InfoComm 2021: A Highlight Summary of 14 Exhibitors including BOE, TCL, and Leyard

On July 21, the high-profile event InfoComm China 2021 was held at the China National Convention Center in Beijing, where BOE, TCL, Changhong, Leyard, Absen, Unilumin, AOTO, and many other companies showcased their latest products and technological applications.

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BOE, Skyworth, Hisense, Leyard, and MAXHUB all exhibited all-in-one (AIO) models, among which BOE’s Mini LED-backlit smart AIO monitor was unveiled for the first time.
COB-based display products were another highlight during the event, to which Absen, LianTronics, and Kinglight brought relevant products. Absen and Kinglight both revealed their COB-packaged Mini LED displays.
Leyard, Unilumin, AOTO, and LianTronics also presented to the audience naked-eye 3D solutions. Some of them, including AOTO, Unilumin, Absen, and Shenzhen LP Display, even built virtual film studios on-site.
During the InfoComm 2021 exhibition, BOE displayed its latest Mini LED-backlit smart AIO model featuring a high number of dimming zones as well as a novel glass-based P0.9 Mini LED product.
Engineered with Mini LED backlight technology, BOE’s AIO monitor boasts 5,376 local dimming zones, 20,000+ LED lamps, an amazing 1-million-to-1 contrast ratio, and 600 nits of brightness. The anti-glare screen also features a 6% HAZE value, motion estimation and motion compensation (MEMC), and 178° viewing angle. 
The company’s glass-based P0.9 Mini LED display is a new type of active-matrix (AM) Mini LED display which is based on advanced glass-based display technology and advanced micrometer-scale packaging technology. As an AM product, the display can achieve 1,000 nits of brightness and a million-level ultra-high contrast ratio.
Reportedly, the mass production of the major Chinese supplier’s glass-based Mini LED product has been achieved. The display will be applied to large-size 8K displays, outdoor displays, and sliced video walls for meetings.
TCL unveiled its latest products and technologies at the InfoComm event, including a 130-inch smart LED display, large meeting display solutions, and duet display meeting solutions.
TCL also presented TCL NXTHUB™V60, a workplace meeting video wall developed with DingTalk, in which the built-in Android app allows users to join an HD video conference without purchasing OPS. By simply running the DingTalk app, users can—without the bother of fetching any peripherals—cast their meeting to the video wall through a computer, smartphone, or tablet.    
With the theme “Horizon#Here ”, Skyworth presented its four major series, the commercial smart TV Swaiot PROTV, all-scenario smart display Swaiot BOARD, city smart cloud wall Swaiot WALL, and smart digital signage Swaiot SIGNAGE; the series comprise more than 20 products including true tone LED AIO and meeting monitors.
The series Swaiot BOARD™|T is Skyworth’s first-ever commercial in-cell flagship video wall for meetings. At InfoComm 2021, the exhibited product Swaiot BOARD™ is a true tone AIO LED model featuring seamless slicing with simple, integrated design. The AIO video wall has overcome LCD’s size and slicing limitations, which can fulfil workspace demand for mid- and large-size high-end displays. 
Additionally, the company unveiled a commercial 8K new work for retail display—Swaiot WALL™|KP65A0—by slicing four 4K panels into a 2×2 screen, resulting a 130-inch ultra-large 8K display area.
At the event, Changhong displayed its popular Laser Theater models, flagship laser projectors for business engineering, and smart LED projectors along with solutions for various fields.
Changhong showcased its smart projector featuring MTK mid- and high-end smart chips along with Changhong’s AI true tone engine. The projector can display wide-gamut, true tone image like TVs, plus smart functions such as remote AI voice assistant, AI image quality adjustment, and auto focus.
Reportedly, Changhong has focused on the market of LED smart projectors since 2020; its products comprise 0.47 models such as Q5 and S5, 0.33 models such as S3 and Q3, as well as 0.23 models like the S2 series.
Hisense Commercial Display
Hisense unveiled its new fine-pitch LED products, including the Revelation series, Monolith series, and an AIO LED video wall for large conference rooms.
The AIO LED video wall, through countless experiments, research, and development attempts, has overcome the top three challenges that can affect LED performance, namely humidity, static electricity, and impact resistance. Hisense solved these challenges by developing bottom glue coating and surface Nano coating solutions, thereby achieving mechanical and chemical protection; the product is able to endure temperatures from −20°C to 80°C.
During the event, Hisense also presented one of its Monolith series, the HPS1.2 fine-pitch LED display. The product comes with case body CNC processing, boasts micrometer-level errors, and uses diverse packaging and processing methods. The biggest advantages of the display are its size, which is similar to the displays in the mainstream market, and its good CP value.
MAXHUB showcased its Cutting-Edge Pro, Technology Pro, and strengthened-version video walls for meetings, which were released in April this year, as well as four major smart solutions.
MAXHUB’s meeting video wall, Cutting-Edge Pro, boasts upgraded 4K ultra-high definition, 10-bit color, and an 11-megapixel camera along with functions of smart gesture/graphic, smart optical character recognition (SOCR), and wireless projection.
Moreover, MAXHUB has partnered with DingTalk and Tencent Video to launch customization services for meeting monitors; incorporating various software strengths with its meeting video wall, MAXHUB provides highly effective and professional smart meeting solutions for its customers.
Leyard demonstrated its 216-inch 8K Micro LED display, naked-eye 3D display, 3D polarized light cinema, transparent display, immersive AR shooting studio, and immersive remote conference AIO display. The 216-inch 8K Micro LED display boasts a resolution of 4320 x 7680 pixels with stunningly small pitch of P0.6mm. 
Notably, Leyard officially released the whole-series Planar Micro LED large TVs for home use. Comprising 4K 108-inch, 135-inch, and 162-inch as well as 8K 216-inch models, the series are engineered with novel Micro LED chips and Leyard’s patented driver ICs; their features (e.g., high brightness, high contrast, wide color gamut, and advanced HDR) can fulfil demand in high-end markets.
Under the theme “Absen is a perfect fit for large displays”, Absen divided its booth into three areas, where the company separately showcased high-end fine-pitch Micro LED display products, virtual film studio LED solutions, and smart grid control center solutions.
Absen showcased a new-gen Micro LED display which it spent 5 years developing: the Clear Cobalt series. It features ultra-black coating technology, a “cold” LED screen, ultra-wide viewing angle, HDR3.0, and Level 6 ingress protection and water-resistance.
Absen also partnered with Versatile Media to promote a virtual filmmaking experience LED solution at the event, where the firm comprehensively established a virtual shooting studio onsite, providing immersive experiences with lifelike images for the audience.
At the InfoComm exhibition, Unilumin presented the Software-Defined LED Display (SDLD), UMiniⅡ0.7 and 0.9 products, digital audiovisual solutions, and innovative 3D naked-eye visual display solutions. The SDLD, UMiniⅡ0.7 and 0.9 products, and the first domestically produced LED cinema were unveiled for the first time.
As Unilumin specified, the SDLD adopts emerging internet technologies and was developed based on the distributed computing and design concept of micro-services architecture, which represent a technological innovation. With the said architecture and a large LED display as the core end of a display business system, the SDLD is expected to overcome problems of peripheral software/hardware upgrades and maintenance, thereby realizing smart recognition, holographic recognition, automatic control, application visualization, self-evolution, and ecological chain establishment throughout the entire business system. Therefore, Unilumin can offer all-scenario and diverse smart display services for its clients.
AOTO exhibited its latest intelligent video solutions such as XR virtual film and television production, naked-eye 3D, and 3D immersive teaching solutions.
The XR virtual production studio solution aims to establish a control system for LED displays as well as filmmaking studios that can bring genuine light and shadow effects and present colors in detail.
Further, AOTO’s 3D immersive teaching solution adopts the technology of high-resolution LED 3D presentation, through which 3D computer graphics are organically combined with audio technologies. The solution can thus create a completely immersive teaching environment, facilitating student engagement and learning.
During the exhibition, LianTronics brought multiple scenario-based solutions (i.e., solutions of naked-eye 3D display, smart party building display, smart control center display, and VIP cinema display) plus several ultra-fine pitch LED products.
The display solution for smart party building scenarios comprises a visualized large display with an extremely thin and light screen body. The product—which can either be wall mounted or floor standing—presents fully digitalized party-building content using VR technology along with terminal control units like capacitive tough controller, VR seat, and VR headset, thereby facilitating interactive, immersive learning of the CCP history and demonstration of party building concepts and party history.
The solution for smart control center display comes with a fine-pitch Mini LED display as thin as 39mm, which is applicable to various smart command and control sites. The modules, adapter boards, and system are connected using highly integrated hard link, enabling more stable, more reliable smart command and control.
LianTronics also exhibited a self-developed super Vmini display technology featuring the company’s full COB flip chips with great heat dissipation, high luminous efficacy, long lifespan, and excellent photochromic consistency.
This year, AET presented its QCOB AT series comprising standard size products, 5G+8K all-round solutions, and QCOB channel modules.
QCOB is an upgraded COB product based on BOB upgraded fine-pitch panel approach integrated with quantum dot technology. The AT series comprises five models, namely the 32-, 43-, 46-, 55-, and 60-inch models, the sizes of which all meet international standards. The ATs are compatible to conventional LCD installation size and feature light case bodies, high refresh rates, high flexibility of seamless slicing, and a high level of ingress protection.
Shenzhen LP Display
Working with Versatile Media, Shenzhen LP adopted Versatile VxR+LP DISPLAY Diamonds Series LEDs to develop a comprehensive solution for XR scenarios.
At its booth, Shenzhen LP built an LED stage using its Pro-version Black Diamond virtual filmmaking display with a pixel pitch of P1.8. Themed as “Versatile’s VxR Mixed Reality Solutions”, Shenzhen LP exhibited a one-stop mixed reality solution comprising LEDs, digital assets, and virtualization extension. The solution helps build a lifelike virtual scene and facilitates all-round character–scene interactions, hence the greater applicability.    
Reportedly, Versatile Media currently has two virtual film studios featuring Versatile Volume Plus large-size fine-pitch LED displays. The media company also has three optical motion capture studios, two of which boast a high frame rate of 1000FPS. The studios cover an area of more than 14,000m2.
Kinglight showcased its Mini/Micro LED display modules, fine-pitch LED displays, and indoor/outdoor LED displays at the InfoComm 2021 event.
The Micro LED display panel, the JiMu, was developed based on integrated packaging and flip-chip technology. With a pure black glossy surface design (“True Black”), JiMu boasts excellent color consistency, a stunning 1-million-to-1 contrast ratio, as well as modules available for slicing of any size and resolution, thereby bringing unprecedented visual experiences.
Reportedly, Kinglight’s Mini/Micro LED-direct-lit JiMu has been subjected to mass production. In 2021, the monthly capacity can reach 2,500m2 and hit 10,000m2 in 2022.
(Information compiled by Mia Huang from LEDinside)
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