Seoul Viosys to Team up with Swedish Company for Water Cleaning Solution

World renowned UV LED solution company Seoul Viosys announced on November 5th its plan to partner with Watersprint, a Swedish company developing water purification products and systems to develop a clean water supply solution.

Seoul Viosys and Watersprint is to jointly provide a clean water supply solution, providing eco- friendly and connected system to the consumers. (All Photo Courtesy of Seoul Viosys)

This system will be applied to supplying safe drinking water for people suffering from drinking water contamination in Bangladesh.

Water purification products and systems based on water control technology of Watersprint make it possible to keep water clean via sterilization of Seoul Viosys Violeds tech.

The clean water solution is ideal for commercial facilities and also home applications.

Especially, Seoul Viosys Violeds tech is eco-friendly as it does not use mercury or any other chemicals. It is also available in a compact module so it can be easily applied to industrial and commercial facilities, as well as to home applications. Watersprint has also integrated a Wi-Fi system for monitoring 24 hours and statistics. These technologies are important to supply clean water.

It is well known that even boiled water or sterilized vacuum packed drinking bottle water cannot be kept several days without the contamination of virus or bacteria. Also there have been so many reports that water tap, shower mixer or water pipe is the main trigger of many diseases.

Seoul Viosys’ Violeds tech utilized in International Space Station is applied to the newest clean water supply system with outstanding performance of 99.99% sterilization.

Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Prize for Peace Laureate in 2006 and also the co-pioneer of this project as well, has been running the Micro production center to supply clean and safe drinking water by improving water quality in Bangladesh. Seoul Viosys’ Violeds technology combined with Watersprint's system is applied to the Yunus Centre. This system will be extended to the water purification system for 750 million people having no access to safe drinking water in the world.

“The UV-LED technology is the core in our products and we are extremely happy to enter this partnership with Seoul Viosys,” Watersprint CEO Anders Ruland stressed. “Seoul Viosys are at the absolutely forefront on this technology and strengthen our products. A month ago we announced a collaboration with Yunus Center and the launch of Micro Production Centers for water cleaning in Bangladesh, in which we are pleased to use Seoul Viosys technology.” Mr Ruland continues.

Seoul Viosys CEO Jae-jo Kim also added, “I am very happy to bring drinkable water to much needed communities by teaming up with Watersprint to incorporate our state-of-the-art Violeds technology into this water purification solution,” also stating, “the two companies will continuously cooperate to uplift the living conditions of people worldwide and capture business opportunities by developing and introducing new technologies.”


* Violeds?
Violeds is an advanced and clean technology realized by the collaboration of UV LED solution company Seoul Viosys and deep UV leader SETI to provide a clean and safe global environment. Seoul Viosys and SETi have developed world’s first Deep UV LED technology for more than 10 years. Not all LED are Violeds. It is incorrect to think of UVLED as a lighting bulb. The UV LED technology is distinguished from other LEDs in that it is not for lighting that the human eye sees but has properties that affect the nature of physics in polymers, biological both health benefits to humans and disinfection of harmful bacteria. Violeds technology has already applied to the space station and maintained its germ free environment and it is also safe for humans because of no chemicals used for this technology. The technology can be applied to bio-technology equipment and medical diagnosis equipment as well as skin and other medical treatment

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