Solar-powered LED Luminaires from Philips Can Brighten the Homes of Millions

Royal Philips, the global leader in lighting and patron sponsor of the International Year of Light[1], is ramping up its portfolio of solar lighting solutions with the launch of Philips LifeLight, a new new zero-energy, solar-powered LED lighting range designed for homes in off-grid rural and semi-urban communities.

In Kenya every week 75,000 people, mostly women and children, get sick or even die as a direct result of inhaling smoke from kerosene lamps, wood fires and candles. It does not have to be this way. Philips LifeLight is a new range of 100% energy-efficient solar-powered LED lighting that makes ordinary activities, such as studying or working in the evening, safer and more practical.

Launched in Kenya in November last year during a dedicated roadshow “Maisha ni Mwelekeo”, Philips LifeLight range will be rolled out in other African markets during 2015.“Today an estimated 560 million Africans live without electricity,’’ said Mary Kuria, General Manager, Philips Lighting East Africa. “For these people nighttime means either darkness or the flickering light of a candle or kerosene lamp. However the disadvantages of kerosene lanterns are many, including safety, health risks and high costs (around $50 per year). And the light output of these lanterns is so low as to make visibility for practical activities almost impossible. Using the energy of the sun to power lighting solutions can make a true difference to people’s lives.”

“Solar LED lighting is a strategic imperative for Philips, especially this year which has been proclaimed the International Year of Light by UNESCO,” says Harry Verhaar, Head of Government and Public Affairs at Philips Lighting. “Today 1.3 billion people worldwide do not have access to electricity and thus light when the sun goes down, yet the technology exists to support them. We are working with governments and stakeholders across Africa, Asia and Latin America to develop solutions with the goal to end light poverty by 2030. LED technology could also help these communities to leapfrog to connected solutions in the future.”

Philips LifeLight Home is a solar-powered LED lighting system comprising two elegant pendant luminaires and a USB port for phone charging that is connected to a solar panel. The luminaires provide safer, healthier, brighter and 10 times longer lasting light (up to 40 hours) than kerosene lamps and candles. The range includes two additional models, Philips LifeLight and Philips LifeLight Plus solar-powered lanterns. All three new products were developed by the Nairobi based Philips Africa Innovation Hub , which is a center for developing innovations ‘in Africa-for Africa’ in the areas of healthcare, lighting and healthy living. Philips’ Solar Lighting Business is also launching and installing thousands of solar LED lighting systems for both homes and streets in off-grid communities across the world.

Product Specifications:


Philips LifeLight Home


Solar Home System

•         100% energy efficient

•         2 lights each 150lumen

•         4W Solar panel

•         USB port for phone charging

•         3 light settings

•         Up to 40 hours of light (10x longer than Kerosene lamp light)

•         Price - $ 98.37


Philips LifeLight Plus

Solar Lantern


•         100% energy-efficient

•         150lumens lamp

•         2,5W Solar panel

•         USB port for phone charging

•         3 light settings

•         Up to 20 hours of light (5x longer than kerosene

lamp light)

•         Price - $ 43.78


Philips LifeLight

Mid spec Lantern


•         100% energy-efficient

•         60 lumens

•         1W Solar panel

•         USB port for phone charging

•         3 light settings

•         Price - $ 25.98

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