LG Innotek Introduces Groundbreaking Solution for Premium Lighting

LG Innotek today announced that it had succeeded in developing an 'advanced flip chip LED package' that demonstrates high efficiency and high luminous flux without deteriorating performance even after it gets through 300℃ soldering process.

(Image: LG Innotek)

The company has developed a high quality flip chip LED package that dramatically improves reliability by applying state-of-the-art semiconductor technologies. As a result, it became possible to commercialize high efficacy and high luminous flux premium lighting products at both medium and high power.

The flip chip LED has drawn attention of the BLU (Back Light Unit) industry for about 3 years as a high power LED light source because the electrode of the chip is directly attached to the top surface of the PCB substrate without using a connection wire, preventing wire disconnection and ensuring excellent heat dissipation.

The existing flip chip LED packages have been commercialized only as high power LED light sources in the form of CSP (Chip Scale Package) in which reflective white resin is omitted and the process is relatively simple. However, the existing packages distributed in the market have critical problems that the bonding between the chip and the substrate melts to dislocate the chip and reduces the brightness by about 10% when exposed to high temperature.

It was difficult to ensure the quality of lighting with the existing flip chip LED packages with reflective white resin as the temperature of some of the processes for producing lighting modules and finished products reach 250℃ or more.

The new high quality flip chip LED package developed by LG Innotek produces the high efficiency of 220 lumens per watt (lm/W) stably because the bonding between the chip and the substrate does not melt even at a temperature of 250 to 300℃. According to a representative from the company, lighting companies can use this flip chip LED package to produce premium bulbs, tubes and flat-panel lightings without sacrificing the light quality.

LG Innotek developed the flip chip LED package by improving the internal structure of the package, designing its own production process, and enhancing the existing flip chip mounting technology. The internal structure of the chip is newly designed with its proprietary technology to maximize the efficacy and heat dissipation performance.

In addition, The company focused on high quality of the product and conducted a reliability test of more than 6,000 hours. This “high quality flip chip LED package” achieved stable performance even when applied to the high temperature thermal shock at the request of a customer. Due to strict quality verification process, it took 2 years to develop this product, which is considerably longer than the period required for the development of general LED packages.

LG Innotek has applied for 65 new technology patents during the development process. It has taken thorough measures not only to secure its proprietary core technologies but also to help its customers to focus on manufacture and sales of the modules and finished products without worrying about patent disputes related to the light source.

The company has established a product lineup of “high quality flip chip LED packages” that can be customized according to lighting use. Its main product family consists of middle-power, high efficiency models in middle-power use for each color temperature, such as 220 lm/W class 5630 3V products and 215 lm/W class 3030 3V products.

In particular, LG Innotek has strengthened its high power and high luminous flux product lineup by realizing 6V, 9V, and 12V flip chip LED packages in series two or/and two in parallel in the 3030 product family, which were previously difficult to manufacture due to the package design and its processing limitations in the design.

In the future, LG Innotek will continue to launch innovative and unprecedented light source products such as automobile LEDs, UV LEDs, and micro LEDs by leveraging its proprietary core technologies in order to provide differentiated values to customers and lead the market change.

A company official said, "This high-quality flip chip LED package is an innovative product that can advance the reliability of premium lightings to the new level." He also added, “We expect that its application range will be greatly expanded as the product replaces the existing LED packages.” 

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