Philips Lighting Research Uncovers Those Left in the Dark Ahead of Halogen Phase out

  • Three-quarters of Europeans are unware that main voltage halogen spot lights are being banned across EU from September 1, 2016
  • Philips Lighting launches Philips LED spot classic WarmGlow, a high-quality LED replacement for halogen spots that  provides the same effects as halogen but is 90% more energy-efficient

Philips Lighting, a global leader in lighting, has today released findings that reveal the lack of awareness about the European Union’s ban on GU10 halogen spot lights, effective from September 1, 2016. The research found that three quarters (75%) of consumers do not know about the forthcoming ban, despite the fact that two in five (40%) are currently using halogen spot lights at home. The EU legislation was driven by the need for increased energy efficiency in order to reduce electricity consumption and cut CO2 emissions. Focus now turns to LEDs, such as the Philips LED spot classic WarmGlow, as a high-quality, alternative that looks, feels and behaves like a halogen, but is up to 90% more energy-efficient.

The study of over 5,000 adults across five European countries - Germany, UK, France, Sweden and Belgium – found that the Swedish were the most in the dark with four in five (84%) of respondents unaware of the new legislation – particularly surprising considering Swedish households experience significantly reduced hours of daylight in the winter, and depend heavily on lighting to go about their daily lives. While the French were the most aware of the ban with over two thirds (62%) declaring knowledge of it. However, it is the French, who felt that more information about the ban was needed with nearly half (44%) claiming they would have liked to have known sooner about it.

Philips Lighting releases survey on EU halogen ban. (Philips Lighting/LEDinside)

“Philips Lighting was keen to investigate consumer understanding of the EU ban and we’ve certainly uncovered some fascinating insights, as well as learning about wider consumer behavior when it comes to energy efficiency. Our research shows a common lack of knowledge, which highlights the need for education and discussion around the potential of LED light. Many people still have outdated perceptions of LEDs and don’t understand that LED technology has moved on exponentially in terms of quality during this decade. For example, the WarmGlow technology we use in our new LED spotlight mimics the warm color you get when you dim a halogen. This technology is unique,” comments Mahesh Iyer, leader of Philips Lighting LED business group. 

Also, lack of information around lighting alternatives appears to resonate across Europe according to the findings. Despite two in three (67%) European consumers using LEDs at home, myths around their usage and energy efficiency are rife. One in five (20%) people wrongly believe LEDs cannot be dimmed and a quarter think LEDs cannot dim to a warm light in the same way as halogens. Meanwhile, misconceptions regarding energy saving also persist with almost one in five (17%) believing halogens are more energy efficient than LED spot lights.

Saving money trumps saving the environment as top consideration for Europeans

Despite a lack of knowledge about the details, energy efficiency is shown to be important to almost half of Europeans (47%) with four out of five (80%) stating saving money as a reason to adopt energy efficiency. Considerations for the health of the planet are not far behind, with three in five (61%) stating helping the environment as a key consideration too. 

The Philips LED Spot WarmGlow is the first glass LED spot on the market that truly replaces the popular halogen spotlight. The use of WarmGlow technology in conjunction with the glass spot, ensures it looks the same and shines with the same color and intensity as halogen spotlights which plastic alternatives are unable to provide. It is the WarmGlow technology with its gradual dimming feature that enables light levels to dim to warm tones of traditional halogen spotlights. This makes the Philips LED Spot WarmGlow unique compared to other options on the market as other LEDs do not offer a dimmable warm glow in a familiar shape that enables you to go from everyday functional lighting, to inviting, and to cozy light. It addresses not only the demand from consumers for comparative light quality but is up to 90% more energy efficient than halogen lighting.

The Philips LED Spot WarmGlow is available worldwide.

Source: According to research conducted in June by ResearchNow for Philips Lighting of over 5,015 adults across Germany, UK, France, Sweden and Belgium 

Ranking of EU one directional mains voltage halogen ban awareness across Europe:

1. 84% are unaware in Sweden

2. 80% are unaware in the UK

3. 77% are unaware in Germany

4. 71% are unaware in Belgium

5. 62% are unaware in France 

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