By Sanchez, Richmond Mozo

Are you aware that LED lighting gives the highest energy savings and lowest maintenance cost for commercial interior lighting applications? Energy consumption is reduced by up to 95% and consequently delivers an extremely short payback among several energy efficient technologies.

LED lighting systems installed in shopping malls, grocery stores, professional offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, airports, and casinos improve lighting immensely, aside from lowering energy consumption and minimizing carbon footprint. Lighting becomes more aesthetic, pleasing and focused.

Remember the last time that you stepped into a flash and cozy bar in Europe or North America? Now imagine the same bar with LED lights installed beautifully all over the place. You enter the elevated drink shop on its LED-lighted staircase.

(The optical module of LED illumination integrates a digitally mixed light control system, creating a spacious atmosphere.)

How does it feel walking along those colorful stairs? It’s definitely the soothing feeling of lightness along those limpid and elegantly illuminated stairs that ushers you to an hour or more of relaxing drinks with friends and colleagues.

A few more steps and you get into the main hall. What a delight to see those soft colored and lit glass panels all over which reminds you to pamper yourself now with the rest and tranquility that you deserve after a full day or week of working under pressure.

(Implementing pan-use lighting with energy-saving hang-lamp light bulb to create situations in bars with LED module dimmer; to adjust different light colors according to users’ preference; and to change light color automatically.)

You wander around the nook and are surprised by natural beauty of vegetation walls surrounding the area. The decorative plants look so real and refreshing with those focused and softly colored LEDs so that you instantly feel like touching them, caressing them gently, in order to feel the healing power of nature touching your stressed out mind and soul.

(The vegetation wall is presented using interior green design. Artificial light is used to intensify natural light. At present, plants are lighted using metal halide lamps, which should increasingly be replaced by LEDs in view of the latter’s benefits.)

And finally, you pick your favorite drinks from the LED-lighted refrigerator as they appear so cool, so refreshing, so enticing. What a heavenly way to celebrate with clean fun among pals as you try to regain strength and vigor to prepare well for more work and longer hours of dedication to profession, family and other noble pursuits in the coming days.

In this LED-lighted bar, the soft, focused, pleasing and invigorating lights transform your humdrum experience at an ordinary bar into one of interior calm and peace fortified by solid direction for your dreams and aspirations.


(Tabulated advantages of LED lights over traditional light sources for retail shop refrigerators.)

Solid-state, (LED), lighting is the first genuinely new lighting technology in more than a century. The light emitting diode (LED) lighting systems, which greatly reduce electricity consumption, have proven to be very effective in applications where brightness, visibility and long life are important. LEDs have an incredible visual impact, directionality and the ability to quickly produce cool color lights and programmable effects.

They offer unprecedented flexibility in colors and configurations to indoor lighting designers in creating displays, ambiance and “moods”. By and large, with the emphasis on green technology R&D in recent years, they are touted as the eco-friendly lighting solution of tomorrow.

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