TILS 2015: Japanese Manufacturer T-Net LED Product Portfolio

Characteristics of T-NET

Reliability & Confidence given by Japan product (produced by ISO9001 authorized factory)

Starting from the production of LED CHIPS, PCBA. Power supply, housing (Heat Sink) etc., until the assembly and inspection, all processes are implemented in Japan.

Particularly for the quality. the production line is set in ISO9001 authorized factory. and the production is managed by strict quality control.

(All photos courtesy of T-Net)

Realization of Light Weight(Adoption of Magnesium Alloy)

T-NET is the pioneer among the large size LED industry for applying magnesium alloy to the heat sink housing.While as our socket type could fix on the current fixture and the existing socket of mercury lamps, etc., can be reused; the strengths can be maintained, and the super light weighting and splendidly well heat dissipation perfromance can also be realized by applying magnesium alloy.

Exclusive Power Supply Unit with High Effectiveness(Made in Japan)

As the power supply unit is a critical part of LED lighting. our power supply unit is made in Japan. and the high power factor performance of power output reduces the power loss. And eventually the high luminance can be realized.

Green procurement

This is the product comply with the standard of chemical substance component, and suitable for the existing effectiveness of energy consumption.

Easy lnstallation with Competitive Price and Effective Cost-Saving

We set our price with the aim that the investment cost can be returned within three years, and”Operation cost saving”, “Obvious saving of power consumption”, “Reduction of exchange and maintenance cost due to long lifespans” and “power consumption saving due to the quick lighting-up performance enable to switch off the light even in a short interval”, these hidden cost saving leads our product be more cost saving effective.

Wide Range of Operation Ambient Temperature from -40 to +60* 

Our product can be applied in various areas, from frwwzer to the indoor with folded-plate garret during summer time. As there is a temperature control function in the external power supply unit, even there is a sudden drastically temperature increase, it can be handled too.

Feasible Design with Changeable Lens

(30˚42˚60˚80˚120˚Glare-Prevented Types)

There are six types of lens available for your most suitable

choice based on specific requirement such as different ceiling height and the light pitch. Moreover, regarding the product with long lifespans, the lens are possible to change if there are serious dirt after used for a long period.

Pursuit of Reliability and Safety

Because the product is used at high bay with long using period, we design the product in the aim of ensuring the reliable and safety use. T-NET makes you feel secure ti use as the replacement of mercury lamp and metal halide lamp.

Countermeasure to the Gale and Thunder

Wind resistance 60m/sec, lightning Surge 15kV (International Srandard 4kV)”

We do consider for the situation of sudden climate change together with gale and lightning for the reliable design of T-NET. For the wind pressure, the product passes the wind pressure test with wind speed 60m/sec.

And for the lightning, the lightning surge of our product is much higher than the lightning surge standard 4kV which is set by IEC(International Electro technical Commission)

 Countermeasure of Quake-Resistant

 The safety of T-NET is confirmed by the vibration test.

 Due to there are frequent earthquakes in Japan, we pursue to reduce the risk of device dropping and breakdown, therefore our LED enable the reliable use.

 Total Luminous Flux Test by Integrating Sphere

 As a desirable, in order to ensure the provision of a stable brightness, optics properties examination is implemented by using the integrating sphere, which can measure the every single light source’s luminous flux accurately.

Comply with RoHS Standard

We keep the content indexes of Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Sexivalent Chrome, Polybrominated Biphenyl, Polybrominated Dphenyl Ether below the International standard. And environmental friendly is concerned during product development stage.

Acquirement of PSE

We based on the standard of Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law (PSE) for product development. We acquire the PSE for the power supply unit from Japan Electrical Safety Environment Technology Laboratories.*CB and CE (under the application)

High Salt-Resistant Specification for Area might be damaged by Salt Breezes (Option)

For the coastal area and area with salt breezes, we prepare High Salt-Resistant Speciation for your optional use.

Nipponmaru Memorial Park (Yokohama)

  Corrosive Gas Examination

 In order to ensure the reliable use for long period in various areas such as factory, one of the evaluations on quality is the corrosive gas examination.

   And therefore we can achieve the high reliability of long lifespan.

Countermeasure of High Harmonic Wave and  Electromagnetic Wave Hindrance

 A power-factor reaches 90% or more, it is regarded as safety margin. In order to prevent the noise and malfunction caused by high harmonic wave, our LED device (including the power supply unit’s power-factor is fixed as more than 95%.

Electric Appliance Safety Law


Standard Value(Measurement with 3mdistance)

Range of the frequency

Limit value

Disturbance Voltage



Below 56dB

Below 60dB

Noise Power


Below 55dB


PL Insurance with 3 Years Warranty

This product joins the plan of Products Liability Insurance (PL Insurance) in case for warranty. Even if accident such as fire is occurred by the reason of this product, it is guaranteed the damage equivalency. The product warranty is 3 years after the delivery of product.

 Provision of professional advice

If the installed areas are with sulfur-based compound, strong acidic mist, damage from salt breeze and dew condensation, please in from in advance. We can provide the suggestion, respond to your enquiry and do the analysis speedily.

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