TILS 2013: Introduction of SEEDDESIGN Products

AIR Urban life is crowded and hard to breath. AIR, inspired from the floating cloud with a wing-like appearance, is designed to release the burden on you and the earth. LED as the luminant, AIR saves 80% energy compared with incandescent. AIR is available in 3 sizes--Dia. 17cm, 22cm, 35cm. SQUARE Square is always essential to the design of simplism. The New SQUARE is an evolution of the old halogen SQUARE. New SQUARE is smaller and smarter. It uses LED for less power consumption and save 80% of energy. Coated finish instead of plated ...
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Acuity Brands Expands Robust Line of Floodlight Luminaires With TPS2 Series from Hydrel

New LED floodlights offer a wide range of lumen output and beam distributions for consistent styling and performance.   Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI) expands the TPS Floodlight Series with TPS2 LED luminaires from Hydrel. The TPS Series utilizes a dedicated optical system and internal electronic ballasts and drivers to deliver ideal light output for LED outdoor lighting applications. TPS2 LED luminaires feature a compact, axial design that allows light to weave into decorative displays and other floodlighting applications. TPS2 LED l...
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Hubbell Introduces New Laredo® LNC2-18LU Architectural LED WallPack

Laredo Wallpack Series grows with new offering and expands overall capabilities   Hubbell Lighting Inc. announces an expansion of the Laredo® LNC2 Series with the introduction of another low wattage high performance configuration -- Laredo® LNC2-18LU. The popular Laredo® LNC2 Architectural LED Wallpack is now available in a 45w configuration that delivers a lumen output of up to 3306 lumens and efficiency of 74 lumens per watt.   Designed as a high performance wallpack for entry/perimeter applications, the recently launched Laredo®...
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GlacialLight LED Troffer Light With A Patented Mounting Solution - GL-TL0606

- Energy-efficient indoor ceiling lighting for hanging, on-ceiling and in-ceiling mounting - GlacialLight, a division of the Taiwanese technology manufacturer, GlacialTech Inc., has announced the new recessed GL-TL0606 LED Troffer Light with embedded driver, which has now joined the company's popular range of LED lighting products. GL-TL0606 is available with either a 30W or 50W AC-input and has a highly adjustable patented mounting solution. Thanks to its configurable patented mounting solution, GL-TL0606 can be used in a variety of global usage...
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TILS 2013:American GreenPower Provides LED Lighting Solution

American GreenPower Inc. (AGP) is an international importers, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of renewable energy lighting solutions, focused on providing energy efficient indoor and outdoor lighting, LED sensor applications for commercial and industrial uses. Our commitment to focus on our customers to provide tailor-made specifications and our proprietary LED lamp solutions, electronic sensors. We offer a wide range of lighting contractors, distributors, designers and professionals who are keen on finding alternatives to energy-efficient lighting products. ePow...
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TPC ImproveS the Aluminum Fin Heatsink of 10W A19 to be Upgraded to 16.5W A19

Taiwan Puritic Corporation (TPC) has successfully improved the Aluminum Fin heatsink of 10W A19 to be upgraded to 16.5W A19 via the state-of-the-art ceramic coating and it can save significant cost. In recent yeas, TPC concentrates on Green Energy in order to have environmentally friendly products .The issue of heatsink plays an important role in LED and Solar Battery. The testing report of SGS shows that the heatsink of TPC can increase Luminous Efficiencies  and Light Extraction Efficiency. The ceramic coating can significantly decrease the temp...
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New light technologies:Energy saving, Extremely Long Life, Recyclable & Eco-Friendly

YCC TEK Taiwan Ltd. Inc. is situated in the premises of the world science and technology center – Taiwan Hsinchu Science Park. We are an industrial leader of research and development of Taiwan's advanced environmental protection and energy saving lighting products – the high-end electrodeless lamp system.   Insisting of the belief of helping customers save money, energy, and promote environmental protection to cherish the earth and the nature, the company has gathered distinguished industrial professionals and talents to build up an elite research and d...
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Tridonic: TALEXXengine STARK INDI for Direct and Indirect Light

LED light engine: Ergonomics meets freedom of design, TALEXXengine STARK INDI for direct and indirect light Tridonic is launching TALEXXengine STARK INDI, an LED system that produces uniform light for both direct and indirect illumination. The light is directed downwards and upwards in a ratio of 80% to 20%, or vice versa. With its slim low-profile form the LED system gives designers enormous freedom and can be used as a replacement for T5 and TCL lamps. Its main applications include offices and educational establishments. TALEXXeng...
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APEM Components LED Lamps for Replacing Less Efficient Incandescent or CFL Indicators

APEM Components, Inc., a leading manufacturer of quality switches and joysticks, announces the availability of a range of reliable and energy-efficient based LED lamps, ideal as drop-in replacements for existing less efficient incandescent or compact fluorescent (CFL) indicator lighting products. Based LED lamps offer an extremely long lifetime (typically 100,000 hours),low power consumption, low heat generation, and excellent shock and vibration resistance, Their long service life reduces the total cost of ownership and their high reliability makes the product line i...
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Neonny unveils Triangle architectural lighting product

Further to the first architectural lighting series – Disc series, Neonny launched on 01 Oct, now we are proud to unveil second architectural lighting product – Triangle series. The new series integrates the latest LED technology with modern appearance. Except the ultra-uniform light distribution, the new product highlights its modern silhouette of both straight line round corner. The perfect combination of triangle with round corner brings user the positive symbol of firm, trust and team work. Currently, Neonny issues 1 models, Triangle600(rounded from an equ...
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YACG GROUP Launches Patent Right Down Light and Track Light Product at 2012 Hong Kong international lightingfair

YAH JUANG ENTERPRISE LTD launch several appearance patent LED COB products at 2012 Hong Kong international lightingfair (autumn edition), continuation of the high demands of the LED light source, the installed COB LED light source passed the LM80 test, by maintain the temperature of LED PCB within 75 degrees, continuously light-up over 5000hrs,the measurement of light decayis less than 2.5%. Coordinate with a highpower-factor (PF> 0.9) driver, and a unique design of cooling heatsink. This time, theirmain purpose of product design, is to...
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Acuity Brands Introduces D-Series LED Flood Luminaires

Acuity Brands Introduces Highly Configurable, Energy Efficient D-Series LED Flood Luminaires from Lithonia Lighting   Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI) introduces the D-Series LED Flood luminaires from Lithonia Lighting. This highly configurable family of LED luminaires for outdoor lighting applications is designed to replace 50W to 400W metal halide floodlights for significant energy savings. Specifically, the D-Series Flood Size 3 can save 73 percent in energy costs over 400W metal halides.   D-Series LED Flood luminaires feat...
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Ledzworld launches ultra-dimmable GU10 Perfect Fit –delivering 520 Lumen!

Ledzworld Technology, an innovative technology company that supplies customized LED solutions for professional users, launches its new LED retrofit perfect fit GU10 , a low power-consumption 7W LED lamp  that deliversan industry- leading  high output of >500 Lumen. The lamp has an efficacy of >72 Lumen/W at a colour temperature of 3000K. The lamp features the latest Cree COB technology, a new lighting class LED designed for high-output small form factor directional lighting Ledzworld’s superior RGRT™ (Reduced Glare Reflecto...
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GlacialLight GL-FL30-V2 – Enhanced LED Flood Lighting for Interior and Exterior Applications

- Lighter and More Energy Efficient with Radiant Luminosity - 25 October 2012, Taipei, Taiwan – GlacialLight, a division of the Taiwanese technology manufacturer, GlacialTech Inc., has added the GL-FL30-V2, a 27W AC-input LED Flood Light with Philips Lumileds LED chips, to its energy efficient and light-weight flood light series. The GL-FL30-V2 comes with a range of enhancements when compared to the earlier models of GL-FL30. The maximum input voltage of this flood light has been increased from 240V AC to 277V AC. Further, the el...
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Nora Lighting Art Glass Pendants Now Feature 10 W LED Lamps with Dimmable Driver

Nora Lighting introduces Nicolas, a new series of hand-blown Italian art glass pendants that accept a wide range of lamp sources, including 10W LED luminaires with dimmable drivers. With sleek modernist styling, Nicolas features an unusual “granite effect” when illuminated. Textural metal shavings are embedded in multiple layers of glass, creating patterns, swirls and tonal variations in granite brown, white and amber. A rolled lip at the bottom of the fixture visually diffuses the light source. Nicolas measures 6” in diameter and has a 10 ½”...
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FZLED Launches Efficient 3-inch LED Downlight

FZLED, a leading maker of LED lighting product, is pleased to announce a family of ultra-thin, long lasting, and easy to install 8W 3-inch LED downlights - FZL-DL03-00 series. The downlight are designed to be energy-saving replacement for 3-inch halogen recessed downlight, used in residential, commercial spaces, gallery, museum, showroom display and more.   FZL-DL03-00 comes with advanced guide technology and low-power LEDs, giving smooth light and cost efficiency. The lights assure maximum life of 20,000 hours, low maintenance cost, high luminous efficacy a...
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A New Dimmable 16.5 Watt LED Panel Light with Driver from GlacialLight – GL-PL0303DA

First Entry into the GL-PL0303D Series GlacialLight, a division of the experienced technology manufacturer, GlacialTech Inc., has announced the new GL-PL0303DA Dimmable LED Panel Light, which has now joined the company's popular range of LED lighting products. The new GL-PL0303DA Series high efficiency panel light is the first entry into the GL-PL0303D series. The GL-PL0303DA consumes only 16.5W and comes with a 3 in 1 (1-10V/PWM/Resistor) dimmable driver allowing the lighting to be adjusted to fit the preferred lighting scenari...
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TILS 2013:Ledionopto Lighting Launches 17W LED Cylinder Series

As the increasing demand of the lighting source in commercial application, the design of the lighting fixture focuses not only on outer shape but on “Energy-Saving” and “Eco-Friendly”. Ledionopto has been dedicating to creating eco-friendly products and the innovative design of the Solid-State Lighting products since establishing. Our Research and Development department continues to developing new LED lighting fixture with the experience of “Thermal”, “Optical”, “Electrical”, and “Mechanical”. In this...
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Peerless Introduces Origami LED

High Art Meets High Performance in New Luminaires with Unique, Modern Style and Energy-Saving Performance Peerless®  — a leading designer and manufacturer of architectural luminaires and one of the innovative lighting companies under the Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE:AY) umbrella — announces the introduction of Origami LED.   Origami LED luminaires are offered in suspended and wall-mount versions and feature advanced lighting optics that allow for increased fixture spacing, fewer units per installation and, ultimately, significant e...
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New Eurotique Luminaires from Antique Street Lamps

New Eurotique Luminaires from Antique Street Lamps bring Euro-styling, long term reliability to outdoor environments Family scaled fixtures offer visual appeal, design continuity   Popular Euro-styling and superior nighttime performance merge in Antique Street Lamps™ new Eurotique LED luminaires. The high performance fixtures offer design flexibility with striking “Munich” and “Hanover” styles in two different sizes and either post top or pendant mounting.   New Eurotique LED luminaires are family scaled to offer designe...
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New LED Architectural Lighting From Acuity Brands

Acuity Brands Adds New AL Series Luminaires from Lithonia Lighting To Its Portfolio of Innovative LED Architectural Lighting The Lithonia Lighting® AL Series architectural recessed LED luminaires from Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI) combine clean, fine lines with a high-end design that complements any space. The completely luminous optical system provides a concave visual appearance that blends with the ceiling plane, while providing higher fixture efficacy and even illumination. The AL Series is the most recent addition to an industry-leadin...
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A New Dimmable 50 Watt LED Panel Light from GlacialLight, the GL-PL0606AD

- Efficient, long life LED panels to provide lower cost interior lighting – GlacialLight , a division of the experienced technology manufacturer, GlacialTech Inc., has announced the new GL-PL0606AD Dimmable LED Panel Light , which has now joined the company's popular range of LED lighting products. This high efficiency 50W LED panel is an ideal replacement for older, less-efficient light sources. Its greatest advantages over older products are its remarkably low energy and maintenance costs, thanks to efficient, long life, low heat LED technol...
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Lakeland Community College Uses Lighting Solution from Acuity Brands to Meet Key Performance and Energy-Efficiency Goals

RT Series LED luminaires equipped with nLight controlsare installed in the new 40,000 square-foot Holden University Center. Lakeland Community College (“Lakeland”) in Kirtland, Ohio, selected an integrated lighting solution from Acuity Brands, Inc.(NYSE: AYI) to meet key performance and energy-efficiency objectives for its new Holden University Center (“Center”). The integrated lighting solution installed in the 40,000 square-foot facility consisted of 483 Lithonia Lighting® RT Series LED luminaires equipped with nLight&r...
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GlacialPower Announces a Series of Compact LED Drivers Four New Tiny LED Drivers with High Power Efficiency

GlacialPower a sub-division of the experienced technology manufacturer GlacialTech Inc., is pleased to announce a compact GlacialPower LED drivers with high power efficiency – GP-LS50PH-142C, GP-LS70PH-100C, GP-LS100PH-142C and GP-LS100PH-71C. With the compact dimensions of 177 x 57 x 37mm (LxWxH), these 4 LED drivers make LED lighting installations even easier compared to bulkier drivers. Even while being small, this series has a high power conversion efficiency rate of 91% ensuring low power consumption. These four fully integra...
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Excellence Opto. Inc.’s e-lite star™ Wall Packs and Roadway Street Light SL2 products are now listed on DLC QPL

Excellence Opto. Inc. (EOI), a pioneer of SSL energy saving products since 1995, has just announced their new brand e-lite star™ this year. The e-lite star™ Wall Packs and Roadway Street Light SL2 series are now listed on DesignLights™ Consortium (DLC) Qualified Product List (QPL).  The DesignLights™ Consortium supports only high quality, high performing LED products. To be qualified, each products listed on the QPL must meet the DLC’s minimum standards and requirements.  The superior design of EOI&rsqu...
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Holophane Adds to Portfolio of High Mast Lighting Solutions

Holophane Adds LED Technology to Industry-Leading Portfolio of High Mast Lighting Solutions   New HMAO™ LED luminaire features multiple lumen packages to maximize energy savings and deliver up to 100,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.   Providing innovative high mast lighting solutions for more than five decades, Holophane has expanded its High Mast Advanced Optix™ (HMAO) lighting systems to include LED technology. Engineered with a state-of-the-art prismatic borosilicate glass advanced optics, the HMAO™ LED lum...
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Cree Raises Industry Standard with New 170 Lumen-Per-Watt Prototype LED Light Bulb

Breakthrough Innovations Optimize Performance, Lower Cost and Drive LED Lighting Adoption Less than one year after showcasing the 152 lumens-per-watt concept LED bulb, Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) delivers a new performance benchmark with the 170 lumens-per-watt (LPW) prototype LED light bulb. The innovations behind the high-performance 170 LPW LED bulb are enabling significantly higher efficacy and lower cost for Cree’s luminaire portfolio and demonstrate Cree’s continued commitment to accelerate the adoption of LED lighting by addressing...
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GE LED Accent Lighting

Add additional lighting layers to highlight your spaces with GE LED Accent Lighting. Decorate objects, trim or accent pieces by skirting with even light uniformity and color consistency. These low profile LED lighting modules work in harmony with other lighting elements and structures to provide subtle emphasis and drama to indoor design elements. Features •    Cut between every module for the right length •    Modular, low-voltage 12VDC system for easy installation •    Optional linear track for straigh...
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Fairchild Semiconductor’s New Low-Power LED Drivers with Integrated MOSFETs Help Designers Reduce Board Space and Design Times

Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced its LED lighting driver solutions portfolio to include an optimized low-power offering. The FLS0116, FLS3217 and FLS3247 with integrated MOSFET and power factor correction (PFC) are optimally designed for low-power LED applications. With the addition of the integrated power MOSFET, these devices help to minimize board space and overall component count while decreasing design time.Equipped with cycle-by-cycle current limiting and integrated protection features such as over temperature protection (OTP) and under-vo...
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Dialight to Offer 10 Year Warranty on Industry Leading LED High Bay Fixture

New Solid State Power Supply Technology Debuts on High Output 17,500 Lumen DuroSite® High Bay Models Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), today announced it will offer an unprecedented 10 year full-performance warranty on its industry-leading 17,500 LED high bay fixture. The full-performance guarantee ensures zero maintenance, unbeatable energy savings and exceptionally low total cost of ownership making the switch to LED lighting more compelling. “Dialight’s aggressive innovation program has once again delivered another groundbreaking technology to set...
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Nichia’s Tunable 757 receives rave reviews from industry leaders, including the coveted LpS Best Sustainability Technology Award. Nichia, the leader in and inventor of the high-brightness LED, announced its game-changing single LES, tuna... READ MORE

Innovative tunable white, mid-power LED enables luminaire manufacturers to improve colour tuning, shrink optics and fixture profiles, while enabling new design options. Nichia, the leader in and inventor of the high-brightness LED, announces i... READ MORE