ISE 2024 │ Macroblock’s Driver ICs Take LED Displays to New Heights

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With the theme of "Taking LED Displays to New Heights with Macroblock Driver ICs", Macroblock showcases common cathode driver ICs for LED displays in different application scenarios at Integrated System Exhibition (ISE) 2024.

Fig.1 Macroblock demonstrates LED common cathode driver ICs in different application scenarios.

MBI5762 and new products, such as MBI5756, have made great progress in visual effects, including:
1. Hyper Vision Calculation II technology has two functions, which can more delicately improve the display image quality under human eyes and photography lenses.

  • Low-gray Refresh Function: Improves the refresh rate of low-gray images and significantly reduces screen flickering.
  • Adaptive Refresh Function: Improves the refresh rate of the overall image, significantly reducing black band/ scan lines; also, MBI5762 can support dynamic frame rate adjustment, up to 240FPS, suitable for multi-camera shooting and slow-motion shooting.

2. Improved image uniformity, including better performance in vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, high contrast interference, and blocks.

Demo 1: MBI5762
MBI5762 is a common cathode driver IC specially designed for virtual production. It is suitable for displays with a pitch of 0.9mm-4.0mm. By increasing the channel number to 48 channels to replace the traditional use of high-scan in small-pitch displays, the printed circuit board is simplified. Not only can it reduce the problem of poor low-gray uniformity caused by high-scan, but also provides better picture quality by realizing 16-bit grayscale and 7,680Hz refresh rate. In addition, MBI5762 can support dynamic frame rate adjustment up to 240FPS which is beneficial for multi-camera and slow-motion shooting.

Fig. 2 MBI5762’s Hyper Vision Calculation II technology enhances the display quality for human and camera viewing

Demo 2: MBI5754/ MBI5756
MBI5754 is a common cathode LED Driver IC for general displays, suitable for displays with a pitch of 0.9mm-6.0mm. It uses the industry standard package SSOP/ QFN, uses internal DLL generates high GCLK frequency and reduces EMI, and can support dynamic frame rate adjustment, up to 240FPS, suitable for multi-camera shooting and slow-motion shooting, and also improve the low-gray refresh rate. MBI5756 is an upgraded version of MBI5754. MBI5756 improves the ability of visual effect including vertical stripes, blocks, and so on.

Fig. 3 MBI5754/MBI5756 are common cathode driver ICs for general displays, and MBI5756 is an upgraded version of MBI5754.

Demo 3: MBI5780
MBI5780 is a common cathode driver IC suitable for ultra-fine pitch 0.4mm-1.2mm displays. The current accuracy is controlled less than +/-1%. It builds in 20 pieces of MOSFET/ 90 scans with a scan-sharing architecture. These three features enable MBI5780 to support mini-/micro-LED displays. MBI5780 also has Dead Pixel Isolation II to prevent LED visual problems such as cross effects caused by failure LEDs, and caterpillar issues caused by short LEDs. MBI5780, a candidate for AEC-Q100 automotive reliability certification, is ideal for in-vehicle displays. Besides meeting the current strong demand and size expansion trend of in-vehicle displays, MBI5780 also has the advantage of providing clear text or image details under high or low ambient light. 

Fig. 4 MBI5780 supports mini-/micro-LED displays.

Common cathode LED displays save energy consumption while maintaining image quality. The most direct and significant advantages it brings to business operators are reduced investment costs and lower operating costs, including:
1) Reducing the power loss of LED display;
2) Reducing the heat and power consumption of the display to avoid color shift and aging of components, thereby extending the use time of the display.
In addition, common cathode LED displays comply with the trend of environmental protection and can better meet the increasingly stringent requirements of international energy conservation and carbon emission reduction regulations.

After the epidemic, LED display industry is transforming into a new business model that is different from the past. Macroblock, which continues to pursue quality innovation and excellence, focuses on LED display driver ICs and expects ourselves to lead LED displays to new heights.


TrendForce 2024 Global LED Video Wall Market Outlook and Price Cost Analysis
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