China’s Former Vice Minister of MOST Urges Scale Up Investments in Lighting

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Chongqing Evening News

New technology revolutions and industry evolutions are creating opportunities, developments in China and internationally are undergoing metamorphosis that are reshaping industry developments, said Jianlin Cao, a former Vice Minister of China’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), reported Chongqing Evening News.

LEDs are at a new historical turning point too, as the world becomes polarized, globalization, and growing informalization. Technology developments spurred smart power networks, intelligent products, IoT+, sharing economy, other new technologies, and ecosystems that have caused new issues.

SSLChina has been founded for more than 13 years, during this period LED developments, semiconductor industry developments and others underwent significant transformations that are now recognized internationally, said Ciao.

China’s 13th five-year plan outlines a series of new policies, and gives the SSL industry new development direction. These new policies and trends will challenge existing market opportunities and trends. Cao also suggested at the opening ceremony to continue to advance developments, the country’s semiconductor industry is currently the result of decades of R&D. Companies need to realize under certain conditions lighting should have high quality, customization, and diversification. Smart lighting has to break current limitations to achieve smart hardware, IoT, and smart cities.

Developing new light and material technologies will give birth to new medical, health, agricultural, and developments in telecommunications that can be closely integrated. All these will give us new projects to work on in our industry, we need to make the most of every opportunity and establish new goals to make the most of their advantages, while effectively using resources. These new models and products can help manufacturers build up new brands, and transform the country into a strong lighting production hub. As people continue to develop green and low carbon economies, we are making new contributions to the Chinese people.

Secondly, is forming a multidisciplinary approach to innovation, fusion and development. Innovation is the source to semiconductor development, and SSL originally was in the hands of laboratory R&D staff. As of now, it has entered 10 million homes and is applied in technology, applications, systematic machine innovation and many more. Companies continued to search for innovative developments, and technology services, financing and technology services which are multidisciplinary.

These development collaborations formed through alliances and Internet has allowed the industry and academics to jointly invest. Important national laboratories, national engineering centers and more have also established hardware to develop professional and innovative platforms to form an industry with special industrial area, and incubate leading companies to improve international competition. Companies are also strengthening cultural and technology networks, industrial financing, smart manufacturing, and cross disciplinary collaborations. Moreover, the company managed to successfully construct a very good smart LED lighting city, and deployed an agricultural lighting demonstration within 10 to 100 cities were transformed with lighting to boost health.

Lastly, is to actively deploy in the sector of third generation semiconductor material and applications. Third semiconductor materials have special features, which holds huge potential in next generation transitions. These companies hold great market potential in many semiconductor lighting industries in China, and many areas in the country have been able to upgrade to LED lights. Next generation mobile telecommunications are also actively promoting new energy power networks, smart electric networks, high speed rail, and automobiles run on renewable energy. Consumer electronic products have also taken a considerable chunk of the market, which has provided broad applications. China should work on promoting its first and second generation semiconductor technology, build up developments during the process, reflect and absorb new insights. Close developments in each of these sectors will allow third generation semiconductors to become a new hot spot for innovation and industry developments.

Global trends affecting Chinese developments

There is an old saying in China : “Blooming flowers will look the same each year, but people and events change every year.”

The world economy is undergoing massive restructure and transition phase, where the world economy is recovering and continuing growth. On top of unstable financial market and declining global trade, new economic models are also facing greater challenges and risks, where even developed countries are struggling. Polarization of the world, globalization, multi-cultural, and deepening informatization. Yet on the other hand, these developments have also been met with great resistance.

These technological developments have accelerated intelligent products, IoT, sharing economy, new economies, new models, new industries, as well as new challenges and opportunities. China is accelerating innovative drivers and development strategies, and even Chinese leader Xi Jinping outlined its goals in the next 200 years, which will be focused on renovating Chinese style to push the country forward to become a forerunner in global technology and scale up national demands in the global economy. All these will improve technology innovation in different fields, and allow China to acquire leading global technology advantages.

Additionally, China accelerated innovation strategies in education, R&D, or in commercial sectors. All these accompany huge historical responsibilities, and have huge development potential. This year also marks China’s 13th five-year plan, where the country is aiming to construct a society with a strong middle class. Integrating technology and economic advancements, and adjusting technology advancements, these two new roadmaps that propelled developments from the central government to the local government. The Chinese government launched many good policies, which created a new trends, presenting new opportunities and challenges.

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