LG unveils its 2024 QNED LCD TV range – including new Mini LED models

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LG's new QNEED LCD TV range for 2024 includes new king-sized models to deliver a true home theater. 
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While LG's OLED TVs have found greater favor with consumers than its premium 'QNED' LCD sets in recent years, the brand certainly can't be accused of treating its LCD TVs as second-class citizens Is. There's always been a wide selection of LCD price points and technologies for those looking for a better or cheaper alternative to LG's OLED models – and that trend continues with LG's new 2024 QNEED TV range.

At the heart of the advancements to the 2024 QNED series are new Alpha 8 AI and Alpha 5 AI processors and a move towards introducing new king-sized screens. But these new advancements will, of course, build on popular existing QNED features like NanoCell/Quantum Dot Color technology, full array local dimming lighting systems and, in the case of premium models, Mini LED lighting.

The Alpha 8 AI processor is claimed to deliver a 1.3x increase in AI performance, a 2.3x increase in graphic performance and a general 1.6x increase in processing speed compared to its predecessor. These kinds of power improvements should lead to better on-the-fly picture enhancements – especially when it comes to upscaling HD images to 4K. But LG also points to some specific picture enhancements the Alpha 8 chip is designed to provide with the new QNED TVs – specifically with LG's AI Picture Pro system, which now supports HDMI as well. Able to work with sources received on the tuner. And streaming fare.

This system can now not only identify the type of content you are viewing and adjust the picture and sound quality accordingly, but can also identify faces, objects and backgrounds within a scene and adjust the image. To 'reconstruct' such different image elements can be addressed separately. So that it can more closely reflect the way your eyes see the real world.

There's also a major improvement to LG's Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro system, which breaks the picture into smaller blocks to better detect the brightest and darkest areas to optimize the screen's HDR effect, resulting in more Detailed, dynamic and three-dimensional images.

The new QNED processing system also supports a new personalized version of LG's Picture Wizard feature, so any member of your household who sets up their account on the TV will automatically see their favorite picture settings as well as their favorite You can activate the home page whenever you want. His account has been activated.

The new processor isn't limited to picture improvement; It also enhances the sound of the latest QNED TVs, enabling some models to upmix incoming audio into virtual 9.1.2 channels. The QNED range can seamlessly integrate its built-in sound system with LG soundbars, courtesy of LG's Wow Orchestra feature, with the top-end 8K range additionally supporting Wow Cast, where lossless Dolby Atmos sound is delivered wirelessly. Can be delivered to LG. soundbar

Quantum Dots and Nanocells
The quantum dot/nanocell combination of the QNED screen – based on past experience – should provide an unusually vibrant, broad but also subtle and refined color performance, while the so-called Precision Dimming technology with LG's 2024 Mini LED QNED99T and QNED90T series is available. It is now claimed to be capable of producing one million steps of gray scale and providing gradations up to a 20-bit level of accuracy. This should result in more detail in dark scenes (64 times more detail, LG claims!) and better tonal control of colors in the light spectrum.

The design of LG's latest QNED models has been refined to be thinner, with most sets in the latest range coming in at under 30mm in depth. LG has also designed new SlimLime stands for the latest QNED sets, which also offer a simple cable management system. Some screen sizes support two 'height' settings for their desktop stand, allowing you to either place the screen down on a centrally installed flat base stand, or raise it up to make room for one of LG's latest soundbars. You can raise the screen an additional 40 mm or more.

The entire new QNED range will run the latest version of LG's webOS smart platform. In a significant advancement, this 2024 webOS platform will be upgradeable for up to four years for future webOS platform updates. (This new 'future-proof' webOS will also be available for 2022's 8K QNED range, the QNED99 and QNED95 series.)

Finally, coming to model specifications, there will be four new QNED series for 2024. At the top of the tree will be QNED99Ts. These 8K models will be available in 86 and 75-inch screen sizes, feature slim, wall-hanging friendly 'gallery' designs, use Mini LED lighting and a large number of local dimming zones, support 120Hz native refresh rates, LG's highest level Offer enhanced color performance (called QNED Color Pro) and use the Alpha 9 AI 8K processor that is specifically designed to deal with the additional demands associated with handling an 8K pixel count.

The premium 4K QNED range will be the QNED90Ts. Available in 86, 75 and 65-inch screen sizes, these will include a 'slim' design, native 120Hz panel, Mini LED lighting system and QNED Color Pro level color performance. However, their processors switch to the new Alpha 8 AI system.

Another step down takes us to the QNED85Ts. The range adds a 98-inch model to LG's QNED range for the first time, joining the 86, 75, 65, 55 and 50-inch QNED85T options. This range slims the design down to so-called 'super slim' levels, retaining the QNED90T range's original 120Hz panel and Alpha 8 AI processor, but dropping its dimming zone count to so-called advanced local dimming levels versus the Precision . Dimming systems are used above the QNED range; The 'Pro' specification loses its QNED color feature; And switches to regular LED lighting instead of mini LEDs.

The most affordable of LG's 2024 QNED TVs will be the QNED80Ts. The series will get a new 86-inch screen size, which will sit alongside 75-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch, 50-inch, and 43-inch options. The Q80T series will retain the super slim design of the Q85Ts, as well as the QNED color specification and 'advanced' local dimming engine, but the refresh rate drops to 60Hz, and the processor switches to a new Alpha 5 AI system, while the Alpha 8 While not as powerful as the AI ​​platform, it's still an improvement over the processor used on the Q80T's predecessors.

These models should start appearing in the spring of 2024, and we're expecting news on LG's new OLED TVs in the next week or so, either at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas or just before that.

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