TCL’s Revolutionary Breakthrough in Mini LED Technology

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In September 2023, TCL announced its new flagship, 98-inch X955 QD-Mini LED TV. With an unprecedented 5000 full-array local dimming zones (5184 to be exact) and 5000 nits of peak brightness, this behemoth of a 4K TV is taking television technology to new levels.

With black levels to rival OLED TVs and a peak brightness to leave them standing, the TCL X955 also boasts a longer lifespan and a larger display than OLEDs offer. You also don’t need to worry about burn-in. Additionally, the TV has advantages over regular LCD TVs. On top of the brightness and contrast factors, these include a wider color gamut and a broader dynamic range.

An Unprecedented Magnitude of Local Dimming Zones

TCL was the first to develop a Mini LED TV for mass production when they released the TCL 8-Series back in 2019. Now, many of the best quantum-dot TVs utilize Mini LED backlights. But, with the X955, TCL has raised the bar once more and continues to fly the flag in astonishing fashion.

Mini LED technology increases the number of LEDs the TV can utilize. This, in turn, leads to an increase in local dimming zones. The more zones a TV has, the more precise the light control. This control leads to higher contrast levels, more accurate and vibrant color, and superior brightness, all of which contribute to incredible picture quality.

TCL has designed the lenses in its Mini LED technology at the company’s very own PanGu Lab. The lenses are much more stable and reliable thanks to their silicone construction.

With even diffusion of light ensured by each individual LED, the lenses create uniform illumination across the entire 98-inch screen. With precise control over light emitted by each dimming zone, there is no interference with neighboring zones. Therefore, unwanted halo and blooming effects, where light spills over into dark areas and makes them appear more illuminated, are effectively prevented.

The Foundation of Deep Contrast

You get unparalleled contrast levels with absolute precision delivered by 5000 full-array local dimming zones. Deep, dark blacks emerge when the TV dims the backlight in dark scenes. Viewers can experience an enveloping dark abyss with vivid details when enjoying atmospheric movies and video games.

Conversely, the backlights surge to life in bright scenes or areas, producing dazzling highlights illuminating the display with astonishing clarity. In short, the TCL X955 delivers visual symphonies of stark contrast.

It Can Hit Peak Brightness Never Before Achieved by a TV
With 1,000–2,000 nits currently considered flagship levels for peak brightness on any TV, it's astonishing that TCL has already made the massive leap to 5,000.

Anyone can see the beauty of this brightness in everyday life. The sun reflecting off an afternoon lake, for example, easily hits 5,000 nits. Filmmakers have tried to replicate this beauty for many years. But, unfortunately for them, TVs have always lacked the technology needed to bring their visions to life. However, with the 5,000 nits the X955 can hit, they are finally able to achieve their dreams.

Stunning Peak Brightness Takes HDR to New Levels
A TV’s peak brightness holds the key to unleashing the full potential of HDR content. When you consider the previous levels that other TVs could reach, it can be hard to imagine just how astonishing and realistic HDR content looks on the powerhouse that is the TCL X955.

Watching HDR content on this incredible TV showcases the full range of the light spectrum, from the darkest shadow to the brightest highlight. It is an entirely natural depiction of light and shadow, with the most brilliant highlights faithfully reproduced without compromising detail in dark scenes.

It Achieves This Groundbreaking Brightness Without a Temperature Increase
TCL has ingeniously designed the most advanced Mini LED chip ever made. It emits light through a series of six paper-thin crystals in seamless succession and meticulously fine-tunes the voltage for efficient operation. The TV can crank up the brightness while still maintaining an even temperature.

Even when the TV utilizes all 5184 local dimming zones and 5000 nits of peak brightness, the temperature is unflinching and under control.

With TCL supporting both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, the magnificent peak brightness means viewers should brace themselves when watching HDR content. The gargantuan screen comes alive in a kaleidoscope of brilliant light and color, with perfect detail in both light and dark scenes. Dazzling whites leap out of the screen while inky, dark blacks display bewilderingly rich levels of depth.

Furthermore, the color gamut produces over one billion natural colors for a lifelike experience.

What’s more, this brightness level will laugh in the face of any competing ambient light. In other words, the screen remains a thing of beauty even with the curtains wide and the sun beating in through the window. Saturday matinees or Sunday afternoon football will be forever improved. Furthermore, watching in a darkened room will deliver the most engaging home theater experience you can imagine.

The result is, quite simply, an immersive viewing experience of lifelike detail and color that was thought to be impossible only a short time ago. The TCL X955 transcends the boundaries of a traditional television experience and paves the way for a true cinematic adventure in your own home.

Whether enjoying sweeping landscapes and herds of exotic animals in a nature documentary or a heart-stopping epic action movie, the TCL X955 seamlessly blends deep blacks, dazzling highlights, and flawless, natural color into a captivating, visual tapestry.

An Ingenious Breakthrough in Mini LED Technology
All in all, the 98-inch TCL X955 is a TV that takes us to the next level in television tech.

Despite reaching these incredible imagery levels, the X955 is also energy-efficient and maintains an even temperature. In these times of climate change and soaring energy bills, it’s good to know that TCL has considered these factors while driving us toward new heights.

There’s no getting away from the fact that this TV also looks simply stunning mounted on a wall. On top of its immaculate picture quality, it is ultra-thin and has a bezel-free display. And, with support for HDMI 2.1, 144Hz VRR, and a superb 4.2.2-channel audio system, the TCL X955 is so much more than its revolutionary Dual 5000 Technology.


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