“Eyes on the World” -----BMTC Releases Its Global TV Backlighting Strategy

LED LCD TVs are still the mainstream TV technology, while there emerge new trends in TV backlighting and technology

According to market research data, the total quantity of LCD TVs in the global market reached 217 million in 2017 and this figure will increase to 226 million in 2018, of which LED LCD TVs still account for as high as 99%, and 1% belongs to OLED TVs.

(Source: BMTC)

At the same time, 4K and higher-definition display become the mainstream TV technology. The forecast for LCD TV's different resolutions in 2018 is as follows: the proportion of 4K increases to 44%, HD slightly decreases to 30%, FHD falls to 26%, and 8K slightly increases but the proportion is still 0 %.

(Source: BMTC)

In addition, it is worth noting that 32-55 inches have evolved into the mainstream size for TVs. The sales forecast for different-inch LCD TVs in 2018 shows that 32-inch, 43-inch, and 55-inch are the mainstream, accounting for 27%, 16%, 17%, respectively. In the future, TVs will further develop into larger inches.

(Source: BMTC)

In 2018, the development trend and technology trend of TV backlighting will be towards high color gamut, ultra-thin & curved surface, eye protection, local dimming, 4K & 8K, OLED, Mini & Micro LEDs.

(Source: BMTC)

To conform to the development trend of TVs, BMTC carries out a comprehensive layout

In order to conform to the development trend of TVs, and combing with the accurate judgment of the development of the TV market, BMTC has released its global TV backlighting strategy for 2018. The strategy covers a comprehensive layout in terms of technology and patent, which aims to seize market opportunities and strive for market commanding heights.

First, to carry out the technical layout. BMTC offers different solutions for different products in order to meet the needs of different products.

Blue chip+KSF+G for high color-gamut products; high-power and high-light efficiency for 4K & 8K products; 4010 & 4012 for ultra-thin & curved surface products; anti-blue light technology for eye protection products; low current and high voltage products for local dimming.

For Mini & Micro LED, BMTC will closely follow up the development trend, delve into the R&D difficulties, and make technical reserves for this display technology of next generation.

(Source: BMTC)

Second, to carry out the patent layout. Patent is a "passport" for a company to go global. With this trump card, the company can go unimpeded and unencumbered. As we all know, at the end of this March, American Ultravision Technologies filed a patent infringement complaint at the United States International Trade Commission (USITC), accusing 11 Chinese companies of infringement of their patent rights in terms of LED lamps, drivers and other components, seeking to bar them from importing, selling and distributing infringing LED display products in the United States. This case fully explains the importance of the patent layout.

Therefore, BMTC has conducted the patent layout globally and cooperated with international manufacturers such as Enplus and Samsung, to provide global customers with unimpeded patent protection.

(Source: BMTC)

Staying true to the original mission and adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, BMTC is on the way to achieving its global strategic vision.

As a leading LED TV backlighting company in China, BMTC has a profound technology base in TV backlighting. Its products, manufacturing, processes, quality and patents are all in line with international standards. It always focuses on the “serving big customer”strategy and concentrates on superior resources for strategic customers. With pragmatic and realistic attitude, it provides customers with high quality products and better services.

Since its establishment in 2011, BMTC has been deeply cultivating in the LED packaging industry and has always adhered to the “craftsmanship spirit” ---known as “professional” and “fineness”. In terms of product layout, BMTC only focuses on lighting and backlighting areas and try to cover all of its product specifications and series; in terms of product performance, BMTC focuses on the details, carefully analyzes each performance difference on the basis of theory and actual verification, and is committed to providing each customer with the most suitable and optimal solution; in terms of quality control, BMTC has a complete quality control system, and at the same time, through advanced quality control equipment, it aims to achieve “no dead angle” monitoring of product quality; in terms of smart production, BMTC uses fully automated equipment to enhance production efficiency, and also uses four leading domestic intelligent systems to monitor the whole process of product quality. As a persistent craftsman, BMTC continues to pursue quality through deepening its smart process capability and technological levels to achieve customer satisfaction with its products and quality.

After eight years of development, BMTC has achieved certain success. In the next three years, with the advantage of the entire industrial chain of SZMTC Group, BMTC will continue to invest in R&D and strive to become a world-leading LED packaging company. At the same time, BMTC has begun to Mini and Micro LED R&D and will increase the investment. Coupling with the synergy with SZMTC Semiconductor, it expects to lead the display technology in China in the future.

(Source: BMTC)

At the current stage, BMTC’s TV backlighting capacity reaches 10 million light bars per month, which can meet the demand of 2.5 million TV sets. In 2018, BMTC expands its capacity in advance and expects to double its production capacity, which is based on its own product advantages and global customer layout.

(Source: BMTC)

With the implementation of its global TV backlighting strategy, looking forward to the future, BMTC has a grand vision: first, to achieve international leadership in the next two years; second, to lead the future display technology through the layout of Mini/Micro LED technology; and third, to become the world's leading LED packaging company in the next three years.

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