High LED Energy Saving Benefits, Solar Energy Cost Remain High

Global market intelligence organization TrendForce’s green energy research division LEDinside and EnergyTrend analysis points out that every country, one by one is progressing towards replacement energy plans. Why then consider energy efficient and clean energy electric power?

The energy saving benefits from replacing traditional lighting with LED lights is obvious: Overall replacement with LED lighting can substitute part of nuclear plants or traditional thermal power plants.

LEDinside states that 19% of electric consumption comes from world lighting. If one uses the most energy saving light fixtures available to replace the current lighting installation system, it can save 30% of lighting resource consumption. In the future, if lighting is integrated with smart grid environment, such as LEDs, inductor and embedded power supply control systems can save up to 30% and up in resource consumption.It is predicted that by 2030, the entire LED lighting application will save 50% and more in resource consumption. According to Osram’s data, half of the available electronic consumption, calculates to about 1300TWh watts. That is approximately equivalent to 650 power-plants (200MW grade), which is equal to about 650 million tons of carbon dioxide being pumped into the air, two times the area of Germany’s new forest, as well as 2 billion barrels of petroleum.

If Taiwan pushes a public vote on Fourth Nuclear Power Plant (Taiwan) in the future, and the results are the definite stop to construction, then how will we consider other resource replacement plans?

Using Taiwan as an example for Asia, LEDinside points out that the current illumination system stands for 17%-18% of Taiwan’s entire energy consumption (14% for China). Aside from traditional incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, high intensity sodium lamps, and metal halide lamps are also used. Moreover, energy saving florescent lamps in recent years are used to a large extent. Florescent and incandescent lamps have a use ratio of 1:1 If all household lighting, industrial lighting, business area, and public area lighting (including landscape and street lamps) were changed to LED lighting, which is with better light output performance, light quality, and reasonable price.

It is estimated that when LED lighting infiltration rates reaches 20%, it can save Taiwan about 2.56% in electronic consumption, at 50% it can save about 6.39%, and if it reaches 100% capacity it will save Taiwan 12.78% in electronic consumption, which is about the capacity of Taiwan’s new nuclear power plant.

Aside from LED and Solar energy power assessment, LEDinside also puts forth 4 points that can develop resource plans.

  1. Continue to spread renewable energy like wind energy, solar energy, and biomass energy, extend the roof of the solar energy subsidy plan, or consider the use of disused space, promoting solar energy power proportion.
  2. Improve thermal power plant facilities, extending combustion energy emit 942 grams of carbon dioxide every kilowatt hour proportion. Another method is on existing generator units, use clean coal (CCT), bio-coal (RDFS) to replace current coal-fired power plants (mit 942 grams of carbon dioxide every kilowatt hour ). This can efficiently reduce carbon dioxide emittance, however the government needs to be urged to legislation with support subsidy.
  3. Recently due to American’s development of natural shale gas, it has become the country with the lowest cost resources. Aside from American vigorously adoption, and quality being higher and cheaper natural gas is a good method, however there is still a need to consider storage, transportation, and liquefaction costs. Currently we must spread natural gas fleet purchase, and build gas storage containers.
  4. Energy saving family expenses popularization and solutions also need more vigorous promotion, forbidden sales of “Energy-hungry Appliances”. Existing industry structure also needs to try to escalate and revolution, reduce proportion of high cost in the energy industry. Also, in accordance with redefine the electricity pricing, long-term examination regulate industry electricity selling price.
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