[LFI 2019] FSP Pioneers Horticultural and Smart Lighting Products

LIGHTFAIR International (LFI) 2019 officially kicked off in Philadelphia on May 21st, 2019. At the event, the FSP Group from Taiwan will showcase its high-power horticultural lighting and IoT-enabled smart lighting products. With the help of these products, FSP is poised to create a new niche sector for the maturing LED lighting industry.

Foraying into the cash crop markets with high efficiency power supplies

The applications of LED lighting in horticulture have become more and more popular in recent years, thanks to its adjustable illumination effects. Under the right settings, the horticultural LED lights can be modulated and adjusted to optimize a plant's growth and harvest efficiency.

The overall effectiveness of the applications is determined by the performance of the LED’s power supply.

According to Ken Chen, the manager at FSP America's LED power supply department, a reliable power supply must have good efficiency, endurance, and heat dissipation. According to Ken, many of the power supplies’ solutions for horticultural lighting would often have to be custom-made so that the lighting can meet the different and temperature requirements of plants with different growth conditions.

Ken pointed to FSP's strength in providing customers with customized and completely re-designed power supplies that can be used to fulfill a variety of different purposes and needs. An example of this is the power supplies for 3,000W lamps that are supplied to North American customers for cannabis cultivation.

In recent years, the demands for horticulture lighting have risen steadily thanks to the legalization of cannabis in Canada and in various U.S. states. The customized solutions from FSP have been specifically designed to correspond with these types of trends and developments.

The importance of power supply in the age of IoT and smart lighting

With the arrival of IoT, FSP is poised to jump onto the bandwagon of smart lighting and interconnected solutions, joining the IoT-Ready Alliance of the U.S. for the formulation of smart-lighting standards in 2018 with various lighting, infrastructure, and IoT firms. To develop customized IoT-based smart lighting power supplies, FSP has also begun to partner up with US-based smart sensing and storage firm Enlighted.

"Thanks to IoT technology, power supply can function as a medium for communications," remarked Ben Cheng, the project manager of FSP's product and marketing strategy department. According to Ben, an IoT-enabled power supply can collect information from sensors and pass it on to any smart systems, which can then send out instructions for lighting and other functions, leading to energy conservation and high illumination efficiency.

Ben noted that as a power-supply manufacturer, FSP can join hands with customers in developing any customized products quickly or adjusting power-supply functions to support the latest smart application standards. With the help of these advantages, FSP has been able to consistently remain ahead of its rivals, said Ben.

Customized power solutions for high-end lighting products and special occasions

For IoT-enabled applications of LED lighting, there needs to be power supplies with high power output, contracted size, and wireless function, according to Ben. The use of high power output and smaller size will enable the power supplies to become more compatible and suitable for terminal applications. As for the wireless function, it is a necessary feature for all products to have in the era of IoT.

As LED technology has become more mature, a growing number of manufacturers have begun to take active steps to differentiate their products. By focusing on customization, FSP is able to offer solutions to customers that correspond to different occasions and needs. At this year’s LFI, FSP officially introduced a lighting power supply with a size as small as track light, which can be used in producing lamps with high illumination effect.

In cooperation with customers, FSP has also rolled out outdoor lighting and special lighting products, such as road lights, signal lights, and blast-proof lights, which are capable of functioning normally in an extreme environment.

Light weight power supplies for Micro LED and Mini LED

Backed by nearly 30 years of experience in producing power supplies for PC and displays featuring small size and high-efficiency heat dissipation, FSP has set sights on the newer and more advanced technologies, such as Micro LED and Mini LED display screens, to increase its presence in the industry.

Aside from providing LED power supplies, FSP is also actively shifting towards the renewable energy market. With its diverse technologies, the company has a good chance of becoming a leading provider of renewable energy and storage solutions.

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