NDF Zürich Designs Suspended LED Luminaire with Colorful 3D Lamp Shade Design

The patent is still pending, yet POVLAMP© is already prepared to conquer the world of lightning. The world’s first RGB POV (Persistence of Vision) Lampshade is a real eye-catcher: An interactive ceiling lamp able to create a threedimensional projection of a lampshade, through four remotely controlled special light-guide profiles that are set in motion by a brushless motor, developed specifically for the lamp for a 24hr usage. 
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Dubai Municipality and Philips Lighting Launch Efficient Lamp Initiative

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Dubai Municipality and Philips Lighting today announced the launch of the Dubai Lamp, the world’s most energy efficient commercially available LED lamp.* The announcement was made at the Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) in Dubai. 
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MaxLite Introduces Three-way LED Lamp as Incandescent Replacement

MaxLite continues to expand its award-winning portfolio of ENEGY STAR certified LED lamps with the 3-Way Omnidirectional A-Lamp.
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Verbatim Releases New MR16 LED Lamps With Warm Color Temperature

Introducing the Verbatim EVO Series – the next leap forward in MR16 LED lamp performance. The Verbatim EVO series provides the halogen-like quality you know and love with the efficiency and longevity of LED that your customers demand. Never before has this unique combination of power, color quality and application flexibility been available in an MR16 LED form factor.
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Ambion Lighting Showcases LED Salt Lamp for Healthier Living

A brand that seamlessly blends quality into design and design with life. We believe in accentuating the harmony between the beauty of nature and contemporary design. The name ambion implies the positive ambience that is achieved through a high concentration of negative ions, as found in nature, and created by our range of lamps.
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Lunera Releases New LED Lamp for CFL Replacement

Lunera® Lighting, Inc., a leader in lighting innovations accelerating the transformation to advanced LED technology, is pleased to introduce the Helen Lamp GX23. Created as a plug-and-play replacement for a 13W CFL, the Helen Lamp GX23 operates at a mere five-watts, reducing energy consumption by more than 60%. The Helen Lamp GX23 is the first Lunera product that supports both ballast driven and line voltage driven configurations as a single lamp, giving building operators the flexibility they are looking for in deploying LED technology.
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Lattice Power's High Output GaN-on-Silicon LED Lamp Selected As Top Architectural Record Product

Lattice Power, the first company to commercialize high performance, low cost GaN-on-Silicon LEDs, announced today that its new NUP-PAR38 LED lamp has been chosen by Architectural Record magazine as one their 2014 Record Products. The company's new proprietary GaN-on-Silicon LED PAR38 LED lamp delivers outstanding efficacy, superior brightness and excellent color rendering.
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ADATA Launches Innovative LED Desk Lamp

ADATA™ Lighting has announced the launch of the Tulip LED desk lamp, a practical and gorgeous lighting solution that combines safety with energy efficiency. The Tulip desk lamp provides 1000 Lux of illumination that is free of harmful ultra-violet radiation, and features three-stage brightness adjustment along with a convenient and comforting nightlight.
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Hitachi's New LED Lamp Comes into Market as Substitute of Small krypton Bulb

According to reports, Hitachi Appliances, Inc., a division specializing in the production of lighting, appliances, air-conditioning equipments of Hitachi Group, put its new LED lamp "LDA7D-H-E17 / S (pure white)" on sale on August 1. The product is designed in the equal size of the mini krypton bulb (small incandescent bulb) and comes with self-developed cooling structure. It provides the same quantity of light as 60W small bulb. In addition, it can be installed on a variety of lamps. Mini krypton bulbs are usually used for the small-scale ceiling lightin...
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Acuity Brands Introduces 25W 2000 Lumen PAR38 LED Lamp Capable of Replacing 150W Halogen Bulbs

Acuity Brands, a North American market leader and one of the world's leading providers of lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications, has extended the Acculamp specification grade series to involve a dimmable 25W 2000 lumen PAR38 LED lamp, which emits the highest light output of PAR38 LED lamps on the market to date. The PAR38 LED lamp is capable of replacing 150-watt halogen lamps; what's more, it can provide 83% energy savings when compared with traditional light sources. The Acculamp 2000 lumen PAR38 LED lamp is aesthetically co...
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LED Lamp from OSRAM to the First 10 Submitted Entries to Delight in Light

OSRAM, supporters of Delight in Light, the new concept created to encourage excellence in lighting design are supplying an LED lamp to the first 10 submitted entries. The OSRAM LED STAR CLASSIC A60 10W (which won’t be available to buy in the shops until July) is the new 60W equivalent LED lamp with very low energy consumption and a long lifetime. It’s also shockproof and vibration-proof thanks to the latest LED technology. These lamps enable the designers of tomorrow to see and work with the latest technologies from a leading na...
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Verbatim Launches First Commercially Available VxRGB® LED Product

Verbatim’s VxRGB Vivid Vision™ directional lamp targets applications that demand highest light quality Verbatim announces the commercial release of Vivid Vision™, a directional LED lamp using VxRGB® technology developed by Verbatim’s parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. Vivid Vision ensures that colours and fine details of objects are rendered accurately through a unique combination of red, green and blue phosphors applied to a violet, rather than blue, LED die. This type of LED lighting is particularly effective in ...
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Lighting Science Illuminates Sioux City Public Museum

Lighting Science Definity™ LED lamps were chosen for installation in the Sioux City Public Museum to help bring the museum galleries into the modern era during a recent retrofit operation. The new technologies installed versus traditional halogen technology, the museum will be saving 110,760kWh annually. The museum needed to upgrade their facilities, including their lighting, in their newly refurbished home, a re-purposed J.C. Penney Department Store. Hilferty Museum Planning was contracted to design the exhibit spaces including the lighting design for a 12,000 s...
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LSG , Rebuilding Together® to Make Donation with LED Lamps

Lighting Science Group Corporation®  announced that in honor of Earth Day 2013, it has partnered with Rebuilding Together®, a national non-profit charity, to support the organization's rebuilding of homes that were affected by Hurricane Sandy. With the purchase of the newly released "Edison-inspired" Definity™ A19 LED lamp from Lighting Science, the company will donate an LED lamp to Rebuilding Together. The lamps for purchase in the program include the Definity Omni-directional A19 40-watt equivalent LED lamp, the Definity ...
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LED Lamp Shipments to Reach 1.28 Billion Units by 2021

The rise of LED technology is affecting every part of the commercial lighting industry. Falling prices and improving quality are driving widespread adoption of LEDs, and this single technology appears likely to surpass all others in nearly every metric of quality and efficiency. According to a report, worldwide unit shipments of LED lamps will grow from 68 million in 2013 to 1.28 billion annually by 2021. “LED lighting has already begun to enter the commercial market in significant volume, and will grow rapidly over the remainder of the decade,” says Jesse Foot...
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Green Ray LED Launches World’s Most Energy Efficient LED Light with 173 Lm/W

On March 23, 2013 Green Ray LED Lighting a California/New York start up reached a milestone in the LED lighting world with the introduction of 173 Lm/W LED’s T8 lamp. US Department of Energy through its program “Lighting Facts” issued the label to Green Ray LED’s T8 lamp and the lamp became as of today the world’s most energy efficient light approved by DOE. Independent test results concluded to date, no others have surpassed its standing 173 Lumens per Watt. This is a global record in efficiency for this type of ligh...
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Philips Creates 200lm/W Warm White LED Lamp

First LED lamp prototype delivering 200 lumen per watt high quality light, halving the energy use compared to current LED lamps Royal Philips Electronics announces a new innovation in LED lighting, creating the world’s most energy-efficient LED lamp suitable for general lighting applications. Philips researchers developed a tube lighting (TL) replacement TLED prototype that produces a record 200 lumens per watt of high-quality white light (compared with 100lm/W for fluorescent lighting and just 15lm/W for traditional light bulbs). This prototype TLED...
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LSC Helps Restaurant Reduce Costs with Great Lighting Quality

Lighting Science Group Corporation® (OTCBB: LSCG) announced that it recently partnered with LED Source® and Hurricane Grill & Wings® to install energy-savings lighting in its restaurants. Hurricane Grill & Wings®, a West Palm Beach, Florida-based restaurant chain, found it was able to reduce operating costs and ensure energy-efficiency by installing Definity™ LED lamps from Lighting Science throughout its franchised locations and maintain its company standard to ensure it operates as a responsible corporate citizen. With t...
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RPLH 22mm & 30mm LED Pilot Light Indicators Eliminate False Readings with 50VDC Minimum Turn-On Voltage Circuitry

Continuing to expand its offerings of based LEDs for industrial controls and retrofit panel mount applications, LEDtronics introduces 22mm and 30mm direct incandescent-replacement RPLH Series Panel LED Pilot Lamps and Holders. The RPLH Series comprises complete assemblies that incorporate the lens, lamp and lamp holder. These RPLH 22mm and 30mm industrial control pilot lights turn off below 50 volts DC, eliminating false condition readings on status indication panels. The RPLH Series 50VDC Minimum Turn-On Voltage Circuitry is an excellent choi...
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KMW Develops Helmets with Wireless Module, LED Lamp

KMW Inc a South Korea-based firm, developed helmets having a wireless communication function and an LED lamp and exhibited them at Lighting Fair 2013, from March 5 to 8, 2013, in Tokyo. They are expected to be used by construction workers at construction sites and for evacuation activities at the time of disaster. KMW developed the "i-MetH," which was designed for use in construction sites and for heavy industries, and the "i-MetD," which is for use in disaster sites. i-MetH The i-MetH has a two-way wireless module using the 2.4GHz ba...
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TILS 2013: U-TEL’s 12V Low Voltage Dimmable MR16 LED Lamp

U-TEL is going to announce full range of 12V low voltage dimmable MR16 LED lamp at Taipei International Lighting Show during March 26 to 29, 2013.  The full range of lamps includes 6W MR16 lamp adopting Nichia LED and 9W MR16 lamp adopting Cree LED.The dimmable lamps arecompatible with most traditional low voltage halogen electronic transformer and the trailing edge type of dimmers. The lamp’s efficacy is up to 70 lm/w and power factor is greater than 0.9.  On the market very few can truly replace traditional 50W MR16 halogen lamp and suppo...
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Lighting Science: New "Edison Inspired" Definity™ Professional A19 and GP19 LED Lamp Series

Lighting Science Group Corporation® (OTCBB: LSCG) has launched a revolutionary "Edison inspired" A19 and GP19 LED lamp as a direct replacement for traditional general purpose lighting. Created with the most advanced thermal materials available, these lamps are unmistakably lighter and more efficient, while less expensive, than ever before. These LED-optimized lamps truly replicate the form, weight and function of the incandescent Edison-shaped bulb that is most familiar to residential consumers and professionals alike.   The Definity P...
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LEDtronics Launches Bi-Pin G4 Base T3.3 Tubular LED Miniature Lamps

Miniature 2-Pin/G4 Base, 12VDC LED Bulbs Offer up to 90% Energy Savings over Xenon & Halogen T2/T3/T4 Tube Lamps LEDtronics®, Inc., announces a series of Bi-Pin G4 base T3.3 tubular LED miniature lamps as direct replacement for 12V xenon and halogen T2/T3/T4 bulbs from 8 watts up to15 watts, including xenon 1205X (5W) and halogen lamps 774 (8W), 891 (8W, 12.8V) and 773 (8W). The LEDtronics LEDG4BP-1.5W series of lamps works on power supplies for 12VDC to 14VDC max, and consume only 1.5 watts at 12VDC — up to 90...
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IEE Names Lighting Science(R) to Top Ten LED Lamp List

Definity(TM) Ranks Amongst the Best PAR 30 Reflector Lamps on the Market Today Lighting Science Group Corporation® (OTCQB: LSCG), one of the world's leading LED lighting technology companies, announced that its DEFINITY™ PAR30 LED lamp has been recognized by the IEE, an Institute of the Edison Foundation, as one of the TOP TEN best LED lamps. Using an innovative approach that factors in energy efficiency, light quality, cost, and consumer appeal, three energy efficiency leaders -- IEE, TopTen USA, and Ecova ...
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Japan Develops New Deep Ultraviolet Sterilization LED Lamp

A Japanese research team has announced on January 10 that it developed a new efficiently deep ultraviolet sterilization LED lamp, featuring small volume, electricity saving, environmentally and long lasting ,compared to traditional low pressure mercury lamp. Currently, low pressure mercury lamps are widely used in medical and food application. Because of the environmental harm caused by mercury, researchers are seeking for substitutes. Deep UV is an ultraviolet ray that has short wavelength with high efficient of killing bacteria. And the substrate crystallization has influ...
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Luxury Condos Achieve Energy Saving & Aesthetic Goals with LED Lamps from Acuity Brands

Los Angeles-based 1100 Wilshire projects annual energy savings of $17,000 through the installation of more than 700 Acculamp LED lamps. 1100 Wilshire, a 38-story luxury condo high-rise in downtown Los Angeles, installed more than 700 Acculamp® ALSMR16 LED lamps from Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI) to reduce energy and maintenance costs, while still achieving the same look and feel as the original incandescent lamps. Acculamp ALSMR16 LED lamps are ideal for indoor lighting applications where color, extended lamp life and efficacy are critical. &...
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TILS 2013:Taiwan Dr.bright Launched LED reflector Lamp Series

The Dr.bright LED Reflector Series has many patents, like Heat dissipation design, Luminous structure design, Glare-free design .Thanks to these features ,the reflectors have low power consumption , high luminous intensity , nice light color and long lifespan . Besides, we use the newest high-tech power source and light source , offering stable working atmosphere and having much better lighting performance than any other LED reflector lamp. There are four beam angles(8,12,24,35)available in our reflector series, providing perfect light effect as you except. Extremlly en...
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U-TEL TECHNOLOGY Introduces 6W MR16 Nichia LED Lamp

U-TEL TECHNOLOGY announces the launching of the high efficacy 6W LED MR16 in the market by Q4, 2012.  The new models are designed using Nichia  LED with high lumen output up to 70 lm/w, which is able to replace the traditional Halogen MR16.  There are two beam angles (60D/110D) and two color temperatures (Warm White 2700K and Cool White 5000K) to choose from for all commercial and residential lighting. The input voltage of the MX-801 (GU5.3 base) is AC/DC 12V while for MU-801 (GU10 base), is AC 230V.  The 12V M...
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TILS 2013: EVERLIGHT Introduces "SL-60E" Omni-directional LED A60 Bulb Series

EVERLIGHT introduces the new "SL-60E" omni-directional LED A60 bulb series. Comparing with the normal LED light bulb that only has 180 degree in beam angle, SL-60E’s beam angle has 270 degrees that can provide a better and uniform light source. SL-60E is provided two options of 8 Watt and 10 Watt in power consumption with performance of 70lm/W and 85lm/W which can be replaced 40 Watt and 60 Watt conventional light bulbs. SL-60E is provided two color temperatures of 2700K and 5700K, CRI is greater than 80 and the energy saving can be up ...
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GE LED Lamps Help Quinlan Visual Arts Center Go Green

Curbing escalating energy costs has virtually every industry looking to adopt energy-saving practices, and the nonprofit sector is no exception. At the Quinlan Visual Arts Center (Gainesville, Ga.), new LED indoor lighting will reduce the environmental impact from energy production and save on the bottom line. Made possible by the Grants to Green partnership and with product support from GE Lighting, Quinlan will pay about $5,000 less a year to illuminate its building, investing these finances instead in new events and exhibitions. Quinlan Visual Arts Center will red...
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LUXEON Core, CX, and the new CS CoB board sizes are supported by industry-standard holders and optics San Jose, CA – Though there are many standards in the LED industry, the footprint or board size for CoBs is not one of them. Over the y... READ MORE

Higher max current & more color options for Cree LED’s smallest XLamp package The XLamp® XQ-E LEDs are available in two versions: high density and high intensity. The XQ-E High Density LED enables lighting manufacturers to signif... READ MORE