NDF Zürich Designs Suspended LED Luminaire with Colorful 3D Lamp Shade Design

The patent is still pending, yet POVLAMP© is already prepared to conquer the world of lightning. The world’s first RGB POV (Persistence of Vision) Lampshade is a real eye-catcher: An interactive ceiling lamp able to create a three dimensional projection of a lampshade, through four remotely controlled special light-guide profiles that are set in motion by a brushless motor, developed specifically for the lamp for a 24hr usage. 

A once crazy vision now becomes a reality, an idea based on the optical effect caused by the moving light that hopes to revolutionize the lighting sector, with its exclusive entertainment factor. This smart-phone controlled lamp features an ultra-silent motor with low power consumption, making it the perfect lamp both in terms of soundless operation and energy efficiency.

Avant-garde technology goes hand in hand with an eye-catching design: in fact you can choose between different lampshade forms and color combinations, with interchangeable light-guides and over 16 million different colors, along with the two independent controlled light sources, to make sure that every living and working space is uniquely illuminated. Moreover, with POVLAMP© you can choose between functional light and ambient light, or a combination of both lights at the same time to create sets for each type of desired application.

NDF Zürich LED luminaire POVLAMP©. (All photos courtesy of NDF Zürich)

One Lamp, two independent light sources

The functional light source has a quality high-power LED with a lifetime of over 50.000 hours. Depending on the model of the lamp the luminous flux of the Power LED light source can vary from 2500 lumen to 4000 lumen. 

According to the selected application you can also choose optics/lenses with different angles, to change the light beam emitted by the Power LED light. The first option with narrow-angle lenses allows you to direct the light towards one spot, ideal for showrooms and galleries where the attention must be focused on single objects, while the second option features a broader homogeneous light that illuminates the whole area (ie. café, house) thanks to its wide-angle lenses.

The 3D POV Lampshade instead is not just a decorative light source but is also specifically designed to allow the lamp to self-cool itself using the circulation of air that is generated. The air flow generated by the motor inside the lamp allows to export the heat emitted from the Power LED. In this way the lifespan of the power LED increases significantly and the maximum efficiency of the LEDs is ensured. 

On the other hand, the rotation of the 4 external blades/arms of the lampshade generates a circulation of air in space comparable to a ceiling mini-fan. "Perhaps it's the first ever really beautiful ceiling fan with integrate light" states Leonardo, the mind behind POVLAMP©

Basically we can say that POVLAMP© is the first lamp that uses its own cooling process to generate an optical effect that acts as a source of lighting, which is the fundamental element of its own aesthetic form.

3D POVLAMP LED luminaire features.

Example of use in a fashion-store

The store experience, for customers, starts outside – before actually stepping inside the shop – so it’s important to create a full engaging experience starting from the windows and shop façade. 

POVLAMP© can be able to turn any passerby into a shopper. By placing the POVLAMP© in any store during the day you can activate the functional light and the 3D Lampshade (ambient light), while during the night, via the app, you can program the timer function that only activates the 3D lampshade. This draws attention from outside, attracting and engaging people who walk by and stop to observe the 3D shades projected in the air through the shop windows. This innovative solution, for example, is perfect for shopowners and retailers who want to attract more customers in their store. With the POVLAMP© you can now transform your store into an interesting destination even after closing time.

POVLAMP© is a versatile lamp, which adapts to any environment: in your house, in a stylish bar, in a nightclub, or in a shop.  No matter where you use it, the wow-effect is guaranteed. You can even personalize and change the lamp geometry through the designated light-guides. It is thus clear that the two light sources of the lamp have such high technical performances that are ideal for any type of lighting and application.

For more information, you can watch the video here, to understand also the advance technological features and app characteristics that make this product so inimitable and revolutionizing.  

According to additional information on the design firm website, the luminaires uses Cree LED modules.

NDF Zurich is mostly using Cree LED modules for its POVLAMP design. 
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