Innolux is gearing up to unveil five major immersive and interactive display technologies at Display Week 2024 in the US

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The debut of Innolux’s digital augmented reality aquarium will redefine the virtual reality experience in entertainment and education settings

Innolux is delighted to announce its presence at SID Display Week 2024 in San Jose, USA, from May 14 to May 16, where we will be unveiling a range of new display technologies tailored for smart cities. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies that merge reality with the virtual world, Innolux has come up with solutions that cater to the need for interactivity. Under the theme of "Live it up, Game with Fun", Innolux is delving into new business prospects and trends in entertainment, education, art, and fashion in the digital era, with the goal of bringing convenience and diverse possibilities to future living.

The debut of Innolux’s digital augmented reality aquarium will redefine the virtual reality experience in entertainment and education settings
  Innolux is unveiling the digital augmented reality aquarium, a revolutionary system that produces images within a liquid space (water tank). In doing so, we not only satisfy the demand for next-generation video products but also tap into the aquarium viewing sector. Through the use of spatial projection technology, we produce an image at the liquid's midpoint and then adjust the imaging depth of the 2D image to render a 3D visual. In contrast to a fish tank with living creatures, the augmented reality aquarium is a digital image display system that can transcend the restrictions associated with the pet-keeping environment. With a range of display choices, it can showcase creature development stages or integrate seamlessly with the physical surroundings, fulfilling the desire for an interactive VR display experience that breaks free of temporal and spatial limitations. Not only can it be used for entertainment and artistic purposes, it is also ideal for use in the education sector, business exhibitions, small educational venues, museums, and aquariums.

Innolux’s innovative color conversion MicroLED display technology is transforming the world of digital art
  Innolux has continued to innovate cutting-edge display technology, and will showcase the 106-inch Color Conversion AM-MicroLED Free Tiling Display for the first time at SID 2024. This pioneering display boasts the four major advantages of ultra-high-definiton image quality, high color saturation, unparalleled ambient light contrast, and free-tiling. By creating extremely small pixel pitch, ensuring ultra-high-definition and detailed imaging quality across the entire image. The focus of its applications will be on niche markets, particularly the market for high-definition immersive experiences in large spaces and digital art. In addition, Innolux's cutting-edge MicroLED technology has the advantages of an extremely wide color gamut, ultra-high environmental contrast, high-definition and detailed picture quality, borderless splicing, and more. By breaking free of the limitation on traditional display border, customized display sizes ranging from 26.4 inches to 220 inches can be provided based on requirements to create new possibilities for digital art.

27-inch naked-eye 3D display to elevate the 3D gaming experience
  Innolux’s 27-inch 3D Gaming display incorporates a specialized low-crosstalk algorithm to deliver top-notch 3D visuals, addressing the lack of immersive gaming experiences on standard 2D screens. It conducts real-time 3D rendering on an FGPA, meaning it does not compete with the game itself for computing capacity. Besides, it provides users with an immersive experience without the need for any wearable equipment. In line with the metaverse trend, it brings a heightened sense of immersion to 3D games and movie viewing.

With the world's highest resolution, our 8K VR LCD display solution is destined to be a standard feature in top-of-the-line models
  VR is developing toward high clarity, realistic picture quality, and immersive experiences. In response to this trend, Innolux has further upgraded its VR display panels, integrating new backplate technology and innovative ultra-high resolution pixel designs to provide consumers with the most useful display quality upgrades. Innolux’s 8K4K Low Power Vivid Color VR solution is the first 8K4K display with the world's highest resolution while also boasting low energy consumption and environmental friendliness. By providing the most immersive visuals, ultra-wide viewing angles, and bright colors for a single-eye graphical experience on large screens, it is also set to become a standard feature in top-of-the-line models in the future.

Graph Eyewear display glasses integrate the real and virtual worlds, achieving new display technologies beyond imagination
  Innolux and Liqxtal Technology, Inc. (Subsidiary of Himax Technologies, Inc.) collaborated to develop LiqxtalTMGraph display glasses. The glasses can display digital color images and content such as text, pictures, signs, or animations on the glasses’ lens surface. Despite the presence of images on the lenses, the wearer's vision remains unobstructed, giving a wearing experience identical to that of traditional glasses. Moreover, the image, signs, or animations variable on the lens can enhance personal style, market to users and companies in promotional commercial settings, and be fine-tuned to match the preferred style of users and companies as needed.

Video clips on Innolux’s exclusive products and technologies:

Information on Innolux’s participation in SID Display Week 2024
Date: May 14 (Tuesday) to May 16 (Thursday), 2024
May 14, from 10:30 to 18:30
May 15, from 09:00 to 17:00
May 16, from 09:00 to 14:00
Exhibition Location: San Jose McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, California, USA
Booth Number: 215

Innolux’s innovative color conversion


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