NACTUS Optical System New Products for Optical Solutions for LED Lighting

NACTUS is a lighting module made of different optics

NACTUS is the first and unique Optical System using different optics with different geometries, combined and set together in the SAME SYSTEM. The core optics forming NACTUS are basically 6.

By acting on the optics while each module is injected, it is virtually possible to customize any application. NACTUS is a lighting module made of different optics, that can be used as a real single lens. The concept is simple: NACTUS maximizes the lighting beam through its optics, so creating a lighting beam of a certain power and fully configurable for the final application considered.

NACTUS is a real user-friendly product, a ready-to-use panel that fits the most diverse applications in Lighting.

NACTUS panels are a real resource in the Lighting System delivering great versatility, ease of use and high lighting performance in any area application. From its first introduction onto the market, almost a year ago, EXCLUSIVE, INNOVATIVE VERSIONS have been created: TENS OF THOUSANDS OF SOLUTIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR YOUR MOST DEMANDING REQUIREMENTS!


Are IP protected, rating IP65. The silicone gasket is placed in the special groove around the perimeter edge of the panel so as to insure protection against powder and water ingress.
The silicone gasket placement is integrated into the production process of Nactus. An in-line dispensing arms robot equipped with a built-in sequencer executes the in-line transfer of the silicone gasket into the preset groove on Nactus panels.
This robotic dispensing system ensures high accuracy and repeatability of the gasket placement operation so guaranteeing high efficiency in IP protection.

Excellent for outdoor applications and indoor applications in damp and wet environments.

Why should you choose NACTUS Optical System?

  • Designed for Power LEDs of latest generation, from 100 l/W to 300 l/W
  • No need to develop any photometric analysis: that is our task!
  • The panel is preset for the housing of sensors while the holes for screws around the perimeter edge allow an easy assembly of the module onto the LED board
  • On request, Nactus panels are available with the just need to plug and play it!
  • NACTUS Optical Systems are IP65 protected: full series in many different sizes and shapes are created with built-in gasket. The silicone gasket placement is integrated into the production process of Nactus
  • The optics are made of PMMA
  • Available in multi-lens arrays, from 12 to 24 – 36 – 48 optics
  • Applications: Street Light EN13201 – IESNA (with or without Sidewalk and Bicycle Lane); Tunnel Light; Garden Light; Residential, Commercial, Retail, Shop, Architectural Light; Hospital & Hospitality Light; Canopy, Petrol Gas Station, Parking Light; Industrial Light; Professional Light.
  • NACTUS Optical Systems are Patent Pending and EN 62471:2010 (photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems) approved

About Khatod

Khatod lenses have made the mark in the LED Industry for over 25 years. Unique on the international scene, Khatod holds all of its operations 100% in house (Milano, Italy), from initial design to time to market: Optical Systems, optics for SSL, HB, COB LEDs applications, custom optics, components.

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