL laboratory and held a talk on the future development of the whole lighting industry. OSRAM CEO and WELLMAX C...
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WELLMAX Continues Its Expansion Pace with Supports from Global Clients

The first session of 125th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) has concluded at Pazhou International Exhibition Complex in Guangzhou today. During the five-day exhibition, the LED Bulb Expert- Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX) continues to be the busiest one among 25,496 exhibitors, leading the trend of the Spring Canton Fair by delivering its in-depth thoughts on LED trend and rolling out its latest R&D achievement. The most influential brand at Canton Fair WELLMAX’s booth packed with people all the time during the fi...
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The LED Bulb Expert WELLMAX Shares the Secrets of Being the Leader of the LED Industry

The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair is one of the most influential lighting exhibitions in Asia. With a growing number of buyers and an increasing trade volume, the spring fair this year gathered more than 1,430 exhibitors to participate. Among which, the LED Bulb Expert- Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX) was the most popular one. WELLMAX has attracted large crowds by offering unique lighting experience and professional services. WELLMAX stands out with its distinctive brand image WELLMAX is the company that has been focusing on ligh...
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China Solid State Lighting Alliance to Join Hands with LED Bulb Expert WELLMAX on LED Technology Innovation

Last week, the senior expert team of the State Key Laboratory of Solid State Lighting (SKL) visited the LED Bulb Expert WELLMAX’s Shanghai head office. As a subsidiary of China Solid State Lighting Alliance (CSA), SKL is a state-class research center for technological innovation and standards development, providing full range of innovative services for lighting industries. The expert team came to WELLMAX to exchange thoughts on frontier LED technologies and seek future cooperation with Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX). Mr....
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Check out WELLMAX’s New LED Solutions on Upcoming Spring Fairs

During April 6 to 9th, the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) will be held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong. Shortly after follows the 125th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), the largest all-around international trade fair in Guangzhou during April 15- 19th. Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX), the LED Bulb Expert, will attend these two major exhibitions to showcase its newly-designed LED products. With 32-year history in lighting industry, WELLMAX is a leading LED enterprise w...
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Why Only WELLMAX Could Help the LED Trader with 3 Million LED Bulbs Bid?

In July 2018, an African lighting trader, Abner, won a bid for a large-scale engineering lighting project that will use up to three million pieces of LED bulbs. That was truly a big surprise and also a real worry for Abner as he needs to figure out how to fulfill this unexpected huge order in a limited delivery term. “Why not go to China, where LED factories all around, to find a partner,” thought Abner. After several rounds of searching, calling and personal visiting to some Chinese suppliers, it turned out that none of them could deliver these three milli...
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How to Break Through the Bottleneck of Growth for Hardware Distributors Under Great Competition

In recent years, the hardware industry has changed its past favorable conditions and is facing a series of problems including serious homogenization of products and intensified market competition and more. In other words, the development of enterprises has encountered bottlenecks. If there are no new products with competitiveness, hardware distributors will not advance but retreat, and will be gradually eliminated by the market. Two South American hardware clients of WELLMAX have faced the same problem, and fortunately, they found a way to break the predicament with //we...
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Dual-Brand Strategy may be the Key to Expand the Market Share of LED Lighting in the Era of Price Competition

LED lighting industry has been in a Golden Era in recent years as the global lighting companies have poured in the ranks of LED lighting to seek a good fortune. However, opportunities always coexist with challenges: The competition of LED lighting industry is increasingly fierce, and most companies are at a loss when it comes to price competition. Some overseas clients hope to enter the high-end market to get better profits, but failed in the end due to the weakness of brand influence. One trader from South America is facing with the dilemma. At the 2017 Spring Canton ...
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The LED Bulb Expert WELLMAX Invited to the Sensor Technology and Smart City Seminar in Shanghai

On November 15, the Sensor Technology and Smart City seminar was successfully held at Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Co-organized by Shanghai Optoelectronics Trade Association (SOTA) and Shanghai Illumination Electric Appliance Trade Association (SIEATA), the seminar gathered top entrepreneurs, industrial experts and academicians in Shanghai to participate and exchange insights on the development of smart lighting technologies. Shanghai Wellmax Lighting (WELLMAX), a key member of the SOTA and SIE...
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