Taiwan LED Stocks Rally

Global demand for LED chips has been picking up strongly, and is expected to finally exceed supply in 2017. In addition, Apple has recently patented a new smartphone solution that would use a range of Micro LEDs for fingerprint recognition. As a result, prices of LED products have been on the rise.
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Nationstar Major Shareholder Sells Shares in Company

Chinese LED manufacturer Nationstar Chairman of the Supervisory Juyi Tsai has further sold his shares in the company.
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Chinese Lighting Brands Queue for IPO Approval

More and more Chinese lighting companies are joining the long Initial Public Offering (IPO) approval wait list despite Chinese government’s slow progress of the applications.
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SemiLEDs Announces Definitive Common Stock Purchase Agreement

SemiLEDs Corporation (NASDAQ: LEDS), “SemiLEDs” or the “Company,” a developer and manufacturer of LED chips and LED components, today announced it has entered into a definitive common stock purchase agreement with Mr. XiaoQing Han, Chairman and CEO of Beijing XiaoQing Environmental Protection Group. Under the terms of this agreement, Mr. Han will acquire a 15% interest in SemiLEDs common stock at a purchase price of $1.00 per share for a total consideration of $5.0 million and will join the SemiLEDs Board of Directors upon closing of the transaction.
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OSRAM Shares to Soar in Near Future?

After it spun-off from Siemens, OSRAM’s lower margins and trades were at half the multiples of its peers on half of the margin, but is expected to have a positive outlook in coming year, according to an analysis on Seeking Alpha.
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Kingsun to Resume Trading on December 9

After a temporary trade suspension last week, Kingsun Optoelectronic released an announcement yesterday reporting the company had acquired 51% shares on three lighting companies and will resume trading today, according to a report of cnstock.com.
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Refond CEO Sheds 5 Million Company Stocks

Refond Optoelectronics recently announced its largest shareholder and company CEO Gong Weibin has sold out 5 million stocks, or about 2.29 percent of shares on Sept. 11, 2014, according to a Securities Times report.
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Genesis Photonics Increases Capital to Repay Bank Loans

Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer Genesis Photonics Inc (GPI) board meeting on January 21st decided to initiate capital increase, publishing 40 million shares at NT $14.5 each (US $.48) and raised resource of NT $580 million (US $19.2 million). According to a report released by the company, the increase in capital is for use in repaying bank loans. Shareholders can begin subscribing on March 11th.
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