Orient-Chip Technology Announces TOF TX Total Solution for 3D Sensing

Shanghai Orient-chip Technology (OCS) is a deep tech company that focuses on integrated IC and optoelectronics product. Headquarters of the company are in Shanghai, China and its R&D centers locate in Shanghai, Taipei and Hsinchu.

OCS’s IC and optoelectronics R&D teams focus on TX total solution for Time of Flight (TOF) since 2015. They developed a series VCSEL package for TOF that integrates metal holder and brings two advantage. First, heat dissipation on metal holder product is better then plastic holder product. Second, metal holder product performs better reliability without risk of plastic holder falling off.

OCS has formed a perfect TOF emitter product line and announced its industry-leading OCVC17 series that builds PD (Photo Diode) for full eye-safety protection. It has the narrowest dimension in the world (1.75mm) and is suitable for front camera of mobile device and notebook.

The existed product lines, OCVC22, OCVC32 and OCVC35 series, are with radiant power from 0.5W to 6.0W and various divergence angles including 44x36 to 120x90. Base on above full specification, OCS TOF emitter products can be applied to any application.

Image 1: OCS OCVC series, 3217 TOF package, suitable for narrow border design.

OCS launched high frequency driver IC OCP8681 for iTOF application with peak current up to 4.0A and frequency up to 200MHz. It also built a PD analogy signal algorithm achieving two important functions. First, it has eye safety protection that monitors diffuser by light current from PD. Second, it has auto power control (APC) function to immediately adjust output current via light current from PD. Above functions can be controlled by I2C protocol.

OCP8681 integrates high accuracy temperature sensor which monitors VCSEL real time temperature at high frequency work. The product also has additional interface for external thermistor varied to different TOF module designs to effectively solute unstable TOF TX output power that causes thermal problem.

Image 2: OCS OCP8681 Driver IC

OCS announced its industry-leading OCIV series in 3Q19. The product integrates VCSEL chip and driver IC chip in one package to effectively decrease PCB layout area by 40%. OCIV series also reduces Tr/Tf time by 30% by shortening distance between VCSEL and driver IC, increasing TOF work frequency up to 300MHz.

Image 3: OCIV series module solution (Left) and discrete solution (Right) for TOF TX

At present, OCS obtains over 10 patent for TOF TX and VCSEL driver IC in USA, Japan, China and Taiwan.

OCS’s OCVC series product for TOF emitter has been verified by several TOF sensor providers and TOF module makers. The products are adopted in various applications for customer from China, USA, Germany, Japan and Taiwan.

OCS built advance package factories for TOF TX application at Jiaxing, Zhejiang, for providing TOF TX emitter and TOF driver IC packages. These production sites are equipped with advanced equipment for mass production, including two key factors of TOF application, 100% test far field light pattern and VCSEL performance test at high and low temperature.

Image 4: Auto testing equipment of OCS factory can achieve 100% test light pattern, including near field and far field.

About Shanghai Orient-chip Technology (OCS):

Shanghai Orient-chip Technology is a global leader in TOF TX solutions with a strategic advantage of advance TOF emitter package technology, highly customized product, driver IC design ability in TOF application, and integrated TOF TX solutions.

OCS is an innovator of several applications including mobile device, notebooks, home appliance, sensing and automotive products.

Phone: +86-21-56387201
Fax: +86-21-56387206
Email: Service@orient-chip.com
Official website: http://www.orient-chip.com/
Address: 10F, No. 76-78 Jiangchang 3rd Road, Jingan Dist., Shanghai, China


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Release Date: 01 January 2019
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