TILS 2015: PnL Consulting Group’s OLED Product Portfolio

PnL Consulting group was established in 2010 in Taiwan. The company’s main technology is based on TFT, OLED and semiconductor. Most of the employees are Taiwanese and Korean. The company’s major revenue comes from Europe. The company also has various biz in Taiwan, China, Korea and US.

The main products of PnL are OLED Microdisplay and OLED lighting panel. OLED is a latest device that can be applied to both display and lighting. OLED has a lot of advantages over its competing and conventional device such as LCD and LED in display and lighting industry, respectively.

Acuity Brands OLED luminaires using LG Chem OLED panel. (LG Chem /LEDinside)

PnL is producing OLED Microdisplay which has been developed for the last 5 years. The first product has a resolution of 1700ppi and the second product has 2100ppi. One of the main applications of OLED Microdisplay is smart glass display such as Google glass(US). Also it can be applied to the super high resolution display for Virtual Reality Head Mount Display such as Oculus Rift(US).

The second main product of PnL is OLED lighting panel, so called “OLED Light”, the application of which is “luminaire” including various types of lamps. OLED Light is produced by LG Chemical in Korea and PnL is a worldwide distributor including Taiwan and China. Currently, LG Chemical’s proprietary OLED Light is leading the OLED lighting market and its performance as well as its market share is the No. 1 in the world. PnL had built a long-term and close relationship with LG Chemical for the last 5 years and collaborating a lot of biz works including product sales. PnL has a plan to develop OLED Light infra structure in Taiwan in a near future, which will facilitate more rapid growth and development of OLED lighting and luminaire industry in Taiwan.

Benefits of OLED Light

1.    “Natural” Light

Among all high-efficiency / eco-friendly lighting sources, OLEDs have the closest spectral power distributions to natural light. This makes people emotionally comfortable and is ideal for places where natural light is unavailable or for places where good quality light is needed.

2.    Flexible, Ultra-Thin and Light

OLEDs are ultra- thin, light, and also flexible. These characteristics free designers to create much more creative shapes than existing lighting can provide.

3.    No Glare

OLED is a surface light source with no glare and no shadow. Exposure to glaring light can cause eye strain or damage the eyes if there is continuous exposure.

4.    No Heat

OLED panels are touchable and easy to handle as it produces very low heat (<35°C ). This means a person can be close to an OLED lighting panel without suffering any discomfort.

5.    No UV

OLEDs are completely free of UV, which can cause wrinkles and also attract insects.

6.    No Blue Light Risk

OLEDs, unlike LEDs, are exempt from blue light hazard risks that can cause retinal damage leading to weakening or less of vision.

LG Chem OLED panels. (LG Chem /LEDinside)

What are LG Chem’sStrengths

1.    Top Manufacturing Capability

Optimal materials + panel production capabilities enables a competitive cost structure

2.    High Efficacy

LG Chem OLEDs have reached 100lm/W

Efficacy which is similar to LEDs

The efficacy is forecasted to reach 140lm/W by 2017.

(Source: LG Chem)

3.    Long Lifetime

LG Chem OLEDs are expected to reach 40,000 hours and above at all luminance options by 2017.

(Source: LG Chem)

4.    High CRI

CRI is an important indicator for the quality of a light source. LG Chem OLED light panels have a CRI level of over 90 without compromising other performance factors such as efficacy.

(Source: LG Chem)
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