Macroblock Fine Pitch LED Display Drivers For Indoor LED Displays

With the microelectronic techniques and improvement on LED displays, fine pitch LED displays become a more popular solution for replacing indoor displays, such as commercial digital signage in the mall, meeting room, ballroom, TV studio, broadcast room, central control room, and even consumer TV. However, six challenges of fine pitch LED displays still haunt display manufacturers including lower ghosting, dim line at first scan line, uneven brightness, color shift, gradient dim line and cross effect caused by LED failure. These phenomena are obvious when displaying images with more grayscales at low brightness condition.

Recognizing customers’pain points, Macroblock launches a series of fine pitch LED display drivers (MBI5151, MBI5152, MBI5153) in 2013 to solve all the six challenges, which make a big hit with LED display manufacturers. With the technology breakthrough, Macroblock’s fine pitch LED display drivers successfully assist customers to spur adoption of fine pitch LED displays in various applications worldwide.

In the replacement of LCD video wall or DLP projection, fine pitch LED displays, embedded MBI515X series, perform superior image quality on a large format display without bezel distraction or ambient light adjustment. This makes fine pitch LED displays ideal for meeting rooms or VIP events.

Volkswagen adopted ISP’s fine pitch LED display embedded with MBI5152 to replace DLP projection on a new product launch event in Korea, shown in figure 1.

Figure 1. Volkswagen GTI private launch show in Korea. (Source: ISP)         

Lexus chose Foreground’s fine pitch LED display embedded with MBI5153 as an alternative for LCD video wall at a VIP lounge in the U.S., shown in figure 2.

Figure 2. Lexus VIP lounge in the U.S. (Source: Foreground)

The lobby of a bank in Sydney, Australia is decorated with a fine pitch LED display embedded with MBI5153 as an indoor advertising signage. The display is customized in dimension and form to adapt to the interior design of the bank, shown in figure 3.

Figure 3. The lobby of a bank in Sydney, Australia (Source: Foreground)

In TV studio applications, fine pitch LED displays with MBI515X series are highly recommended for the high grayscale and high refresh rate features of MBI515X series. Photographers do not have to set shutter speed to adapt to the display refresh rate to capture live and clear image on the display.

Canal France International (CFI) applied Dicolor’s fine pitch LED displays embedded with MBI5152 for broadcasting, shown in figure 4.

Figure 4. Live broadcasting scene at Canal France International TV Studio (Source : Dicolor)      

In central control room applications, the reliability of displays and non-stop transmission of images are crucial for real-time monitoring. Fine pitch LED displays with MBI515X series not only provide reliable transmission with high grayscale images, but also allow users to layout multi screens in different sizes flexibly.

Sands Macao Hotel monitored activities throughout the casino with Retop’s fine pitch LED displays with MBI5153 in the control room to ensure the real-time, reliable transmission with high quality images, shown in figure 5.

Figure 5. Central control room at Sands Macao Hotel. (Source: Retop)

In rental and staging applications, fine pitch LED displays with MBI515X series feature free-form, high resolution, and refined images, providing fantastic visual effects to interact with audiences at every event, stage, meeting and exhibition.

Uniview exhibited the latest fine pitch LED display embedded with MBI5152 at IFMEA exhibition in Dubai, which successfully attracted rental display buyers’ eyeballs and closed the deal at the booth, shown in figure 6.

Figure 6. Uniview sold out the fine pitch LED display to a rental display buyer at the booth at IFMEA 2014, Dubai (Source: Uniview)

The concert held in Singapore is installed with Chipshow’s fine pitch LED display embedded with MBI5152 as the stage background to deliver high quality visual effects to enhance audience experience, shown in figure 7.

Figure 7. Live performance at a concert in Singapore (Source: Chipshow)

Fine pitch LED displays, getting popular for indoor display applications, bring audiences closer to the displays. This also leads to more stringent requirements of image quality for LED display buyers and audiences. LED display driver ICs play a key role on image performance in LED display systems, and as a leading LED driver IC company, Macroblock promises to keep innovate and develop high quality fine pitch LED displays with customers.

Macroblock sincerely invite you to our booth (8-H350) at ISE 2015 to know more about the 6 challenges and solutions of fine pitch LED displays.

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