Philips OneSpace Luminous Ceiling to Showcase at Lightfair 2015

This following blog post was written by Margot Stuart, Marketing Communications Manager for Large Luminous Surfaces and Stephanie Cohn from Philips Color Kinetics.

Did you know that average americans spend 90 percent of their time inside? That was revealed in a study from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This means people spend most of their day with a ceiling over their head, yet hardly do they notice it’s aesthetic. A ceiling is often forgotten in design, just like acoustics. Architects struggle with all those add-ons disturbing their white canvas. And that is where OneSpace steps in.

Philips Large Luminous Surfaces is reinventing the way we think about the ceiling with OneSpace luminous ceiling.

 OneSpace luminous ceiling applications. (All photos courtesy of Philips)

“Through our work with leading architects around the world, we noticed a strong desire to de-clutter the ceiling,” explains Sean Carney in the November 2014 issue of FRAME Magazine. “Architects were continuously challenged by the limitations of the various add-ons that detract from the purity and integrity of their concepts.” Jumbled with utility fixtures, uneven lighting, and various imperfections, a ceiling often detracts from the atmosphere of a room and limits architects from creating a consistent design.

OneSpace liberates architects from conventional ceiling design. This made-to-measure panel integrates LED lights with textile to create a white light ceiling surface that hides the source of light completely. OneSpace provides a homogenous illumination that’s both shadow and glare free, producing a serene daylight effect. Customers particularly like how the smooth panel covers any imperfections to form a cohesive look, which helps architects to reach their ideal design atmosphere without the distraction of ceiling utilities.

OneSpace luminous ceiling applications. (All photos courtesy of Philips)


Because of its minimalistic design and ability to be customized to any size, OneSpace can be used in a wide variety of places. Its uniform glow, in particular, makes it ideal for showcasing artifacts in a museum or products in a retail environment.

Another benefit is how it enhances acoustics by reducing sound reflections.

OneSpace improves a buildings acoustics by using a combination of materials that reduce sound reflections, perfect for a hotel or office space that needs to create a serene environment.

OneSpace luminous ceiling applications. (All photos courtesy of Philips)

So whether you are sitting under the standard industrial ceiling or a OneSpace luminous ceiling, it’s likely that you won’t notice what’s above you. Even if you don’t notice it, it makes a difference in how you experience a space because an unpleasant-looking ceiling will disturb the mood of an environment.

“The ceiling becomes the light, and the light becomes the ceiling,” says Carney, describing what it’s like to stand under a OneSpace luminous ceiling. Harmoniously integrated into the design of the room, it allows you to simply feel the light as if outside on a clear, sunny day. The ceiling is no longer the limit.

So drop by and feel the light at Lightfair International in New York City from May 5 to 7. OneSpace will be exhibiting at booth #1207 encouraging visitors to rethink the ceiling.

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